Weight Loss

Recap: Permanent Weight Loss Formula Steps

Lesson 9

As you can see, the permanent weight loss formula is not another diet. This is complete lifestyle change that empowers you with choices and resets old habits to new and healthier ones. 

Each habit takes you closer to your weight loss goals, and once those habits are set, you can keep the weight off, and NEVER diet again!


  1. Make habit changes your goal instead of weight loss
  2. Calories In - Calories Out
  3. Balanced Eating Plan
  4. Portion Control
  5. Eat Every 3 Hours To Stabilize Blood Sugars
  6. Moderation
  7. Exercise (calories out) 
  8. Works on and establish a healthy relationship with food

These are the key aspects of healthy and permanent weight loss. The key is to not starve and to stay active. Your body must have all food groups to remain healthy. Portion control is important for calorie control. Moderation is important for those not so healthy treats. 

Your blood sugar must be stabilized in order for your body to react properly. Exercise is needed to seal the deal between healthy weight loss and your actions. Improving your relationship with food will allow you to achieve these steps, and provide you with the self-control and perception needed to succeed.

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