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How to lose 20 pounds in 2 weeks: Chewing 32 times

So many of us want to lose weight, may be a few pounds around the belly or lots and lots of pounds if you are on the heavier side. No matter how many pounds you want to shed, you are definitely going through a diet plan or at best counting your calories and being so careful about what you eat or not.

Well what if you are still not enlightened enough that you should lose those extra pounds, as you slowly gain them around your waist.

Most of us do not pay any attention to the process of chewing, as if it is a natural thing which automatically takes care of itself the moment we put food inside our mouths.

I am delighted to let you know that, if you can worko upon your chewing and do it correctly then it is in itself enough for you to start lossing weight. Well there is a whole lot of science behind it and we are going to explore that below.


It is not a new thing to chew your food properly before gulping it down the throat, but it is being adviced since ages. This small improvement in the way you eat your food can bring tremendous changes to your health. After all we are what we eat so atleast we should eat correctly.

Why Chew so many times?

Chewing food slowly and atleast 32 times has been advised for centuries to those who are willing to lose weight.

The digestion of food in humans takes place in the alimentary canal, which is a long tube extending from the mouth to the anus. The different parts of the alimentary canal are buccal cavity, food pipe or oesophagus, stomach, small intestine, large intestine and anus. Two glands namely, liver and pancreas also help in digestion.

The food is taken in through the mouth. It is chewed and mixed with saliva in the buccal cavity (inside our mouth). Saliva is a digestive juice secreted by the salivary glands, and it is where our food starts to break down in our to simpler forms. This the most important step in our digestive process, and if this is not done properly the whole digestion process sees a setback.

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The food should be finely chewed and mixed with saliva’s digestive enzymes before it is   mixed with acids inside our stomach. The food processing begins inside our mouth not in our stomach, the digestive juices of saliva is a key ingredient for the food digestion process.

This is not the only reason you should eat slowly while chewing- 

When you eat slowly while chewing many times (at least 32 times) you will realise how much less food it takes to fill you up.

This is because our brain takes at least 20 minutes to realise that our stomach is full, and when you eat quickly you tend to overeat before your body can send signals to stop.

Start this habit of chewing 32 times, and you will quickly realise how less food you actually need. Not only this will promote weight management but it will also help you control overindulgence with food.

Better eating experience

Eating slowly while chewing should be taught to everyone especially to our kids. It increases our connection with the food that we consume, we taste it better and we are mindful of the food that we are eating in that sense we create a bond with our food.

This goes a long way when maintaining a good health, as you might know “what you eat you become”.

If you carefully monitor the next time you have your meal, you will realise that you are more often gulping down your food barely chewing it.

When you start chewing for longer duration it will feels odd and unnecessary. But soon you will realise that it makes up in terms of taste and satisfaction. You will notice the flavours better and you will become full more quickly i.e you will eat less.

Count how many times you chew than counting calories

It is obvious if you start chewing every bite for 32 times or more (which is the ideal and recommended) you take more time to finish your meal, more slowly you eat will help you eat less and ultimately avoid weight gain and even lose weight.

The increase in eating time will take up the time brain needs to understand how much food is in and how much more you need, so eating slowly will help you put your brain into it.

So if you eat too quickly you may have eaten too much before your brain can respond, and by that time you have already over eaten.

This is why the idea of slowing down the eating process as a weight management strategy can work.


So what about 32 times?

It is a number which was introduced because we have 32 teeth and for every tooth we chew once. Still it is not written in stone, but this is proven that once you aim for 32 you tend to reach the best time taken for chewing. You may chew longer if you are eating meats and you may chew lesser if it is already something soft in nature.




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