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How To Start Your Vegan Diet: Tips to Easily Transition to the Green Lifestyle

The first step for any new lifestyle change is to do your research. However, we have already done the heavy-lifting for you. So! You have decided to take the plunge into a vegan way of eating. You have cleared out your home of all animal products and byproducts and filled your home with lots of things according to the food list outlined above. Now what? Understand one thing: your body is not supposed to be hungry. If you are giving your body ample amount of healthy foods filled with nutrients, you will lose weight easily. 4,000 calories of fast food and...

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The Right Workout Plan for Vegan Eating

Getting and becoming active can be difficult for many people no matter the diet they take on. A lack of motivation, morbid obesity, time restraints, and other issues make it very easy for people to either not have the time or not find the energy to become motivated to move. Each person has a unique case and there is no single solution that fits everyone. However, if you have chosen to adopt a vegan diet, then you have already taken one step in the right direction for the health of your body for the long term. This means the...

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Top Athletes You Will be Surprised Who Swear By Vegan Diet

Many prominent athletes have adopted vegan diets and lifestyles and have not only maintained their strength, but also promoted their inward health past a point they felt possible as a traditional eater. Venus Williams One of the most infamous stories is, of course, Venus Williams. In 2011, Venus was diagnosed with Sjogren’s syndrome, which is an autoimmune disease, and this is what prompted her to adopt a raw vegan lifestyle. When her diagnosis took her out of the world of tennis, it was her adopting of this type of eating lifestyle that brought her back to the court despite...

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Comprehensive List of Foods to Eat on the Vegan Diet

To those who are new to the Vegan Diet. A vegan eating lifestyle includes the ingestion of fruits, vegetables, grains, dried beans, peas, lentils, seeds, and nuts. Vegans do not consume dairy, eggs, meat, poultry, fish or any products that contain any of these foods. Many people struggle with adopting a vegan lifestyle because they believe deficiencies in calcium, iron, zinc, and a host of other vital vitamins and nutrients will take place. And, in part, they are right… if they do not replace what they have removed with other sources of these vitamins and minerals. If a traditional...

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Debunking the Myths about Vegan diet: NO Vegans are NOT Weak!!

There are many different myths about the Vegan community that perpetrate society. Some of them are large myths that have spread to the far corners of the world, and some of them are lesser-known myths that could wreak havoc on the community if believed by the general public. In this article, we introduce you to these myths right before we debunk them completely. Myth #1: Vegans don’t get enough protein in their diets. This is simply false. While meat and things like eggs and milk are major sources of protein, they are not the only ones. Many of our beloved...

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