Lately the Keto Diet, has become all the rage. Chances are you know someone who's
tried it or even eats Keto all the time.

But, what is this diet really about - and more importantly, is it right for you?

The Ultimate Guide to the Ketogenic Diet contains information about why Keto is better than the low-fat or low-calorie diets of the past.

* What Is Keto All About?
Simply put, this diet plan strives to take you back to the
times of our ancestors. If you think back to several
thousand years ago, there were no problems with obesity
like there are today.

Humans were lean, strong and agile, able to maintain a
lower level of body fat effortlessly.

By looking at the diets they ate, we can remodel the diets
we consume today so that we too can reap the same

When you're on the Keto plan, there's one question you
need to constantly ask yourself before you eat: "Is this
food found in the wild?"

If it doesn't come straight from the land or can't be
hunted and caught, you can't consume it on a Keto eating

We live in a world today where are diets are riddled with
processed foods that provide very few nutrients and only
send our blood glucose levels soaring and crashing at
various points throughout the day.

When you use the Keto diet plan, however, you eliminate
this problematic eating from your life. Not only will you
keep your blood sugar levels more stabilized, but you will
also find that you feel far healthier as well.

The foods you eat will be very nutrient-dense so you'll be
doing your part to properly fuel your body and prevent
disease from setting in.

*But What Can You Eat on This Plan?

The great thing about the Keto diet approach is that
because healthy fats are kept slightly higher in this
protocol, the foods you eat will have plenty of taste and
texture. It's only when you shun fat entirely from your
plan that you're left with dry, bland meals that you have
to choke down.

On the Keto diet approach, you'll include an abundant of
healthy foods, some fruits and vegetables, plenty of sources of
meat and fish for protein, along with healthy oils,
coconuts, avocados and smaller amounts of nuts and seeds.

Be sure to consume plenty of fresh water each and every
day. You're encouraged to drink a high amount of green tea
on a regular basis as well.

* Who Should Go Keto?

Almost anyone who wants to improve their health and see
fast fat loss success will do well choosing the Keto diet

This plan is ideal for both males and females and can work
well no matter how active you are.

Keep in mind that those who are more active on a
day-to-day basis, either participating in intense workouts
or a number of team sports, will want to consider eating a
few more pieces of fruit and including sweet potatoes in
their diet as well.

This will help provide the additional carbohydrates that
you may need when challenging your endurance with high
activity levels.

Regardless of how much you do exercise, however, you can
certainly use this plan and see great results.

* What Are the Drawbacks?
Are there any downsides to the Keto diet plan?

Considering this is one of the best diets out there, there
aren't a lot of drawbacks to report. The only issue that
some people need to be aware of is that when eating more
healthy fats in your diet plan such as nuts and oils, the
calories will add up quickly so it will be vital that you
are making sure to monitor your intake.

Eat a few too many servings of healthy fats, and you may
find that you really struggle to see the results you're
looking for.

By focusing more effort on lean proteins, vegetables and a
few pieces of fruit each day, you can better ensure that
you are keeping your calorie intake lower for fat-burning
purposes. And keep in mind that one of the main ways
you'll be making room for those healthy fats is by cutting
out most carbs such as cereals, breads and rice.

Keto is definitely something that you will want to
consider. It can be a bit of adjustment at first as you
transition over to it, but after a few weeks of this style
of eating, you will enjoy everything the Keto lifestyle
has to offer.

In the next newsletter, I'll clue you in one some of the
dangers of high fructose corn syrup. You will not want to
miss this!

Thanks for reading. See you soon!

The Food, Health & You Team
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