Weight Loss

The Weight Loss Struggle

Lesson 3

For a lot of the population, losing weight can prove to be difficult. You may have struggled to lose 100 pounds, 50 pounds or just 20, but wherever you are, it is important to understand you are not alone. For many losing weight proves easier than actually keeping it off permanently, which is actually the determining factor of success in weight loss.

Obesity rates in the United States are at epidemic levels. The Centers For Disease Control report that more than 1/3 of US adults are obese, which equates to 34.9% of the population or 78.6 million adults.

Children are not exempt as childhood obesity rates have more than doubled in the past 30 years. In 2012, more than 1/3 of children and adolescents were overweight or obese.

Researches hypothesize that processed food, increased stress, and unhealthy lifestyle choices play a key role in the mass numbers of the overweight.

The weight loss struggle describes how people struggle with healthy permanent weight loss. One of the main elements that adds to this struggle is the mass amounts of crash and fad diets that promise fast weight loss.

If your ultimate goal is to lose weight to be healthier and keep it off then a short-term fix is not for you. Instead, you need to learn and practice weight management, which is never accomplished in three days’ time.

Permanent weight loss is a journey, not a destination.

Here are some of the reasons you may be feeling the weight loss struggle. 

- The Temporary Mindset

One of the reasons that typical 'diets' fail is that they are temporary conditions, hence phrases like "I am getting on a diet," or "I just got off a diet". Permanent weight loss is the opposite, it is not a temporary state, and so it cannot be achieved with temporary solutions. 

- Exercise? What Exercise?

Some fad or crash diets tell you that you don’t have to exercise to lose weight. Exercise isan important part of reaching and maintaining your goal weight. The Department of Health and Human Services states you should aim for at least 30 minutes a day, every day, to stay active and healthy.

- The "I am starving!" Binge

After your crash diet ends, you all of a sudden find yourself starving. Your body is out of whack and your stomach is screaming at you. A cheat day can't hurt, right? So you binge. This cycle becomes a habitual process that you can't seem to escape. 

- You're Not Balanced

You may find yourself avoiding some food altogether as your crash diet says, thinking it will aid you in the process. However, this is not the case. Your body needs all food groups in their own right to stay healthy and therefore manage yoru weight. 

- Lack of Knowledge

Many simply do not understand what it means to live a healthy lifestyle, which includes, what to eat, and how to espend calories. 

These are only a few. You can see that being stuck within this struggle can cause bad habits and bad experiences. You can become burned out and completely unmotivated with each new attempt at weight loss. These struggles become habitual. Soon, you find yourself stuck within a lifestyle that is damaging to your health. This is known as yo-yo-dieting.

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