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Are you worried how you are going to look at your best friends wedding, or a family get together or at your college reunion. You desperately need a way to shed few pounds and look your best.

This 10 day game plan is perfect to get you in shape quick. Once you are done with your event looking gorgeous, you can go back to your normal and long term weight management techniques.

For now lets what can be done to get some awesome results -FAST-


Young beautiful woman hates waking up early in the morning. Slee

Improper sleeping pattern disrupts your metabolism, and hampers your efforts to maintain your ideal weight. If you do not get enough sleep your Leptin levels also go in for a toss, which confuses your brain on how much energy you are left with. With Leptin levels out of place, your body has no idea how much energy it has banked, so you end up storing fat instead of burning it.

Enough sleep also ensures your stress hormone – Cortisols are in control, which will not lead you to enter into fat storing mode.


milk and raw food

Out of the three main macros, proteins will be your best food choice for the next 10 days of your rapid fat loss journey.

You are going to do workouts and interval trainings, and loading up meal with proteins will make sure you have enough nutrients to rebuild that muscle mass.

Proteins breakdown slowly, and hence it will also regulate your hunger cravings keeping you full most of the time and avoiding those carb based highs and lows.


Hamburger bun on a white background

Our body runs on glucose, which are mainly derived form the carbohydrates that we eat throughout the day unless you are on Ketogenic Diet.

You can completely cut down your carbs for 10 days, but it will not be pleasant and you might not be left with enough energy to go through your daily life.

In turn, try to lower your empty carb intake to a certain extent where you take small portions may be twice a day.

Going low carb for 10 days is key to your quick fat shedding.


beautiful sporty girl

Hitting the gym and doing an hour of weight lifting will make sure you are body is building muscles and reducing the body fat percentage. Do interval training in the morning and lift weights in night, and see the results after 10 days.

Here are your splits:

Day 1: Legs
Day 2: Chest
Day 3: Back
Day 4: Shoulders
Day 5: Arms
Day 6: Off
Day 7: Legs
Day 8: Chest
Day 9: Back
Day 10: Shoulders


Fitness woman in the gym

In your quest to quick slim down, you need to work upon your flab. Interval training can is highly effective in hitting your flabby portions quickly.

Interval training also known as High Intensity Interval Training(HIIT) is a very popular way of body transformation.

It is not compulsory to include HIIT to your daily gym routine, but if you do it will regulate your hunger – regulating hormone (Ghrelin) and it will increase calorie burning outside your gym

Day 1: On
Day 2: On
Day 3: Off
Day 4: On
Day 5: On
Day 6: Off – perform a paced run at 60 minutes
Day 7: On
Day 8: On
Day 9: Off
Day 10: On


Closeup of a hands of a couple held together

Testosterone is the hormone which helps men recover from heavy workouts and put more muscle faster, women do not have much of these hormones. But getting your hormone levels up to the mark and in balance is key to weight loss.

Your stressful day to day activities, releases hormones like Cortisol. Cortisol is a fat storing hormone, which hampers your weight loss efforts.

There is better and enjoyable way to decrease these unwelcome hormones and boost muscle building testosterone. Having regular sex decreases your stress hormones Corrtisols (fat storing hormones), and increases muscle building testosterone hormones.

Try and “get some” every night for the next 10 days.


A glass of homemade Mint lemonade

Try these drinks in combination or in isolation

  1. Drink Black Coffee pre-workout, 2 cups of coffee will have enough caffeine and fewer calories. Caffeine increases the overall workout performance. This increase is around 11%, you can get an idea now how 11% performance increase effect your workout routine.
  2. Drink Green Tea – It is advisable to drink few cups of green tea through out the day as the antioxidants present in them helps in your metabolism and accelerate fat burning.
  3. Drink a jug of water infused with a table spoon of grated ginger, sliced cucumber, sliced lemons and few mint leaves. This fusion drink will keep you hydrated and help in your fat loss.

What next?

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