How to Lose 20 pounds in 2 weeks 

If you have ever to learn how to lose your belly fat and reduce weight quickly just in time for a party or a summer vacation, you are in luck.

That’s because we are bringing you expert-approved tips that will reveal how to lose more than 20 pounds within 2 weeks. If it gets overwhelming to apply all the secrets within 2 weeks, then take your own pick and try the ones that suit you most.

Each tip might apply differently to each individual depending on circumstances and location, thereby; you must choose the ones that you are confident about to apply.

However, you must ensure that you pick at least five of these changes and vow to apply them for atleast 2 weeks to see significant results.

In fact, if you apply these changes you’ll begin to see results within the first week itself. The more you continue the better results you’ll witness.

1 – Drink More of Magic Weight-Loss Potion – WATER

Typically, the urban diet is more of carbohydrate-based and our body has to store 3 grams of water per 1 gram of carbs consumed. If we can keep our body super-hydrated at all times, the body will have little need to store this much water and aid in reducing your water-weight.

Additionally, water aids in reducing bloating and keeps your system clean by flushing out toxins.

All other beverages in your diet, including your breakfast smoothie, before-gym energy drink, and light pint of beer, that keep your thirst satiated contain more than 100 calories along with high amount of carbs. These carbs trick the body into retaining water to prevent dehydration.

If you find plain water too boring, add a few mint leaves or lemon slices to turn it into a refreshing drink detox drink.

2 – Ditch Refined Carbohydrates

Refined simple carbs including white grain products, such as white rice, white pasta, and spaghetti, are major contributors to belly fat. These simple carbs are quickly digested by the body.

On the other hand, complex carb foods, such as salad and sweet potato, keep you full longer and away from unnecessary eating. Additionally, salads and vegetables are mostly water, further aiding in keeping you hydrated.

Switch to whole-grain foods to the extent possible. Replace your dinner with a healthy serving of salads and roasted turkey or chicken.

3 – Workout for 4 minutes daily

We have all heard the saying “no pain, no gain.” However, in the fight to lose weight, “no pain, no (weight) loss” is perhaps more applicable.

Yes you heard it right, only 4 minutes you need to lose loads of calories and build muscles. We are talking about Tabata, which are done in the pattern of 20 secs of high intensity workout and 10 seconds rest repeated 8 times.

Tabata exercises are super effective, can be done anywhere without any equippment and 4 minutes of tabata trumps hours of cardio.

Try these 4-minute Tabata routine for quick results

4 – Drink coffee before workout

Besides water, coffee is probably the only beverage that will aid you in weight loss. But, consuming it at the right time is extremely important.

Drink coffee 60 minutes before your workout routine to reinvigorate your muscles and ensure reduced soreness post workout. Drinking coffee before workout will recharge the body and give you an extra boost, allowing you to burn more calories.

Keep calories in coffee as low as possible. Use skimmed milk or just go for an espresso but the best would be black.


Another interesting secret to burn more calories is to spice things up in the bedroom. Sex allows you to burn about 150 calories in half an hour. So, let’s make the most of this pleasurable and fat-burning activity as much as possible.

Try positions that need you to work the hardest and apply most muscles. It will not only get the fat-burning but also spice up your sex life.

Additionally, regular sex keeps you emotionally fulfilled and gives you the confidence to build a positive body image and ride out food cravings.

Avoid missionary position as it adds fluff to the belly. Try cowgirl or reverse cowgirl for maximum calorie burn and muscle exercise.


These simple freestyle bodyweight exercises help to keep your muscles toned without you needing to visit a gym or purchase weights. Just find a small space anywhere in the room and do 2 sets of 12 push-ups and burpees, every other day in the week.

Add more freestyle exercises, such as pull-ups, mountain climbers, pistol, to your routine as you get more comfortable.


Believe it or not, sleeping more will actually help you in fat loss by preventing accumulation due to reduced cortisol production. Additionally, sleeping boosts metabolisms and clears your head to maintain your diet and exercise routine for the day.

Get at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep every day. DO NOT extend your sleeping hours beyond 9 hours at any time as it might get counter-productive.


Make a commitment to avoid sugar for at least two weeks. After you eat or drink something high in sugar, you get an instant surge of energy which usually fizzes down as fast as it came. This energy boost is also known as sugar rush, which is nothing but all that sugar getting directly mixed in your bloodstream spiking your blood sugar levels.

This continues every time you eat sugar rich foods and drinks, and slowly your metabolism refuses to process that extra sugar you kept feeding. Instead it starts storing it as fat, and you know excess fat causes plethora health problems.

Read our extensive coverage on how sugar is killing us slowly.


Your workout routine doesn’t have to stay relegated to your time in gym. Keep flexing your muscles, take short walks, and do minor stretching exercise while sitting at every opportunity you get at workplace.

Sitting for long hours not only puts a lot of pressure on your posture but also slows down your metabolism. This leads to fat accumulation. Continued movement throughout the day will keep you energized and not allow the calories to get stored as fat.

Try this simple exercise while sitting to prevent belly fat. Sit straight and inhale and exhale strongly while flexing your stomach muscles for 5 minutes every 2 to 3 hours. This will keep your stomach muscles from accumulating fat.


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