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“The Ziploc bag I’m giving you contains a unique

pepper extract first discovered in a lost city

in the Brazilian rainforest…“

"And this fruity pepper has been shown in multiple

studies to support dopamine levels1 AND burn fat 2”

That’s what Dr. Mike Hamilton told Jenny,

a mother from the Houston, Texas suburbs.

Suddenly… Jenny found herself desperate,

lonely, and tortured by her racing thoughts.

That’s because after having 4 children,

she’d gained over 72 pounds since her 20s.

And it shattered her to the very core of her heart.

From the tight pants, to the dresses that didn’t fit anymore,

to the crushing guilt every time she ate a piece of cake.

It was utterly unbearable.

It got to the point that even her 5-year-old daughter

noticed her mom’s belly…

“Look, even mommy’s shadow is fat!”

Yes… even her shadow looked fat.

But thank God Jenny’s daughter said those

seemingly brutal words…

Because by a wild stroke of fate and

a series of fateful events…

This humiliating moment sent Jenny

on a fateful to Dr. Mike Hamilton…

(The doctor with the mysterious Ziploc bag

of a Brazilian Pepper Extract.)

You can watch Jenny’s transformational story here.

In just a matter of months, Jenny was looking sexy,

alluring, and utterly irresistible to her husband Thomas.

All because her daughter blurted out those fateful words.

See for yourself how Jenny is looking better than her 20s!
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