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The Psychology Behind Weight Loss

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What’s stopping you from achieving your weight loss goals? This question and its answers are so important, take it seriously and take the time to consider the answers carefully. Be honest and thorough in your inventory. Doing this will help you overcome obstacles in your weight loss journey. 


Do you believe you can lose weight and keep it off?

What is stopping you? What has stopped you in the past? 

Consider the psychological blocks to weight loss, which apply to you?

Lack Of Self-Awareness


Weight Loss Sabotage

Your Emotional Readiness 

Distorted Thinking

  • Learning to feel satisfied with just being satisfied after a meal, and not stuffed 
  • Learning to identify real hunger versus a mental desire to eat (for other reasons)
  • Being able to overcome cravings
  • The ability to monitor food intake – which includes mindful eating and portion control
  • Develop healthy coping skills for stress, and negative emotions
  • Be comfortable with and accept that food restrictions and portion sizes are a natural part of a healthy weight
  • Accept that lasting habit changes are needed for lasting weight loss and this means that healthy thinking must be maintained for life

Poor Self-Esteem

Emotional Distortion: Connecting Food To Feelings

Living To Eat Versus Eating To Live

Body Shame

Distorted Positive Benefits

  • Belief that staying overweight is more beneficial than losing weight

Belief In The Magic Diet

Finding Joy In Food Beyond The Norm

Inability to Handle Discomfort

Final Thoughts

The next time you decide you need to lose weight, stop thinking about what’s in your fridge and start first by thinking about what’s on your mind. Your motivation and mindset are the keys to making lasting, healthy changes to your life, which is the only way you’ll be able to successfully lose the weight you want and keep it off for good. 

Change is hard, and it takes time. Gaining insight into your own mind and heart will help you understand your past mistakes, accept yourself, and learn how to create the healthy habits you will need to live the life that you want. 

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