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6 Reasons Why Fad Diets Don’t Work

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Are you convinced? If not, we are about to dive deeper into the reasons why the fad diets do not work. From eating only one food group to following all of the “rules,” fad diets and crash diets are destined to fail. Take it from the health experts, the pounds you may lose will not add up in the end.

Temporary Solution

Many of these diets promise you that you will lose so many pounds within so many days or months. Fad diets can range from juice fasts, to drastic calorie restriction and everything in between.

However, these diets are temporary solutions. According to Psychology Today fad diets can result in quick weight loss, but chances are that the weight will come back and more than what was originally lost.

One study found that short-term diets can yield a loss of 5%-10% of body weight, in a short amount of time, but the problem is that once the diet is over, everyone goes back to ‘eating as usual.’

What happens after you go back to your old habits? The weight comes back.

This creates the opportunity for the yo-yo diet to become your lifestyle.

Drastic in Nature

These diets start off with drastic measures. For example, the “Wine and Eggs Diet” uses eggs and wine throughout the day besides dinner, which allows for steak. However, for dinner, you also have a half of a bottle of wine and four eggs. There is more wine throughout the day.

Another example is the Lemonade/Master Cleanse. This fad diet starts with a lemonade recipe that you drink, with nothing to eat, for up to two weeks.

This can cause your body to overcompensate for the losses. These diets can also cause negative reactions such as fatigue and headaches not to mention the lack of nutrition that comes from a well-balanced diet.

Most important is the fact that no one can or should eat like this on a permanent basis, once again undermining any efforts to keep the weight off for good.

Never Teach Healthy Eating Habits

Fad diets never teach us healthy eating habits. As discussed above, these diets are drastic and most of the time, take away from us instead of giving. 

These diets teach you not to eat "X" at all, instead of replacing "X" with something healthier. 

Without learning and mastering what it means to eat healthy and solidifying profound habit changes in diet, permanent weight loss can never be achieved. 

Eliminate Food Groups

Our bodies are designed to run on all food groups. You can see the contrast quickly. Healthy eating says, "Eat all food groups, but in smaller portions. The fad diet says. "Do not eat any carbohydrates at all."

All experts agree that solid nutrition is an important part of leading an overall healthy lifestyle. 

These diets are not nutritious and deprive the body of the nutrients it needs to function and thrive.

This is perhaps the most damaging issue when it comes to fad dieting. By eliminating food groups, you are depriving your body of much needed nutrients. These nutrients give energy and build metabolism.

Experts advise that we need to eat a wide variety of foods as each one gives us distinct nutrients the body needs.

A series of studies reported on Psychology Today’s website surmised that the only intervention that showed promise in yielding permanent weight loss results is the one that emphasizes a healthier lifestyle.

Lifestyle choice changes empower while fad diets deprive

Regaining of Weight Lost

Most fad dieters lose weight quickly, much to their delight. However, these same dieters soongain those pounds back with extra after the diet is “over.” In 2012, researchers found more evidence that short-term dieting results in increasing weight gain, which is independent of genetic factors such as obesity running in the family.

This cycle repeats itself. What started as a quick five pounds to lose can turn into thirty relatively quickly.

Rules, Rules, Rules

If you were to go online and research fad diets, you will find them to be filled with rules that you must follow. Most come with certain menu plans, timing of meals, eliminated foods, and different rules for each day you must follow to see results. Instead of simply eating healthy, you must follow each step to lose that quick few pounds.

From eating a certain amount of eggs so many times a day to drinking so many ounces of lemonade on Monday and then another certain amount on Tuesday. These diets do not allow for any creativity, leeway and can become tiresome.

These diets make the dieter lose confidence if a step is missed, knowing they may have to start over again. This again creates a negative spiral straight to a dead end.

These set rules and restrictions can sabotage success as no one can or really should stick with them on a permanent basis, and so permanent weight loss can never achieved. 

Fad Diets Are a Dead End

Fad diets can harm our bodies and our minds and they can never result in permanent weight loss success.

It is important to understand these influences in order to begin your weight management journey.

Instead of following crash diets that boast quick loses, invest in your body and your future health by making a lifestyle change that will yield long-term results.

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