Cauli Rice Recipes

For dieters on Ketogenic diet, no side dish is as sacred as cauliflower rice or “Cauli Rice”.

Most cultures across the world depend heavily on eating some grain-based food to accompany their main food. For example, the Italians have their pasta and spaghetti, the Mexicans have their tacos, the Asians have their noodles and rice, and the Indians have their chapatis and naans. With the strict restriction on grains, it pretty much puts all of these foods out of the dieters’ diet plan!

And, thus, Cauli Rice is so important. It not only provides a healthy replacement to these foods but is also a completely Keto-approved solution that is delicious and easy to prepare. However, since different cultures prefer their side dishes prepared according to their tastes, it was important that we look at all the different variations of Cauli Rice that not only fits your diet plan but also pleases your palate.

This is why we compiled a list of the best variations of Cauli Rice from across the world along with detailed recipes.

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Cauliflower Rice Recipes

12 Amazing cauli rice recipes for low carb and keto dieters.

Other Variations

These are some of the best versions of the Cauli-Rice that you can try at home and scratch the grain-itch for any kind of cuisine you prefer in your Keto or Low Carb diet plan. Cauli Rice is truly a blessing for most Keto and Low Carb dieters and these recipes make your job that much easier.

Further, in case, you really dig the Cauli Rice concept, then you may choose to go one step further and experiment with the below recipes:

We hope you enjoy trying these recipes. Do let us know what you felt in the comments section below. If you are interested in finding out more Keto-dishes using Cauliflower then try these -

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