Weight Loss

Final Thoughts

Lesson 11

Final Thoughts

We have discussed many things including how to change your mindset and how to reclaim your relationship with food. 

However, the most important takeaway is for you to understand the importance of valuing yourself and your health. 

Above anything else, you should do what makes you healthier and your body stronger. Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither are you. 

Take time to make a plan and stick to it, when you make mistakes learn from them and move on. 

Eating should not make you feel guilty. Instead, it should empower you. 

Food was created to nourish our bodies, not control them.

Start out small and make changes consistently.

Don’t worry if the weight loss is slow, this is actually a much healthier way to lose and more sustainable than quick drastic losses.

The long-term benefits of weight management outweigh the short-term benefits of crash dieting. It is better for your health.

You are worth more than living deprived, so ditch the diet mindset, and start living!

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