Author: Sayantan Nandi

Top Keto-related Product Companies in the Market

Over the last several years, supplements for Ketogenic diet has taken the market with storm. Many small scale companies have sprouted up across the world offering the latest and most effective Ketogenic diet supplemental solution available in the market. Some talk of their natural ingredient, some of their efficacy, while others boast of their taste and usability. The market has certainly seen tremendous growth over the last few years. Group this with growing popularity among customers and more investment in research and development, the market is expected to grow leaps and bounds. The Ketogenic diet supplement product market, however,...

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Types of Ketogenic Diet Supplements Available in the Market

Given the growing popularity of Ketogenic diet in the last decade, it only made business sense to develop products specifically catered to people looking for quick results. Ketogenic diet (or even Low Carb diet) has proven to be extremely effective in weight loss, improving brain function and memory, reducing blood sugar levels, and proving other health benefits for thousands of people across the world. The benefits are simply derived from the logical benefits offered by reducing carb intake and running the body on Ketones instead of glucose. These are benefits that come naturally by just following the lifestyle or putting...

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Guide to Nuts & Seeds on Keto

Nuts and seeds are another segment of extremely healthy and nutritious food that have to be eaten with caution. Nuts and seeds not only provide essential minerals and vitamins but also provide considerable fiber and healthy fats (omega 3s and 6s). So, they are a must to the diet and can be easily included if their net carb content is kept in mind. Typically, you should fulfil your daily carb quota through vegetables, fruits, and...

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Guide to Fruits on Keto

​BEST LOW SUGAR FRUITS Fruits are generally extremely healthy to our health. They are packed with essential nutrients and minerals along with a healthy dose of fiber.However, given their sweet nature they are not suitable for Keto. This is perhaps the biggest drawback of the diet. Giving up on fruits, especially when it is so healthy and tasty, sounds like an oxymoron. But, due to the high content of fructose, a form of sugar, it has to be avoided as well. The high sugar content increases fruits’ GI value rendering them unsuitable for the diet.Do all fruits have to...

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Guide to Alcohols on Keto

A big thumbs up for Keto is that it allows the consumption of alcohol unlike regular diets. However, it can be a tricky subject, especially if consumption is not strictly regulated. First, it may cause the body to retain water and thus counter weight loss. Second, under the influence of alcohol it might get difficult to resist tempting foods that might put you off Ketosis. However, if taken in moderation i.e., kept in line with the daily carb requirement and avoiding any diet derailment, the following alcohols can be taken. Below is a list of common alcohols types their...

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