15 Surprising Benefits of Ketogenic Diet

There is more to the Ketogenic diet than weight loss, although that is why most people initially embrace a low carb lifestyle. Backed by science and proven to work, if you want rapid, sustainable weight loss combined with noticeably better health, the ketogenic diet is for you. 

Ketogenic Diet for Weight Loss

Ketogenic Diet for weight loss, a popular form of weight loss diet in which you can eat all the fat you want. It can be crowned as the silver bullet for weight loss woes.

Top 14 Ketogenic Foods

Ketogenic Diet, aka keto diet, is a lifestyle choice of eating high fat foods and eliminate sugary foods and other sources of carbs. Find the top 14 foods for a ketogenic diet.

5 Reasons Why Keto May Not Be Working For You

Ketogenic Diet can change your life for good, but making it work for you can get difficult for some. You are sure to hit hiccups where you will feel it is not working for you, read this post and find why its not working for you.

Ketogenic Diet for Vegans: What To Eat

What to eat in Ketogenic Diet for Vegans including rich sources of protein, fats, minerals and vitamins, and the right carbohydrates including non-starchy vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds.

The Cyclical Ketogenic Diet: Keto For Athletes and Weightlifters

One of the options to go low carb and still train at your maximum is with the cyclical ketogenic diet. A cyclical ketogenic diet (KCD) means you’re refeeding your body – through a cycle that lasts a week with a certain amount of complex carbohydrates, limited amounts of fat, and protein.

All You Need To Know About Exogenous Ketone Supplements

In an extremely short period of time of little over three years, exogenous ketone supplements have taken the market with storm. Small, medium, big – all sorts of health and supplement companies have sprouted up across the world to provide dieters with the most delicious, convenient and effective ketone supplements.

Types of Keto Diet Supplements Available in the Market

Given the growing popularity of Ketogenic diet in the last decade, it only made business sense to develop products specifically catered to people looking for quick results. In this article, we explore top keto diet supplements available in the market.

Guide to Nuts and Seeds on Keto

Nuts and seeds are another segment of extremely healthy and nutritious food that have to be eaten with caution. In this article, which nuts and seeds to eat in Keto. Nuts and seeds not only provide essential minerals and vitamins but also provide considerable fiber and healthy fats (omega 3s and 6s). 

Which Alcohols to Drink in Keto: A Guide to Alcohols on Keto

A big thumbs up for Keto is that it allows the consumption of alcohol unlike regular diets. However, it can be a tricky subject, especially if consumption is not strictly regulated. In this article, we explore which alcohols to drink in Keto.

Top 58 FAQs about Ketogenic Diet

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs about Ketogenic Diet. Find detailed answers to some of the most common questions asked by dieters and readers alike.

Keto Fat Bombs: Guide and Exclusive Recipes

A popular fad in low carb dieting such as Keto is currently with “Fat Bombs”. In this article, we will focus on what are Keto Fat Bombs, what are their characteristics, what it takes to prepare them, and some amazing recipes. 

Keto on a budget: Money Savings Tips

Keto on a budget: Money saving tips for shopping, cooking, & eating while on Ketogenic diet. It is a MYTH that doing KETO is expensive and not suited for..

Modified Versions of Ketogenic Diet

Due to certain or specific requirements many dieters choose to modify the diet to suit their needs. In this article, we will explore these modified versions

Keto Diet Plan: What to Eat and What to Avoid

The Keto Diet plan is not only about restricting carb intake but rather making a choice to live a healthier lifestyle. The diet requires you to focus more on whole and natural foods and stay away from processed and sugary-foods.

The Right Sources of Fats for Keto

Ketogenic Diet requires you to attain about 70-75% of your daily calorific requirements from healthy fats. Thus, knowing the right fats for keto is critical.

Keto Lifestyle: Tips for Keto Meal Prep

If you have made the hard choice to try Ketogenic diet and join the Keto lifestyle, then I congratulate you. Soon enough when you see results and experience the myriad benefits associated with the diet, you will start proclaiming the diet to others as well.

Fastest Way to Get Into Ketosis

If you are wondering what is the fastest way to get your body into ketosis then read on to explore Fastest Way to Get Into Ketosis in a healthy way!!

What are Macros?

What are macros. Macros or macronutrients, are the molecules – Fat, Protein, and Carbs – that the body uses to create energy. How to calculate macros?

How to Overcome Carb Addiction?

ADDICTED TO CARBS? Overcome Carb Addiction with these simple tips and tricks. People on Low-carb diet often miss carbs out of habit. Carbs are unhealthy..

Role of Exercise in Ketogenic Diet

Role of Exercise in Ketogenic Diet is Critical. It helps improve the effectiveness of Ketogenic Diet speeding up weight loss. There are 2 variations of Keto

5 Simple Ways to Fight Sugar Cravings

SUGAR ALERT!! Find 5 simple ways to curb and fight sugar cravings. Low carb diets require a complete check on sugar, which can be difficult to control.

Health Benefits of Ketogenic Diet

KETO BENEFITS | Health Benefits of Ketogenic diet beyond weight loss. Many studies and researches have proven that Ketogenic lifestyle is extremely healthy.

5 Ways Low Carb Lifestyle Helps You Lose Weight

Learn how low carb lifestyle can help you lose weight, no need for calorie counting, dieting or starving yourself. Low carb high fat diet aka, ketogenic diet is the new way for healthy weight loss and lifestyle.