Step aside Vitamin C…

Take a hike Zinc!

Even colloidal silver falls short...

NONE can compete with my 2 secret weapons for building my immune system stronger than a reinforced steel bank vault.

My little-known (and hard to find) immune-supporting supplement acts faster than anything I’ve ever used.

It has been shown in clinical study to quickly boost immunity in a very unique way...

Plus, when combined with amino acids - this baby creates a dynamic fighting duo to knock out any virus, bacteria, or pathogen… and FAST.

Studies show that together, amino-rich leaf and this mystery ingredient helps destroy all sorts of nasty bugs with lighting speed by beefing up our immune-cells.

Think you can guess what it is?

It’s called Chlorella and it’s a very specific type of algae.

Laboratory science shows time and again, chlorella boosts “IgA secretion” in the mouth and mucous membranes. This is CRUCIAL to build our cells ability to fight off pathogens that infect us by contacting our nose, eyes, and mouth.

There’s one other secret immune boosting ingredient I combine with chlorella that helps cells build a fortress around them, protecting them against invaders…

It’s called Moringa. If you’ve never heard of it, it’s an incredible leaf containing all essential amino acids, necessary to build protein. Of course, this is absolutely essential for a strong, working immune system.

I was pretty excited when I found a product that has BOTH of my secret immune boosters, plus several other goodies, AND a delicious flavor...

It’s called Organifi Green Juice.

That’s because the smart folks at Organifi were not only sure to get the highest quality chlorella and moringa for Organifi Green, but they use several other special ingredients that actually reduce stress (which is a major immune system attacker).

I worked out a special deal with the Organifi team and for a strictly limited time, here’s what they’re letting me do…

If you want an immune booster that’s formulated by people who know the exact combinations of superfoods will ACTUALLY fortify your immune system…

… then I highly recommend you grab some Organifi Green Juice.

P.S. For obvious reasons, people around the country are very keen on increasing their immunity right now, so please do protect yourself and grab your supply right now before it goes out of stock!

Talk soon,
Kelly Adams (aka The Sugar Crusader @Food, Health &You)
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