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How to Permanently Lose Belly Fat

How to Permanently Lose Belly Fat

5 simple ways to lose belly fat (that no one is teaching)

Let me address the elphant in the room first, weight loss does not mean doing math -counting calories, subtracting – adding body weight, height etc.

Weight loss is not a equation, that you need to solve. It is a habitual thing, it is more physiological than counting and measuring.

The internet is flooded with before and after photos, but not many look into it deeply.

What happens after those after the “after” images?

If you’re following a weight-loss plan and hope to see as fast of results as possible, one thing that you need to be paying attention to is your metabolic rate.

Your metabolic rate is going to establish how many calories you burn off on a daily basis. The faster it’s moving along, the faster the results you’ll see.

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Why understanding metabolic rate is so important? 

See, if you ever followed a professional model or a fitness person, they reduce there body fat percentage to almost 3-4% when they need to compete. A week later they are again up by 20 pounds believe it or not, this happens.


Our body/metabolism is primed to store fat, when we go for a extreme diet and if we do not do it gaining control of our metabolic rate. The metabolic rate goes to down regulating metabolism and our body becomes a fat storing machine.

Your body is designed protect itslef, and  it does not understand the difference between dieting and starvation.

That is why,  the next time they need to reduce, they would be working out even more the first time, is’nt it crazy or what?

The best methods to lose weight without a starving diet

1) Rebuild a healthy and Supportive metabolism

It does’nt make any sense for you to remain in fat loss mode through out you life.

Instead if you cheat once in a while on your healthy diet system, your metabolism should be able to digest it through.


The benefit of having a healthy metabolism  are many but the best being, your body will burn of those extra calories without the need to turn it into fat.

If your metabolism is slow, those extra calories will set you back.

2) Do not keep deadlines

Gaining back healthy metabolic rate cannot be done under a deadline, it is a process and not a target.

You should attempt to slowly correct and strengthen the metabolism, which was being primed to store fat for so long.

What you think will happen, if you suddenly introduce your metabolic rate to dramatic change with starvation diets and excessive caridos.

You are hurting yourself in more than one ways, you will not only hurt and confuse your metabolism, it will also spike cortisol levels, reduces testosterone, and all your hormones starts fluctuating everywhere, cravings becomes crazy and not to mention you start to binge. Get the picture, why you should take it slow.

3) Refill your fuel tank

You love to workout, yes ofcourse who does’nt. But while on a weight loss mode, you cannot stop fueling yourself. You need your carbs, so that you can workout better.

As long as you are able to complete all your sets that means you are eating good enough carbs.

If your performance is deteriorating during your gym routine, that means you should add up bit more carbs, and proteins.

4) Be in Slight calorie deficit mode

Yes crash diet shows result, because they are extreme caloric deficit and works, but only for first 2-3 weeks.

After that your body starts down regulating your metabolism, and starts to store fat so that it can avoid starvation.

Go on a slow yet strategic caloric decrease, reducing 200-300 calories a day rather hitting 900 calories daily will stop your body from burning fat and start storing fat.

5) Understand 2 types of  hunger

Can you guess? C’mon everyone felt these types of hungers almost every day.

As our main source of body fuel is glucose, once our glucose levels drop we feel the hunger.

We should treat our hunger as long as they are “tolerable hunger”. This is good, you are burning the bad stuff now.

What happens when it gets “intolerable hunger”  your blood sugar levels drops so much and you reach for anything you can find good, bad and ugly almost anything. Most often in this state you tend to binge on sugary,  salty, fatty and processed foods.

Remember, “intolerable hunger” is the enemy.

What next?

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