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In less than 300 seconds a day, get your desired body.

No weights / No extra equipments / No props or instruments

And they all are only 5 minute workouts.

Note: The Levels are according slickweightloss.com to help you categorise the workouts and choose easily.

Just get into your comfortable workout clothes and make sure you do slight stretching and little warmups before doing these following exercises.

Flat Belly & Toned Booty & Legs – in just 5 minutes/day

Level: Very Easy

An easy & fun workout to get to our dream body.

A Total Body Workout – in just 5 minutes

Level: Moderate

One can opt for either a difficult version and or an easier version as per his/her convinience as both versions are demonstrated in this video.

Abs Workout – in just 5 minutes

Level: Difficult

Another decent high energy workout for shaping your core area.

Toned Butts & Thighs – in just 5 minutes

Level: Easy

Get your muscles screaming while getting your butts and thighs toned here.

Belly Blasting Walk, Walk, Walk – Just 5 minutes Walk @ Home

Level: Easy

Wait a minute – Are you a walk person?  We have something for you also. So walk at your home and have fun here.

Flat Belly Standing 5 minutes Workout

Level: Very Easy

No equipments and only fun.

5 minute – Flat Belly Abs Workout

Level: Easy

Oh yeah, there’s more one can do…

Just 4 minutes – For Thinner Thighs & Tight Butts

Level: Very Easy

One of my personal favourites, in just 240 seconds you can have your desired thighs and butts to show off.

5 minute Fat Burner

Level: Difficult

Do you wish to do cardio or a high intensity workout! This can be a good option.

Get Thin Arms & Lose Excess Arm Fat – in 5 minutes

Level: Very Easy

Again one of my personal favourites, and easiest workouts for losing the excess arm fat.

Slim and Sexy Arms – in just 5 minutes

Level: Easy

A must try for a perfect sexy arm.


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Happy Working Out.

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