If you’re finding it difficult to lose weight after losing few pounds then you might have hit a roadblock. Experts found that after initial weight loss it becomes difficult to lose same amount of weight in similar time frame.

Now is the time to boost up your metabolism so that your body automatically burns fat faster. Aim for completely ace the following recommendations to kickstart your metabolism.

1. Chew every bite 32 times

If you eat your food properly and don’t get distracted you’ll be able to get more out of food.  Chewing is where digestion and breaking down of food starts, and it is the most important step for your metabolism. Think marination!  Chewing food decreases stomach’s effort resulting in food getting absorbed fairly better. Why you should chew every bite 32 times and how it can help you lose 10 pounds?

2. Spice up your food with Black Pepper

Black pepper is an amazing spice that helps to boost metabolism. The hot spice forces you to eat food slowly also the paprika ensures you consume less food.

3. Decrease your Portion size

Replacing large meals with smaller ones. Decreasing your portion size and eating multiple times a day ensures you remain full all the time. Smaller meals will keep your body constantly consuming and digesting food thus changing your metabolic mechanism. This ensures you do not fall pray to blood sugar fluctuations, and hence it keeps your fat storing hormone in control.

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4. Curb your Temptations

Food cravings are as much part of weight loss as exercising is. You simply can’t ignore them, quite literally. When you are on weight loss plan all food tastes and smells good. But you’ve to promise yourself not to get tempted. Curb your temptations.

The best way for this is to consume more proteins, it helps you keep satiated for longer durations. Even better keep a glass of protein shake accessible, and drink it if you are getting uncontrollable urges.

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5. Veggies must occupy 3/4th of your plate

If you’re eating raw vegetables, you’re already taking in few calories. The best way to ascertain the right amount of veggies is to make sure they occupy three-fourth of your plate when compared to entire meal.

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6. Drink Carbonated Water

You might wonder to know that many times when you feel hungry, your body is dehydrated at that time. Brain cannot distinguish properly between food and water so most of the times it sends hunger signal. So quenching the hunger with water will save you from consuming extra calories, better use carbonated water sometimes because it tricks back the body into feeling fuller than regular tap water.

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7. Eat more Banana

Bananas are potassium rich food. They help in regulating body metabolism by maintaining water balance. You need high quantities of potassium so as to make sure you remain hydrated leading to burning higher amounts of calories.

8. Avoid Milk & Dairy products

Milk and dairy products can easily disturb your weight loss plan. These are high calorie and high fat based foods. Their digestion even takes longer time. Avoid milk and all kinds of dairy products.

9. Do 4 Minute Tabata Workouts

After initial weight loss our muscles build up and it becomes really difficult to lose more weight. Try breaking into high intensity workouts like Tabata that aid you in burning more fat. Also changing exercise will help you lose more weight than sticking to the same routine. TABATA TRAINING TORTURE: Torch Fat in 4 Mins»


10. Try our 2 Week Diet plan

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