Fruits are generally extremely healthy to our health. They are packed with essential nutrients and minerals along with a healthy dose of fiber.

However, given their sweet nature they are not suitable for Keto. This is perhaps the biggest drawback of the diet. Giving up on fruits, especially when it is so healthy and tasty, sounds like an oxymoron.

But, due to the high content of fructose, a form of sugar, it has to be avoided as well. The high sugar content increases fruits’ GI value rendering them unsuitable for the diet.

Do all fruits have to be given up?

No !!! Fruits such as Avocado, olives, coconuts, berries and certain citric fruits, are high on micro-nutrients and low on carbs.

Additionally, there are certain fruits, such as watermelon and berries, that have a high GI value but a low Glycemic Load i.e., even though they have high sugar content they don’t deliver it to the bloodstream. So, they are safe to consume unless you’re following an extremely strict diet.

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In fact, we recommend that you definitely include the below fruits in your diet. But make sure you don’t go over your daily carb target.

If required, sacrifice some other food to include a portion of the below fruits in your diet.





​0.6 oz | 2 gms



​0.2 oz | 9 gms



​0.2 oz | 6 gms



0.3 oz | 8 gms



0.2 oz | 6 gms



0.03 oz | 1 gms



0.2 oz | 6 gms



0.2 oz | 6 gms



0.3 oz | 8 gms



0.2 oz | 6 gms



0.3 oz | 8 gms



0.4 oz | 12 gms



0.2 oz | 6 gms



0.2 oz | 5 gms

​Low Carb Fruits Mega List 

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