Meet Your Inner Thigh – UNLOCK & Develop Your Adductors

Welcome to the MOST comprehensive and educational video on YouTube about your Inner Thigh muscles. The adductors are a fairly large muscle group on the inside of the thigh/groin area.

This area has TWO primary functions and there are TWO methods to train it properly. Strength Coach Brian Klepacki, MS, CSCS, also the creator of Inner Thigh Solution shares some serious knowledge about this very important part of your legs and the many exercises you should be doing in your training to develop and UNLOCK those adductors.

Get ready to take some notes as Brian takes a look at your Inner Thighs from A to Z.

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It is true without a toned inner thigh you would never manage to pull of that sexy swim suit you had been dreaming to wear for so long. Inner thigh fat grows the same way you accumulate fat in other parts of your body, but thighs require a bit more effort to get toned.

Sometimes, your upper portion of the body might not be fatty or bulky, but it is found that women tend to grow a heavy lower body. It is quite natural, that women have the tendency to grow bigger butts and heavy thighs, you are not alone there.

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Why Train Your Adductors?

‘adductor muscles (commonly referred to as the inner thigh muscles)’

Believe it or not, your inner thighs actually have a purpose.

One of the biggest impact your inner thighs have on your body is how it interacts with your glutes, especially the upper butt muscle – the gluteus medius.

When the adductors are healthy, it’s easier for your glutes to do what they’re designed to do. When there’s an imbalance or when something is lacking, signals are sent to the brain to lock the adductors, preventing the muscles from firing. This forces them to go into protection mode restricting the gluteal complex from functioning properly.

The result? Limited performance, movement issues and diminished energy.

When you strengthen your inner thighs, not only will you experience incredible results within the adductors but your glutes will also be able to fully develop to look and feel their best.

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Unique 10-Minute Adductor Routine To Unlock Your Pelvis

Inner Thigh Solution

Top medical professionals and movement specialists suggests that the adductor muscles (commonly referred to as the inner thigh muscles) work together harmoniously with your hip flexors to provide side-to-side stabilization of the pelvis.

In a perfect world, the pelvis will remain balanced as we age but that’s generally not the case because of excessive sitting, injuries, environmental conditions, poor posture, and so on.

So what ends up happening is that the body begins to shift and fall out of alignment to the point where internal systems and daily patterns become imbalanced and restricted.

Having weak and tight adductors on one side will make it difficult to hold the pelvis level which means the opposite hip will drop down as you walk. This can then result in imbalances in the hips and glutes which can lead to hip pain and excessive hip tightness.

Not only that but imbalances all over the body will eventually appear as the body tries to compensate for the tight and weak muscles.

It is important to both strengthen and stretch the adductor muscles so that they are strong enough to balance the weight of the body and support the pelvis keeping your hips healthy and happy.

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5 Simple Yet Effective Inner Thigh Exercises


  • Split your legs for slightly more than your shoulders keeping your toes facing outwards
  • During your Squat you should keep your back slightly leaned forward
  • Your butt should stick out like you are sitting on a chair
  • Now hold your dumbbell or kettlebell in front of you and squat
  • Give a small pause when you are down before you get up
  • Do the reps slowly keeping your posture perfect


  • This is a simple yet very effective workout for your thighs
  • Get to the position like an animal, with knees on your floor and hands in front of them
  • Pick up your right leg and kick on your right, try to bring your legs high enough till your hips
  • Bring them back to folded position repeat as many as you can for 20 secs and that’s a rep
  • Change the leg and repeat again


  • This workout not only helps you burn fat from your thigh but it works your core and back too.
  • Lie down your back, fold your legs and hold the medicine ball between your legs
  • Lift your hips, keep your core tight and back straight
  • Squeeze your knees together for 30 secs then rest for 10 secs. Repeat 3 times


Use an exercise band, put it around your legs just above your ankles, stand hip-width apart

  • Now raise your left leg keeping your right firmly straight on floor
  • Pick up your leg till you feel the band stretching
  • Bring it back, but do not rest it on the ground stop few inches above the ground – this is one rep
  • Repeat as many times as you can for 20 secs and rest for 10 secs again repeat


  • Lie down on your back, legs straight
  • Hold the dumbbell straight up
  • Ask someone to help place the exercise ball between your legs
  • Squeeze the ball hard and lift it off the ground
  • Turn the ball to the left with your legs so that your right foot is above your left
  • Do not rotate your upper body. Only twist your leg
  • Rotate the ball through the middle and to your right, so now your left foot is above your right
  • Turn the ball to the left and right as many times as you can in 60 seconds

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