Banana Diet Review


Most of the people who follow Morning Banana diet advocate that it helps to lose 10-14 pounds in a time span of 2 Weeks. Some even go to the length of suggesting that it can make you lose 6-8lbs in 5 days. The diet is believed to accelerate metabolism and induce quick weight loss. Other benefits included are it helps burn fat faster, cures constipation, improves digestion, reduces hunger etc.

Diet Features

  • Japanese way to lose fat faster
  • Eat banana and drink water in breakfast don’t eat till afternoon
  • Eat normal lunch and dinner, no serious food restrictions (but no to dairy and ice cream)
  • Keep drinking high amounts of water throughout day
  • Strict no to food after 8pm
  • Go to bed before 12pm as having a sound sleep for 7-9 hours is must
  • No suggested exercises
  • One snack or sweet also allowed in afternoon

Common Concern


No packaged food or meals are required. You just have to eat banana off the kitchen counter. So, this diet plan is definitely cheaper.

Nutritional Facts:

Bananas are vitamin and mineral rich fruit. Containing about 425 mgs of potassium and 3gms of fiber, bananas have no fat or cholesterol.

Support Required:

There are no significant instructions on any physical training or exercises required. You just need to wake up at right time to eat bananas in breakfast. Also it is disallowed to eat anything after 8pm. You are basically working on your own to accomplish this easy diet plan.

Dietary Restrictions:

Dairy and sugars are not allowed. Alcohol is allowed and we really don’t know how to comprehend this. You are restricted to eat anything after morning till lunch. For rest of the day, there actually no restrictions. Midnight snacking is strict no.

Medical Issues:

People with hypoglycemia may not respond well to clean carbohydrates present in banana. Women experiencing menstrual cycles need to be cautious and take vitamin & mineral supplements in advance. Eating lesser calories can make you bit nauseous and weak too.


Most of the advantages of Morning Banana diet are just basic diet rules to consume less calories, stay hydrated, sleep at right time. Even if you remove banana and put in an apple or cucumber; you’ll be able to achieve the same results.

Efforts Required

Morning Banana diet appears to be very simple indeed. You are not required to drastically change what you eat, or cut down your plate size. Even cutting out on dairy and sugars is also not that difficult. The plan is far too much relaxed with the amount of calories you consume. Even it doesn’t encourage you to follow any tough exercises that stress you out.


  • Banana makes you feel full for longer periods & you lose weight as you’re eating less calories
  • Banana is very rich in vitamins and minerals helps in the functioning of our body
  • Visible changes can occur if you are able to cut out on unhealthy food
  • Fiber content in banana helps in smooth digestion and also detoxifies the body
  • Research points out bananas have resistant starch that help in burning fat
  • Proper sleeping makes you less tired that triggers weight loss
  • The Diet plan is rather very easy with no restrictions as well a suggested exercises


  • Consuming incredibly less calories might make you feel a bit weak
  • Combining different fruits can help you absorb nutrient more fully
  • Nothing magical about not eating late tip as it only cuts out night calories
  • Mono diet can deprive your body of healthy nutrients and easily become an eating disorder
  • No portion control actually makes you eat more
  • Weight loss is a combination good food habits and exercises, any plan that suggests otherwise is a sham
  • Potatoes and beans also contain resistant starch why only emphasize on bananas

Final Word

Just write this diet off as bananas!

Any kind of diet that restricts eating to one thing is unhealthy. Even if it helps you lose a few pounds, “the plan is restrictive, [it] lacks nutrients needed to be a healthy person, and it encourages [an] unhealthy relationship towards food,” says celebrity nutritionist and registered dietitian Keri Glassman.

If you want to follow the Morning Banana diet, you have a better chance to lose weight in long term if you accompany it with 2 Week Diet plan. The 2 Week Diet plan is a researched and scientifically designed weight loss plan that helps in achieving faster results.

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