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Losing weight is not as difficult as it is considered by many people. It's something that can be easily achieved through simple lifestyle changes and mindfulness. it is certainly not something that you need to lose sleep over. Speaking of which, let's look at several minor changes you can make before you go to sleep to give you immediate effect and lasting results for weight loss. But, what does your bedtime habits got to do with weight loss? Everything. Your bedtime habits not only set the tone for the next day's diet routine but also set the tone for your body's metabolism to work efficiently for maximum weight loss. That’s why, we bring to you 8 bedtime hacks that will help you lose weight and sleep better throughout the night.


Most of the unhealthy snacking typically happens during supper or post dinner. Either we gorge on some comfort food or we succumb to large servings of desserts that offer no nutritional value but add considerable calories.

If you are sincere about losing weight then you must give up on this untimely snacking. The biggest problem with snacking is that as soon as you take a small bite, it gets difficult to control your portion and you end up eating a full meal instead.

Result, you end up gaining excessive calories and a bloated tummy for the morning. It also impacts bowel movement as there is barely any fiber in such food. As a thumb rule, restrict consumption of any food after 7 PM in the evening so that your body gets at least a 3 hour gap before the last meal and going to bed. Resist any temptation you might get during this period.

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Eventually this will turn into a habit and you wouldn't feel like eating yourself and enjoy the lightness before going to bed. To make sure you stay full longer, consume high-protein food, such as fish, turkey, and chicken, during dinner that will keep you satiated longer.


Yes, before you sleep, do something that helps your mind and body to relax. You might choose to read a novel or get a warm bath or simply sit down and meditate.

De-stressing before bed ensures that you don't get worked up or worried at the slightest of agitation or problems the next day. Typically, the reason we lose discipline in our diet routine is because we get stressed or worried and push aside healthy food for a round of comfort food.

This short-term food outburst derails all other efforts put into the routine.

De-stressing before going to bed is an excellent way to calm your nerves so that minor worries do not derail your diet routine. Additionally, de-stressing calms your nerves and boosts metabolism that further aids in weight loss.


Research has found that women who sleep in dark rooms are less likely to be overweight than those who sleep with lights on. The reason behind this is linked to the production of melatonin, an important sleep production hormone. This production is compromised when we allow too much light in our bedroom while we sleep. As per our natural habitat, the human body was designed to sleep in complete darkness. But in high-paced urban cities we are surrounded by lights throughout the night. In fact, we have slowly learned to sleep with the lights on. This is a bad habit. Not only does it hurt your weight loss effort but also disturbs your sleep pattern. Ensure that you create complete darkness in the room before you sleep so that the body can produce melatonin efficiently, and your sleep doesn't get interrupted while your eyes get complete rest.

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Texting or going through your mails or your favourite social media websites one last time before going to bed is an extremely harmful habit. First, the bright light from the screen hampers your body's sleep, tires your eyes, and stresses your brain. Second, any negative comments or feedback may drive you to stress-eat or secrete harmful chemicals that may decelerate your metabolism. Just relax before going to bed. Cut off from the world and wait for it oi reveal itself the next day when you are charged up after considerable rest. There's anyways only as much you will be able to achieve before going to bed. The world can wait.


Since there's so little time in the morning to get ready for work or head out for classes, it is always a good idea to plan out your meal plan for the next day before you go to bed. And, if necessary, make preparations before you snooze off to get a head start. Usually in the morning, when you are running short of time, it gets difficult to keep your mind centered on your diet routine while the clock is ticking away. You just grab the most easy-to-prepare food and head out. Mostly these types of food are the sugar rich/high carb or plain unhealthy and high calorie ones. So, it is always a great idea to know what you want to eat the next day so that you have clarity when you wake up.


A great way to end the day is to complete it with sex. Sex, by itself, not only helps in burning considerable calories but also helps you relax and de-stress. Additionally, it improves your bond with your partner and makes you feel emotionally secure that allows you to sleep better. Sex also boosts your metabolism that aids in further weight loss.

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Another great way to both de-stress and burn calories is to take a long walk before going to bed. A long walk alone or with your partner can help you clear your head and build the resolve for your diet routine for the next day. However, do ensure that you do not snack during this walk or else it would be counter-productive. The gentle exercise also stretches out the body one last time before it goes for rest, allowing it to burn calories faster.


If you’re someone who struggles to cope with an overflowing to-do list, collapsing onto your couch every evening exhausted, anxious and stressed… … you likely already know your body is craving deep, blissful, rejuvenating sleep.

Right now, take this quick sleep test to find out if you’re getting the sleep you need…

Feeling tired, forgetful and fatigued all the time? Then you may be sorely lacking the type of deep, quality sleep your body and mind need. Find how to find out how you can trigger your body’s natural, deepest and most refreshing sleep-wake cycle And there you have it – you just learned eight bedtime hacks to help you lose weight faster and sleep better. And if you start applying what you learned immediately, it won’t be long before you shed those unwanted stored calories and overhaul your sleeping habits. So go ahead and get started by trying these bedtime hacks, because you’re going to like the new version of you when you wake up!

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