Hey [subscriber:firstname | default: there],
I had been deceiving my husband.

In fact, I’d been telling my whole family
one big, fat lie.

That’s what happens when you’re an addict.

You lie, you deceive, you think only of yourself
…and your next fix.

On the outside, I was smiling at my husband
and children.

Telling them, “Big is beautiful”.

But when they weren’t looking:

I’d be dodging the family photos…

Making excuses to avoid the pool on vacation…

Hiding myself under big, baggy clothes.

I tried to be honest with my husband…and myself.

I’d buy the recipe books and the home workout classes.

But eventually, my cravings would win…
and the lies would begin.

After all, they say “Eating’s Cheating” for a reason.

And when I should have been outside playing,
laughing, and jumping around with my family…

I was hiding in the pantry, indulging in my secret,
illicit relationship with…

Brownies oozing heavenly dark, sticky chocolate.

Deep, rich pasta dishes like lasagne, dripping
with melted cheese.

Cakes that filled my mouth with delicious,
creamy icing.

The more I enjoyed it, the more I lied.

And the more I lied, the more desperate I became.

I was trapped in my big, fat prison of lies, until I was
introduced to one of America’s leading addiction specialists.

He showed me that I was struggling to lose weight
because of one secret chemical in my brain.

A simple chemical ‘switch’ that can be
turned OFF in just five seconds.

The weight loss companies don’t want you to know about this.
They would rather keep you addicted to diets, workouts
and products that don’t work.

After all, would a drug dealer want you to get clean…
or stay hooked for life?

I want to let you in on the secret to flipping this chemical
switch and easily lose 10…20…50…even over 70 pounds.

And tell you about the hidden key to my weight loss success
that was discovered in a lost city in a Brazilian rainforest…

All this means you can lose weight and still enjoy delicious
treats like rich, heavenly chocolate.

You can start using this method today, but this secret video
won’t be around for long.

Click here to discover the five second breakfast
trick that his helping men and women to lose up to
70 pounds fast.

It’s crucial that you watch this video right away.

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