Dr. Oz invited Tim Tebow, to his show and they try to explain how the keto diet works. This video makes it easy to understand the underlying principles behind ketogenic diet and how it helps you lose weight.

Even though Keto diet is the most popular weight loss diet now days, and there are so many people who want to try this. But Keto diet is not like any other diet, where you follow a specific meal plan, restricting calories and portion controlling etc it is a complete lifestyle change.

Watch this short video where Dr. Oz, invites Tim Tebow and they both try to explain the principles of the Keto diet.  Later, below this video we have a special challenge for you the 28-day Keto challenge more on that later, watch the video first.

No matter what you have heard good or bad, it is a proven fact that keto diet is extremely effective for those who wants to lose weight. Not only that, if you can successfully take up this diet and be at it, you’ll reap many many other health benefits.

With my experience teaching thousands of men and women about how to successfully start a keto diet, I have come to find out the biggest reason for people who fail on Keto.

Yes, 7 out of 10 people who will try to do the keto diet will fail. This diet is not a easy diet to get on with, first of all it is difficult to understand and second there is so much misleading and conflicting information all around.

The first month of starting the keto diet is critical, if you can successfully do all things right and stick to it for just a month. You’ll not only start losing weight in the first month itself, but it will become so much easier to continue with this form of eating as long as you wish. Let me remind you, the longer you stay on the Keto diet more benefits you’ll reap out of it.

To make it easy, we have created a 28-Day Keto Challenge which is specially designed for those who want to start the keto diet or those who have tried it earlier but failed.

This 28-day Keto challenge makes it so easy for you make the transition, get into ketosis, learn all you need to know about this diet and lose weight.

A Sample Ketogenic Diet Meal Plan