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100 Healthy Weight Loss Tips For Lasting Weight Loss

There is no single best answer to losing weight. A lot of it is trial and error and figuring out what works best for your body. Here are 100 tips for healthy, effective and lasting weight loss.

100 Practical Tips For Healthy Weight Loss

1| Practice Mindful Eating

Mindful eating is a practice that enables you to regulate your eating habits. Mindful eating is useful in supporting weight loss and can sustain your efforts to combat binge eating events.

2| Drink Water

Why is water so effective in the weight loss game? First, water is 100% calorie free. It helps to increase the number of calories you burn while at rest which can give any weight loss plan a healthy boost.

3| Drink Green Tea

Green tea is an excellent drink for revving up your metabolism. It helps your body to process energy more efficiently. Green tea contains catechin, a flavonoid, and an antioxidant that helps to break down fat. The caffeine content in green tea is useful in boosting energy utilization by your body.

4| Max Out on Sleep

You know the rule. Do not cheat your body of those much-needed eight hours of sleep each night. Your body has a nasty way of trying to compensate for your failure to get adequate rest. It tends to hold on to fat stores and does not always regulate hormones in the body that contribute to weight gain. Think of it as an engine that needs time to cool off before its next use.

Your body needs time to repair itself and time to rejuvenate every day.

5| Find Your Fitness Gene

Exercise is not always fun, but if your weight loss is to be healthy and long lasting, you will need to incorporate some degree of fitness. Fitness doesn’t have to be the same old blah blah blah run of the mill blueprint at your local gym. Get a personal trainer. Find a class. Enroll in kickboxing. Your options are endless. Do not think you have to conform to the usual standards of fitness.

6| Practice Intermittent Fasting

Keto dieters get it. Intermittent fasting can yield results. Intermittent fasting occurs when you consume your food within a specific period then fast for the remainder of the day. Followers of this practice report big results that are sustainable with consistency.

7| Increase Your Fruit and Veggie Intake

One method that can assist in improving your state of hunger satisfaction and prevent you from overeating is to eat more fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables are full of fiber which help us to feel full for more extended periods and can be particularly useful in our quest to improve the amount of food we consume in a single sitting or given day.

8| Go Dancing

Get out of the house and go dancing. Yes, you can take a fitness class that features dancing, or you can simply go out for a night on the town with friends or your significant other and dance a few calories off while having fun.

9| Purchase Smaller Plates

Replace your large plates with smaller ones. This approach is an excellent way to take control of your portion sizes.

10| Hook Up with Like-Minded People

Studies show that when you partner with people who have similar goals, your chance for immediate and sustained success increases significantly.

11| Be Consistent

Remember to be consistent. Nothing sabotages a diet plan like the inability to commit to a diet plan. Do everything you can to stay consistent in your healthy dietary choices. If you fail in your efforts, do not be afraid to start anew. All is never lost.

12| Make Yourself a Priority

Put yourself and your needs first. Do not sacrifice your dietary or fitness regimen for other things. Your nutritional needs have to be the priority for your weight loss efforts to succeed.

13| Avoid Overeating the “Perceived Good Stuff.”

Eat in moderation. Do not allow those “low- fat” or “sugar-free” labels to lure you into consuming too many servings.

14| Enjoy Your Eggs

Egg whites and egg substitutes are popular but why not just eat the whole egg – including its yolk? Eggs are full of fatty acids, protein and metabolism nutrients that are beneficial for your body.

15| Don’t Stock Your Addictions in the Pantry

Do you have a food addiction? Keep those foods you are unable to eat in moderation out of your kitchen and pantry. Nothing good can come of it.

16| Get Out of Bed!

The research shows that those who rise early can burn 200 more calories than their counterparts who have a bad habit of sleeping in the past 10:30 in the a.m.

17| Increase Your Frequency of Meals

Yes, we suggested intermittent fasting as an approach to your weight loss strategy, but the opposite method of eating small, frequent meals can be just as effective in moving the scale back into the right direction.

18| Add Wild Caught Salmon to Your Diet

Salmon contains omega-3 fatty acids and lean protein which can go a long way to support any weight loss plan.

19| Get Your Stress Under Control

Work on getting your stress under control. High anxiety levels can cause those pesky stress hormones to rise and trigger your body to hold onto excess fat and weight.

20| Manage Your Emotions

Get your emotions under control. When we are experiencing an emotional episode or event, it can trigger poor eating habits that lead to a less than svelte waistline. If you know that your coping skills are weak, get professional help.

21| Increase Your Protein Intake, Lower Your Carbs

Try increasing your lean protein intake and lowering your carb intake This approach can help to enhance your metabolism and shed unwanted poundage.

22| Decrease Your Alcohol Consumption

If you are a connoisseur of wine or other alcoholic beverages, you may want to consider adjusting the amount of alcohol you are drinking. Doing so will help to spare you of excess calorie consumption and support your weight loss efforts.

23| Make a Grocery List

Make a grocery list before entering the grocery or better yet, order curbside service. This action will ensure that you only purchase those foods that will support your weight loss plan.

24| Plan Your Meals

Plan your meals. When you know what it is you plan to eat, you are less likely to consume the wrong foods.

25| Prepare Your Meals in Advance

Busy schedule? Try preparing your meals in advance so that you do not feel any temptation to push through the drive-thru for dinner.

26| Get Some Rays

This bit of advice isn’t suggesting that you consider tanning beneath the sun but rather opening your blinds and absorbing some natural light. Experts suggest that this action will help to sync your metabolism with the time of day and improve your weight loss efforts.

27| Consume Protein Snacks

No one is immune to snacking. Want to do it healthily? Try keeping a protein snack on hand to cure your mid-afternoon cravings.

28| Create a Healthy Kitchen

Is your kitchen weight loss ready? Make sure you set aside time to rid your kitchen of salty, sweet, high-fat treats. Instead, stock it with healthy foods and snacks that will reinforce your efforts for healthy living.

29| Set the Mood

At least once a week, treat yourself to a dinner in a low lighting setting. Research shows that people who periodically partake in a meal in a dim setting are least likely to consume too much food.

30| Manage Your Vitamin Intake

It’s highly plausible that you are not getting the right vitamins through your current diet. Vitamin deficiencies can affect your weight loss efforts. Consider investing in a few supplements.

31| Eat Dark Chocolate

If you have to eat sweets, why not indulge in dark chocolate. Dark chocolate can assist in burning belly fat and helping to shrink that spare tire or muffin around your waist.

32| Stop Beating Yourself Up

Pessimism and self-blame will not get you very far. Instead, you must focus on all of the reasons you are changing the foods you are eating and why eating better is necessary. A positive

33| Do Not Skip Meals

We did suggest intermittent fasting, but another school of thought is that you must avoid skipping meals. Your body is on to your game when you skip meals, and it has a habit of holding on to your weight.

34| Practice Strength Training

We identified the importance of finding your physical fitness. When people embark on the fitness category, it is only natural to concentrate on the cardio aspect. Strength training is a fantastic alternative to cardio work. You can still get your heart rate up without the risk for impact injuries. The more muscle you build, the more likely you are to lose and keep the weight off.

35| Do Not Eat Out

We thought this one might grab your attention. Eating out can be tricky. You never know what fats or sugars go into the sauce and the portion sizes are off the scale. Until you get your lifestyle change under control, avoid eating out. If you must eat out, get a copy of the menu and plan.

36| Do Not Stick to Tradition

What worked for you once, may not work again. Do not be afraid to step outside of the box and to try something new.

37| Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Take things slow and steady. Do not feel like you have to shed your pounds one day. You did not gain this weight in a week, and therefore, if you have a significant amount of weight to lose, your body is not likely to drop the pounds too rapidly.

38| Journal

Write down what it is you eat in a single sitting. Journaling can prove to be extremely beneficial in helping you to pinpoint where it is everything went wrong in your diet this week. There are dozens of popular apps on the market that you can use to complete this particular task.

39| Read Your Labels

Nutrition labels can be your best friend in the chase for weight loss glory. Reading the labels will help you begin to understand better what it is you are putting into your body and how it helps to block your weight loss efforts.

40| Set Goals

Set goals for your weight loss and make plans for how it is you will get there. Goals can serve to keep you on track and allow you to celebrate small successes.

41| Stay in Competition with Yourself

Do not spend your days or nights worrying about how someone else looks or why you don’t have their body. Stay in competition with yourself. Look for ways to top yourself not ways to do better than
someone else.

42| Stop Going to the Drive-Thru

If you want to see real results, it is time for you to break up with your favorite fast food restaurant. They mean well and are always glad to see you coming, but your body does not need the extra love or love handles. Stir clear of fast food restaurants as they will only give you trouble.

43| Lose 1 to 2 Pounds Per Week

Your goal might be to drop five pounds a week, but you may be overshooting. What’s a healthy weight loss? Aim to lose a minimum of 1-2 pounds per week.

44| Do Not Deprive Yourself

Yes, it’s still a bad idea to keep your addictions in the house, but do not deprive yourself of the foods you love. From time to time, give yourself permission to have that slice of chocolate cake or set of chocolate chip cookies.

45| Give Up Those Sodas

Sodas are tasty with the right meal, but they can cause you to gain weight. Regular soda contains sweeteners which help to give it its girlish look Others contain a high level of sodium which may contribute heart or even stroke.

46| Ditch the Artificial Sweeteners

Say goodbye to artificial sweeteners. Artificial sweeteners may be sugar-free, but too much of a good thing can prove counterproductive and cause you to experience weight gain.

47| Cut Back on The Amount of Sugar You Eat

Reduce your sugar intake to reduce your caloric intake.

48| Eat Fewer Refined Carbs

Refined carbohydrates like sugar, white bread or pasta can cause your blood sugar to spike and trigger cravings that cause you to overeat. Take steps now to slowly decrease your refined carbohydrate intake. This lifestyle change will help to decrease your risk of gaining unwanted pounds.

49| Drink Coffee -But Skip the Perks

The caffeine in coffee is beneficial to your metabolism and may increase the amount of fat you burn by as much as 29 percent. Skip the added calories that we have a bad habit of introducing to our coffee like cream or sugar. Instead of increasing your calories by adding sugar, opt for straight black coffee.

50| Slow Down and Chew

Slow down and chew your foods slowly. Studies show that taking the time to chew your food slowly can help you to eat less and consume fewer calories. Also, this best practice can enhance the production of those hormones that contribute to weight loss.

51| Acknowledge Your Food Addiction

Food addictions are just as real as nicotine, alcohol and drug addictions. Approximately 20 percent of the population living in North America and Europe have one. If you cannot seem to get control of your eating habits, you may very well have a food addiction. Get professional help if you think there is any chance that you have this condition.

52| Limit Your Intake of Fruit Juice

Fruit juice contains a lot of sugar. Did you know that this sweet liquid increases the risk for obesity by as much as 60 percent? Try swapping out your fruit juice for an actual piece of fruit.

53| Make Sweeping Lifestyle Changes

Your goal will be to take this next step slowly but do not focus so much on the “diet” process but instead, concentrate on making the lifestyle change. Dieting has a bad connotation for some individuals and has not always yielded the best results. Instead of latching onto a specific diet, shift your thinking and make lifestyle changes that you intend to keep permanently.

54| Reward Yourself

Reward yourself for hitting incremental weight loss goals. These rewards can also take place for sustaining a healthy weight status as well once you hit your target. Is there a movie you want to see? An outfit or accessory you want to buy? A new laptop you’ve been eyeing? Take the time to say job well done!

55| Take Your Lunch to Work

Nothing sabotages your weight loss goals like eating the wrong things during your lunch hour. Get ahead of this potential pitfall by preparing and taking lunch to work.

56| Don’t Skip Breakfast

Do not skip the most important meal of the day. Breakfast helps to jumpstart your metabolism which is necessary for weight loss or weight management. Choose foods that are high in protein or high in protein and stay away from the sugar.

57| Balance Your Diet

Make sure your diet contains an adequate balance of veggies, proteins, and whole grains.

58| Steer Clear of Foods in a Box

If your meal or snack is in a box, there is a high chance that this food is high in sodium, calories and bad fats. Also, you run the risk of eating more than the suggested serving size.

59| Decrease Your Sit Time

Try to stay mobile. Sitting for prolonged periods can increase the amount of fat around your midsection, and you don’t burn any calories. Get moving!

60| Drink Decaf Coffee

Caffeine coffee is excellent for revving up the metabolism, but decaf coffee is fantastic for killing those pesky food cravings.

61| Eat Sugarless Gum

Sugarless gum is effective for suppressing your appetite.

62| Eat Soup

Eat low-sodium soup to fill in the gaps. Broth-based soups can be extremely useful in helping you to conquer hunger.

63| Be Careful with the Weekends

It’s only natural that you might want to use the weekends as a period of liberation and have the freedom to eat what you choose or skip the workouts. Pick one day to have a bit of fun with your fitness and one day that might serve as a free day to loosen the restraints.

64| Get a Tape Measure

Many of us turn the scale to track our weight loss but get a tape measure as well. It is highly likely that there will be multiple weeks in which you will not lose any pounds, but you will lose inches instead.

65| Swap Your Regular Pasta Noodles for Wheat Pasta

Wheat pasta is more filling and can support your weight loss efforts far better than traditional pasta.

66| Try Greek Yogurt

Want to reduce your calories and fat intake? Try plain Greek yogurt instead of regular yogurt.

67| Know Your Health Status

Certain health conditions when left untreated or if unstable may contribute to weight gain. Be proactive in managing your health, keep your appointments and comply with your physician’s treatment plan.

68| Keep to the Perimeter of Your Grocery Store

Keep to the perimeter of your grocery store. The healthiest food is located here and will help you to avoid purchasing those things that may derail weight loss plans.

69| Track Your Calories

Not sure where to start with your food consumption in a given day? Try tracking your calories. Numerous apps can assist you with this process. The average woman needs to consume 2000 calories per day to maintain her weight and 1500 calories to lose one pound. Men require 2500 calories per day to maintain their weight and 2000 calories to lose a single pound.

70| Draft an Eating Schedule and Stick to It

Create an eating schedule and stick with it. An eating schedule may help you to not consume unhealthy foods past a certain hour in the evening.

71| Do Not Eat Past 7 p.m.

Avoid eating foods past 7 p.m. This action will give your body the time it needs to digest calories and burn fat.

72| Eat a Protein Snack during the Lunch Hour

If you must have a snack around bedtime, eat one that contains protein so that the body does not store it as fat.

73| Meditate

Yes, meditation does work. It won’t necessarily lead you to burn an excessive number of calories, but as a lifestyle change, meditation can help your body to release unnecessary stress and regulate weight gain hormone levels.

74| Drink Lemon Water

From time to time, take the opportunity to partake in a glass of lemon water. Lemon water not only improves digestion, but it also enhances your metabolic functions.

75| Reduce Your Sodium Intake

Sodium or salt can cause you to retain water which can also increase your weight. Change your sodium intake habits and look for more natural ways to flavor your foods by consuming more herbs and spices.

76| Steam it or Bake It

Work on decreasing your intake of fried foods. This suggestion is not only a healthier approach to eating, but it may help you in your quest to lose weight.

77| Take the Cheese Out of Your Food and Swap it for Veggies

Cheese seems to make our dishes taste better, but a healthier substitution in place of cheese is veggies. For example, next time you prepare an omelet, replace your cheese with spinach or broccoli.

78| Buy Organic

If you can afford to do so, buy organic. Studies show that foods that are not organic can cause our cells to not burn energy in the way that is necessary to support or sustain weight loss.

79| Add Chia Seeds to Your Diet

Chia Seeds are rich with fiber, protein, calcium and omega-3 fatty acids. They can help you to feel full and decrease our risk for cravings that contribute to weight gain.

80| Drink Black Tea

Green tea is effective, but do not count black tea out. Black tea also contains antioxidants or catechins that enhance your metabolism and boosts weight loss efforts.

81| Eat Almonds

Eat almonds in moderation. Almonds are a fantastic snack that is full of fiber and help to support a weight loss regimen. Remember to keep these to a handful. Too much of a good thing can disrupt your weight loss goals.

82| Improve Your Salad Skills

Don’t settle for the same old salad. Improve your salad skills and diversify your salad menu.

83| Eat Spaghetti Squash Instead

Switch out your pasta for spaghetti squash. Its healthier than regular pasta and contains 75 percent fewer calories.

84| Eat Pistachios

Not a fan of almonds? Try pistachios. They are full of fiber, healthy fats, and protein.

85| Spice Up Your Diet

Spice up your diet with poblanos, chili peppers or jalapenos. They contain a compound known as capsaicin which helps to get your metabolism going at higher levels of function which in turn supports your weight loss and sustainment strategies.

86| Enjoy Your Healthy Fats

Olive oil and avocados are both healthy fats. Regular consumption in moderation of these two things may help to reduce your overall percentage of body fat.

87| Do Not Fall for the Gluten-Free Labels

Gluten-free does not mean that food is automatically healthy or good for you. Some of these foods may actually contain more calories and sugar.

88| Park Far Away from the Door

If your neighborhood is safe, park far away from the door of your grocery store. This practice will help ensure that you get a little walking in for the day.

89| Go Shopping for Workout Gear

Go shopping for workout gear and gadgets periodically; this will help to keep you motivated and anxious to engage in physical fitness.

90| Take the Stairs

If you work in an office building with stairs, take the stairs. It’s an effective way to get your fitness in and studies show that taking the stairs can help to prevent you from gaining weight.

91| Eat from the Kids Menu

If you dare to venture out from time to time, try eating foods from the kid’s menu. This will help to keep your portions small.

92| Adopt the 80/20 Rule for Meals

Jillian Michaels suggests that you should aim for 80 percent of the meals you consume to be healthy and 20 percent of your calories to be sweet fun.

93| Travel with Snacks

As a component of your meal preparation process, make sure you travel with snacks to keep you from making colossal dietary mistakes.

94| Eat before the Party

Most people elect to skip meals and arrive at parties hungry, but this can be a huge mistake. Instead, you should eat before going to the party so that you do not allow hunger to rule your dietary decisions.

95| Display Your Healthy Food

To keep your cravings at bay and improve your healthy snacking habits try putting your healthy food on display at eye level such as a fruit bowl on your countertop.

96| Get Professional Help

If you do not know where to begin, do not be afraid of getting professional help. Hire a dietician or nutritionist who has the experience and knowledge to educate you about healthy eating. This person might serve as a coach and help you to stay accountable to yourself.

97| Cook Your Own Food

Become a professional chef –or at least a good cook inside the walls of your home. Your goal should be to prepare your own meals. This practice will help to keep your calories, sugar, and carb intake lower than if you eat out at that fancy restaurant.

98| Participate in Race Events

There’s no greater motivator for fitness than participating in race events. The training leading up to these events can have a double-purpose –preparation and weight management.

99| Allow Yourself to Say ‘No’

When someone offers you something that is not on your list to consume. Feel okay with saying ‘no.’

100| Stay Alert and Keep the Weight Off

Once you successfully lose the weight, do not take your eye off of this prize. Make every effort to keep the weight off and if you find that you are gaining weight, re- calibrate your fitness and dietary habits.

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