Kefir Drink: Ultimate Guide for Beginners – SUPERFOOD

Probiotic Super Food – Kefir. Everything you need to know about Kefir, including the benefits of this probiotic rich drink, how to enjoy drinking it and where to purchase it! Kefir drink is cultured dairy product which is like the king of pro-biotic foods on this planet. Forget Yogurt, you will see how Kefir is so superior to it.

How to Sleep Better for Weight Loss

Find simple tips on how to sleep better and get more zzzs. Inadequate sleep is one of the primary reasons why people find it difficult to lose weight. Lack of sleep can reduce an individual’s logical reasoning and lead to increased food cravings (often for unhealthy easy-to-grab snacks), weight gain, and the likelihood of type-II diabetes. The same was verified in a study presented at the Endocrine Society national meeting that revealed that even getting 30 fewer minutes of regular sleep per weekday can increase the risk of obesity and diabetes.