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5 Important Benefits of Kettlebell Training

Kettlebells are one piece of fitness equipment that, although being around for quite some time, have only become mainstream as of relatively late. These odd looking devices can be found today at pretty much every place people workout. Commercial gyms, group exercise classes and even many hotel fitness centers are equipped with at least a few kettlebells.

Kettlebells are the type of item that would make the list of essentials if one were required to choose only a few pieces of fitness equipment to perform a quality workout. The versatility and convenience of the kettlebell is widely utilized by many fitness enthusiasts today.

In this article, we are going to point out 5 great benefits of training with kettlebells that anyone can enjoy, wherever they choose to workout.

1| Real-Life Application

The problem with traditional pieces of resistance equipment used in most workouts is their limited carryover to real life tasks. A barbell or dumbbell, with weight loaded evenly on both sides and an ergonomic handle in the middle makes manipulating these objects a lot easier. Unfortunately, almost none of the things we have to pick up outside of the gym resemble this design.

With the kettlebell, the weight is distributed somewhat unevenly throughout the device. It takes a far different movement pattern to perform exercises with a kettlebell, one that is much more similar to random things we find ourselves picking up and lifting during everyday tasks.

2| Utilization Of Limited Space

For those of us that workout someplace other than the gym, such as at home or even at the office, space tends to be at a limited supply. This situation does not allow a large amount of bulky equipment and storage areas for workout gear.

The kettlebell provides a valuable tool for any workout, while also being extremely space-friendly. Even the heavier kettlebells available for purchase still take up a fraction of the space when compared to other pieces of equipment of the same weight.

3| Budget-Friendly Training

One of the coolest benefits of kettlebell training lies in their ability to provide a full-body workout without the annoying cost of a gym membership or home gym. For all of the workout warriors out there on a limited budget, purchasing even a single kettlebell can be your best friend. You can literally buy one of these devices at virtually any weight and still challenge yourself from a full-body standpoint. This stands true for individuals at every level of fitness. If you desire to create your own workout routine using the smallest possible budget, look no further than the kettlebell!

4| Creative Exercises

After a while, performing the same old exercises workout after workout can become quite monotonous. There is only so much excitement to be had from bench-pressing or treadmill sessions. Training is supposed to be enjoyable. If you stop looking forward to working out, you risk losing the number one factor responsible for improving your overall fitness: consistency.

Another great benefit of kettlebell training is that the list of exercises using these devices is enormous. The design and performance of the kettlebell allows a huge amount of creativity in exercise design. If you are experiencing somewhat of a burnout from your usual training routine, switch things up and try out kettlebell training to rekindle your fitness flame!

5| Improved Posture

A large amount of fitness enthusiasts have a habit of dedicating much more time to the “show” muscles, parts of the body seen more in the mirror. If you will notice next time you visit the gym, the number of people performing bicep and chest exercises severely outnumbers those working their hamstrings and upper back.

Naturally, this habit leads to a large amount of muscular imbalances throughout the body, setting up the increased likelihood of injury. Kettlebell training offers a solution to this issue in that most exercises performed with these devices require a large demand from the posterior chain of the body.

Often neglected muscle groups such as the spinal erectors, hamstrings and glutes get a chance to be challenged and strengthened for a change, allowing the equilibrium of your overall physique to even out.

This is the Toughest Cardio Machine?

I’d say the treadmill is the most popular cardio machine.

It’s a good one, due to it being versatile.

The toughest machine is different.

I’m referring to the StepMill (stair climber).


If you have ever tried to do HIIT on this machine, you will likely work up a serious sweat.

Don’t do this if you are just starting out.

If you trip, those death-stairs will eat you up and cause an injury.

At high speed you are basically leaping from stair to stair.

This works your glutes and hits those fast-twitch type 2 muscle fibers.


Running stairs is a killer exercise, because of this.

Your fast-twitch fibers require more energy to fire, so you burn a lot of calories quickly when you target them.

The glutes are large powerful muscles.

So targeting the fast-twitch fibers in this large muscle group torches calories.

The problem is that these are spendy machines.

I’ve only seen these in large commercial gyms.


It’s hard to find an exercise that hits the type 2 fibers hard in the glutes when training at home.

Kettlebell swings actually accomplish this.

The cool thing is that they hit the quads even less than running stairs.

It’s almost all glutes.


Since most people are quad dominant from sitting too much, this is a fantastic exercise to counteract that by working the glutes.

It doesn’t take much time either.

In 20 minutes you will be sweating and breathing hard in a way that is very similar to doing HIIT on a StepMill machine.

If you want to build and shape the glutes while burning fat…

Kettlebells are perfect for that.


It is actually possible to duplicate the calorie-torching effect of the toughest cardio machine, with just one single kettlebell.

Chris Lopez and Rusty Moore have created a Kettlebell Home Workout course that requires just one-single kettlebell.

This a 3-month program aimed specifically at torching body fat while increasing strength and muscle definition without excess bulk. 

This was just released in the Fall of 2020.

Visual Impact Kettlebells

If you are training from home, this course gets my highest recommendation.

P.S. Chris Lopez is one of the world’s top kettlebell experts.

He has trained with nothing but kettlebells since 2003.

He lives in a remote surfing village in Costa Rica.


The exercise and workout videos from the course are all filmed on the beach where he lives.

Visual Impact Kettlebells (Home Workout Program)


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