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Get Off The Couch – 30 Day Challenge

Get Motivated!

Are you having a hard time staying motivated to get fit? The good news is, there are a number of small things you can do each and every day to help keep you in motion and off your couch. And if you stick with the full thirty-day challenge, you’ll likely be surprised by what you have achieved by the end!

30 Day Challenge

Day 1: Walk To Dinner

Although UberEATS or PostMates may be very convenient, take a night to put your phone down and walk to get dinner at a restaurant nearby instead. You could even make it an adventure by eating your dinner as a picnic in a park on your way back. 

Day 2: Take A Walk After Dinner

After you finish eating, have the entire family take a walk around the block or neighborhood with you instead of parking yourselves in front of the TV. You’ll likely have fun and this will help your food digest as well. 

Day 3: Swap Your Netflix Binge For A Hike

Switch up your Saturday by planning a hike somewhere nearby instead of spending it on your couch binging on the latest Netflix series. Invite a friend or consider taking your furry companion with you on the outing as well. 

Day 4: Take The Dog For An Extra Walk

Chances are that your dog is always down for more exercise. So why not treat him and take him for an extra walk just for fun? You could also take your furry companion to the dog park for a fun evening of socialization for him—and likely for you as well. 

Day 5: Enroll In A Yoga Class

Lots of yoga studios offer evening classes, and a number of them will offer specials for new students, so drop into your local yoga studio one day after work and try your hand at some stretching and strengthening exercises. 

Day 6: Plant A Garden

Not only are gardens beautiful, but they also help keep you active and off the couch. Even if you only have a small area, consider planting a few plants or flowers to keep you busy. Then don’t forget to check up on them on a frequent, or even daily basis. 

Day 7: Rearrange The Furniture

How long has it been since your furniture has been rearranged? Probably awhile. Take this opportunity to get off the couch and move it somewhere else. Who knows, you might like the view better from another angle anyways. 

Day 8: Read While On The Treadmill

Try to complete your daily reading while walking or jogging on the treadmill. If you don’t read daily, you could watch your TV this way as well instead of from the couch. 

Day 9: Do The Yardwork You’ve Been Putting Off

If your lawn needs mowed, raked, or the weeds need pulled, it’s time to stop putting it off and do it! Yardwork will not only get your heart pumping but it will also help your yard to look better as well. If you live in an area with lots of snow, you could also shovel your walk, or maybe even a neighbors walk as well!

Day 10: Window Shop At The Mall

Stop online shopping and instead head to the mall next time you have something you need to buy. Then instead of making a beeline for your favorite store, take the time to walk around the whole mall and step in a few different, maybe even new, stores. You might just find a hidden gem you wouldn’t have noticed otherwise. 

Day 11: Play Frisbee In The Park

Whether you have kids or a dog, frisbee in the park can be an easy sell. Or if you have friends who want to meet up for an afternoon lunch, see if they’d rather play a little frisbee instead!

Day 12: Try A Dance Class

Is there a ballroom dance you’ve always wanted to learn? Or have you thought about maybe trying Zumba? Now’s the time. Look around for a local teacher or studio which offers the dance you want to learn and give it a shot!

Day 13: Water Balloon Battle

If it’s warm enough, consider a water balloon battle on the front lawn. You’ll get your heart going and have lots of competitive fun while you’re at it!

Day 14: Jump Some Rope

Grab that old jump rope you have laying around in the garage and try jumping rope for a few minutes. Harder than you thought right? If you don’t have a jump rope, a hula hoop can be fun as well. 

Day 15: Try Orienteering

Orienteering, if you haven’t heard of it, is the sport of navigation, and it’s easy to get started in as all you need is a compass! Lots of places have orienteering groups you can join, or you can also download an orienteering guide online to get you started. 

Day 16: Deep Clean Your House

Did you know deep cleaning your house helps burn calories? Well, it’s does! So instead of saying you’ll get to it tomorrow, consider deep cleaning something such as your fridge, or maybe even the garage today instead of hanging out on the couch.

Day 17: Have An Active Game Night

Host a new version of game night where you play only active games. Charades and Twister are both good options, but don’t be afraid to host a different, more active, version of your favorite game. 

For example, you could play Settlers of Catan but before a person can build a settlement, they have to do 5 jumping jacks or 5 push-ups—whatever you can think of, sky is the limit!

Day 18: Go For A Bike Ride

This is another activity which is good for the whole family. Have everyone grab their bikes for a ride around the block after dinner or consider biking somewhere for a special afternoon or after dinner treat. 

Day 19: Take Your Kid To The Park

If you’re having trouble getting off the couch, your kids probably are too! Instead of spending Saturday in front of the TV, consider an outing to the park. Maybe see if your kids have any friends who want to join as well. 

Day 20: Rent A Canoe Or Kayak For The Afternoon

Now this one only works if you live near a body of water such as a lake but consider seeing about the cost to rent a canoe or kayak for the afternoon. A number of places charge really affordable hourly rates as low as $6 an hour, and this is another activity which can be fun for the whole family (or as a date idea!). And if you’ve never canoed before, it is quite the adventure in teamwork!

Day 21: Embark On A Stargazing Adventure

If you live in the city, it’s likely you never truly get to see the stars without the interference of the light from the nearby buildings. So, when it gets dark, take a drive to somewhere just outside of civilization and take some time enjoying the stars. 

Download a stargazing app before you go and make it a game to see who can walk around and find the most constellations. 

Day 22: Take A Photography Walk

Grab your phone or camera and head for a walk with the purpose of taking pictures. You can look up a specific photo scavenger hunt from online, or just see what you can find which looks interesting. 

Head to a park and take pictures of flowers and birds that you may see or try to take some pictures of buildings in your town from a new prospective, who knows, you could end up in the next issue of National Geographic. 

Day 23: Walk Around Somewhere In Town You Haven’t Been Before

Lots of people live in a city of which they’ve only explored part of. Make it a point to go somewhere in your town that you haven’t checked out before, and spend some time walking around in that area. You never know what you may find!

Day 24: Make Commercial Breaks High Intensity Work Outs

If there is something you must absolutely watch on TV, make your commercial breaks 4-minute high intensity work outs. You can come up with these yourself, or look up examples online, but either way you should be pushing yourself to your physical limits on these commercial breaks and only resting when your show is on. 

Day 25: Make Your Phone Calls Active

Instead of sitting on the couch while you talk on the phone, head outside for a nature walk, walk on the treadmill, or lift a few light weights with the hand that isn’t holding the phone. No matter what you decide on, make the commitment to transform your phone calls into time which you spend being active. 

Day 26: Do Lunges While You Wait For Your Food To Cook

How much time do you spend waiting for the microwave or oven timer to go off? Instead of standing there waiting for the water to boil, consider doing lunges around the kitchen or squats by the counter! 

You can even challenge yourself and see how long you can do jumping jacks, or maybe even slip in one of those 4-minute high intensity workouts you used for your commercial breaks. 

Day 27: Build An Obstacle Course

Build yourself an obstacle course of things to jump over, roll under, and weave in between. This will be something which is a workout, but much more fun than just running. You can do this indoors or outdoors, whichever is easiest in your climate. And if you have kids, you can always play the floor is lava, which is basically the same concept. 

Day 28: Build New Furniture Or Decorations

Do you have that one part of your house you’ve always wanted to switch up? Now’s the time. Build that new shelf or side table. Or look up some ideas on Pinterest and then try constructing your own decorations. Then you’ll not only have left the couch but you’ll also have a fresh look to your home. 

Day 29: Dance While You Do Chores

Nobody likes doing chores but you can make them more fun by cranking up the tunes and making it an all-out dance party! And if you have kids, this plan could make them more willing to do chores in the first place.

Day 30: Help A Neighbor With Their Yard Or Pet

Now that you’ve spent 30 days getting off your couch, it’s time to consider helping an elderly neighbor who may not be physically able to get off their couch. Offer to do yardwork or walk their dog who may often cooped up inside. Sometimes even just asking if they need assistance with basic household chores can be a huge help.

Although it may seem difficult to get up off the couch and get moving, chances are you will have fun when you do. So, stop delaying and start your 30-day challenge today!


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