When it comes to losing weight, one thing’s a certainty: It took time to gain the excess weight, and it will take time to lose it. But there are steps you can take to speed up the process. If you play it smart, you can lose up to 14 pounds in 14 days! By the time the two weeks are up, you’ll feel like a new person – a much lighter one!

Of course, not all of that will be fat loss. You will also lose weight by getting rid of the retained fluid, bloating, and waste products that keep your weight high. 


Well, you have heard it million times before and you know somehow it is important. But still most of us only drink water when we feel thirsty, which is a big mistake. You should aim to drink water every now and then, so that  your body keeps itself super hydrated.

  • Drinking more than enough water will stop your body to hold water, and you will lose that excess water pretty fast.
  • It will help in your bowl movements, and hence reducing bloating.
  • It will help in better digestion and improve your metabolism to great extent.
  • Water is a natural appetite suppressant too
  • Drink infused water,  lemon water and green tea, this will keep you hydrated and will add on extra benefits to water.


If you skip breakfast, your body’s metabolism gets tricked into thinking that it is starving. So it starts preparing itself by storing fat, slowing down your metabolism and increases insulin response.

When you finally eat something after skipping breakfast, spikes your insulin which drops soon making you feel hungry again. This creates a vicious circle of sugar spikes and lows, making you feel hungry all the time forcing to binge anything you find.

The best type of macro that you should eat in your breakfast are proteins while avoiding refined carbs and sugars. You can also opt for fat burning super smoothies, which helps you keep full for longer time and provides that extra dash of energy.

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It is best to start your day with a glass of Lemon water with some cinnamon powder and honey in it. This will clean up your digestive system, and detox your body also regulates metabolism.


Researches has found that if you eat a heavy meal before going to bed, you are at more risk of accumulating that as fat. Instead eat a healthy light meal in your dinner, which your body will process easily while you sleep.

Add more greens for your dinner, and skip your favorite dessert couple of times. Eating a heavy dinner also increases the risk of acid re-flux and bloating.

Try to eat your dinner as early, as eating late increases acid re-flux. The dangers of eating late at night.


Increasing fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet, will help you control your carbohydrate intake and stay away from fatty, sugary foods. Eating more fruits and vegetables, has detox effects and reduces stress on your key organs such as liver, and digestive system.

Stop drinking packaged fruit juices, in your effort to increase your fruit intakes. These packaged drinks are loaded with sugars and preservatives and devoid of essential fibers of fresh fruits. If you love juices, then try to make them yourself.


Probably this is the most important tip of all, today we consume sugar laden drinks like anything. We never realize how much excess sugar we are consuming even if you just drink a glass of these bottled drinks. Your liver is not made to process refined sugar, so it accumulates all of it. Researches has shown sugar is the leading cause of Cancer, and just by avoiding sugar laden drinks we can cut down the risk of cancer.

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Carry your favorite water based drink with you, like chilled greened tea, or fruit infused water or simply plain water to avoid the urge to drink sodas.


Who doesn’t love desserts, and we would not be so evil to stop you from indulging with desserts. But there is a simple way to make it weight loss friendly, try to find fruit based dessert replacements. Use sugar alternatives while making your desserts.

Make fruit salads and keep them inside your refrigerator close to your favorite desserts. So while you reach for the dessert you will have an instant option to choose a healthy option and go for fruits instead, prep your will power this way.


Salty snacks are evil, they increases the sodium levels in your body causing excess water retention. Reducing salty snacks, will help you shed that extra water weight and also help you improve your kidney health.

Tip: Instead of chips or pretzels, snack on carrot sticks or cucumbers dipped in hummus or guacamole. You’ll feel more full and less bloated. 


Small adjustments and elimination in your diets can turn your eating system to be a rock solid weight loss diet plan. Cut out anything that has a bit of excess sugar, remove things that causes bloating easily.

Tip: Stick to water based drinks for refreshment, and learn to prepare snacks based on fruits, vegetables and lean protein.


Eating slowly is a key step for better digestion and the probably the easiest way to lose weight. It is advised to chew your food 32 times at least before taking it inside. Eating slowly gives time to your brain to register when it is full, so it will help you stop overeating (brain takes at least 20 mins to realize that it is full, so eating slow allows brain some time).

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Tip: Count every time you chew, and count till 32 this will slowly turn into a habit. Close other distraction while eating, like television or your laptop. Indulge with your food.


Stop doing those long sessions of cardio, it has been proven that long cardio session does no good but increases your chances of weight gain. Instead do high intensity interval training, where you do some high intensity workouts for a short while and rest then repeat. HIIT improves your over all health,  burns fat and helps build lean muscles.

Tip: Our favorite form of exercises are Tabata Workouts , these are 4 minutes HIIT workouts done in combination of 20 sec workout and 10 secs rest. Believe us after 4 minutes, you will feel like you did an hour long workout. 


Body Weight workouts are great to burn calories, but building muscles is the best way to lose that body fat once and for all. Doing weight training has many benefits, it burns much more calories than body weight exercises. It also keeps burning calories when you are done with your exercises. And ladies, do not worry lifting weights will not bulk you up unless you are specifically training for that.

Tip: Start with small weights inside your home, and slowly train your muscles before joining a GYM. Do not forget to do stretching and warm up to avoid muscle injury. 


We agree you are motivated, and wan to lose weight for sure but you are nowhere near in keeping a schedule for your workouts. Exercising is not optional, it is a must and has to be done every day to see any results. Make a schedule, get your ass up and start working out believe us you will love the end results of your efforts.

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Tip: Do different forms of exercises, to keep it entertaining. Mix it with Yoga, weight training, cycling, swimming, running or walking anything that makes you move your butt out of that couch.


Workout calendars are great, they help you plan ahead which all exercises you will be doing. The best time of the day to work out is the time of day that you’re actually going to workout so figure that before hand.

Tip: Use apps, your phone calendars, and reminders so that you never skip your workout. 


Post dinner walk or a morning walk around the neighborhood couple of times after dinner is a simple way to add some more exercise. But of course, do not walk to your favorite dessert store and eat that pastry you were craving so much.

Tip: Take your dog for a walk, don’t have one take your neighbors’ dog.


Unless you want to bulk up and build huge muscles, doing exercises do not give you the permission to increase your calorie intake. Your body needs to burn those excess calories, over indulging with food just because you started exercise can go against your goals.

Tip: Use a calorie meter app, like my fitness pal or use  fit bands. Learn to count your calories and stay within your range. 


Sleeping plays a key role in weight management, want to know why? Because of hormones, there are many hormones like cortisol (the stress hormones), leptin, insulin needs to be balanced for you to lose weight and maintain it. If you are sleep deprived then it seems you are under some kind of stress, and your hormone levels starts to fluctuate. This  does not work well with your body’s system to control weight. So more you sleep better it is for you.

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Tip: Form a sleep schedule, and try to follow it. Do not distract yourself with movies etc before going to bed. Try yoga and meditation of you have problems with sleep, they help greatly.


Measuring your weight every now and then is so childish. It is not a game, you should understand you are trying live a healthy life and losing weight is a part of it. Of course weight measurement is important to keep records of progress but that should limit to that only. You might hit plateau sometimes, and start worrying what now. Chill for a while, you are inducing good health habits, which are much more important than whats on the scale.

Tip: Nothing will sabotage your efforts more quickly than impatience pessimism, or the hopelessness that comes from unrealistic expectations. So give yourself some credit for ordering salad instead of pizza 🙂 

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Do you know what makes the difference between people who SUCCEED and fail on the keto diet?

Do you know what makes the difference between people who SUCCEED and fail on the keto diet?

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Get This BRAND NEW Simply Tasty KetogenicCookbook 100% FREE!

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