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Doctors consider you obese when your BMI is above 30.

Mary Buttermore had a BMI of 34.4

She was always the type to put on weight very easily...

Just looking at ice cream added an extra five pounds...

And her doctor told her that she needed to lose weight because she had high blood pressure and was showing early signs of diabetes.

If she wanted to live into old age she'd have to change her diet.

And Mary hated that idea! She'd rather spend six sweaty hours on the treadmil than have to give up her favorite foods.

She grew up in the South where everything was fired, with mashed potatoes and cornbread on the side and peach pie fro dessert.

So that meant no biscuits and gravy for breakfast...

No pancakes...
No French toast...
Her favorite foods!

And she thought... what's the point of being on a diet if you can't enjoy the foods you eat? So she looked up healthy replacements for her favorite foods. But they were either too dry, or too hard, or too tasteless.


Mary stumbled on our Keto Breakfast Cookbook, packed with healthy recipes that satisfy carb cravings for bagels, breads, french toast, and pancakes.

She was not expecting much because she had been burned many times before. But once she tried the recipe for the Almond Flour Pancakes with Maple Bacon butter, she sent an email to thank us.

She said:
"After what the doctor told me about the high blood pressure and diabetes, I knew I had to change my diet. And I was worried that I would never be able to enjoy food and still lose weight. That's why I'm so happy for this cookbook! It showed me that I can be healthy without having to give up my favorite foods. I've lost 5 pounds already and I'm now excited about my journey into good health."

Isn't that great?

Mary was able to turn her health around SIMPLY because she found a way to lose weight while enjoying her favorite foods.

Anyway, I wanted to share that because it was inspiring.

And we need some more inspiring news these days.

If you'd like to get your hands on the same cookbook that Mary used to slim down...

While still enjoying donuts and muffins and pancakes and bread...

Then you should click below to get the recipes
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