The decision to eat low-carb Keto diet is tough decision because it requires a significant change to not only your diet but also your lifestyle. The grocery list and fast food joints are geared to suit the high-carb diet, which makes it difficult to prepare meals or finding snacks for Keto, especially when you are rushed for time. The need of the hour is portable keto meals that can be prepared quickly.

What’s the Solution?

Let’s face it- we all have jobs and it can be quite the task to wake up very early in the morning to prepare food, then struggle through morning commute for who knows how many more hours. Then, as soon as you reach into work, you run down to the vending machine, you only find high carb snacks available!

To solve this problem, it is better if you can prepare Keto snacks that can be carried easily at all times. Plus, the best part is that you won’t have to spend hours in the kitchen before work to prepare these meals. In fact, you can prepare multiple snacks for the week by keeping them in the refrigerator and using them whenever required.

A Few Quick Tips:

  • Instead of rushing every morning, use the weekends to complete bulk of your meal preps including cutting veggies for salads, marinating and grilling meat, and portion off daily meals. Don’t worry it shouldn’t take more than an afternoon.
  • Since it is difficult to shop for Keto. Make a detailed list of all the food that you can eat and pick items only from the list. Stock up on regular items!
  • Limit your consumption of condiments. It is usual mistake to add a lot of condiments to regular Keto meals. Condiments are usually loaded with hidden carbs and excess sodium, which might be counter-productive.

Now that you are clear on how to avoid the last minute rush and be equipped with the right food, try these five easy-to-carry and extremely healthy Keto meal ideas.

Five Portable and Healthy Keto Meal Ideas:

1. Bread-less Sandwiches:

Wicked Stuffed

Image courtesy: Wicked Stuffed

One of the biggest challenges with Keto diet is to give up on bread. Our lifestyle and upbringing has pretty much designed most meals around bread. So, naturally even thinking about sandwiches without bread could be crazy!

But, giving up bread is necessary, while giving up sandwiches is not. Just replace the bread with nice, crunchy and fresh lettuce. Fill it up with lean meat (such as turkey, chicken, ham, and tuna), some freshly cut onions, tomatoes, cucumber or zucchini, and ranch dressing (which has zero carb!). You may even add a little bit of cheese (try not to use processed ones).

Also, do try these amazing healthy but tasty replacements for your favorite foods. 

2. Stir Fried Veggies And Seafood:

Shrimps Pad Thai, Thai Food

During weekend, cut up a few bowls of your favorite veggies, seal them, and keep them in the refrigerator. Or, if you are lazy, just pick up a bag of frozen veggies.

Before heading out to work on weekdays, quickly stir fry a bowl of veggies. Add some shrimp or canned tuna (and add Omega-3 Fatty acids and Zinc) to the mix and your meal is ready.

3. Low-carb Bento Boxes:

Chicken rice bento

Typically, used by oriental restaurants to deliver packaged meals, Bento boxes are great ways to prepare and pack quick Keto meals. Bento boxes typically have 3 to 4 compartments to separate rice, gravy, salads, etc.

Just use each compartment to fill with it different Keto items including salads, lean meats, fish, eggs, dressing or cheese, etc. Also, don’t forget to sprinkle some soy sauce over the food to maintain the oriental touch!

The added benefit of using the Bento box is that the same meal starts to look more interesting and thus more appetizing.

4. Bar-be-cue Snacks:


Another great way to pre-prep Keto meals and have fun on the weekends is to have bar-be-cue parties. Take out the bar-be-cue grill, call over some friends, and toast a few whiskeys or rum (both zero carb). While you make some kebabs and grills, store some for the rest of the week.

On weekdays, add some bell peppers, onion, tomatoes, and even pineapple to the stored kebabs, and your Keto meal is ready!

5. Good Old Salads:

Fresh salad with chicken breast, arugula and tomato. Top view

The easiest and healthiest meal, however, remains salad. A large bowl full of lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, sweet peppers and lean meats (such as turkey) is a perfect meal for any day. Find out why carbs from vegetables is the best starch for Ketogenic Diet. 

The bast part about salads is that it takes only a few minutes to prepare, and can be done however you like, and are filling too. If you like to snack multiple times over the day, pack multiple small portion sizes for the day.

Now that you’ve seen the simplicity of packing a healthy low carb meal, there’s no longer a reason to not carry yours from home.

The portability of these meals is unmatched; you can likely fit them in your handbag or even pocket!