Being fat or gaining weight is not a crime. But, yes it is extremely unhealthy as unprecedented obesity can lead to serious health diseases including high blood pressure, type-II diabetes, stroke, and even cancer. Try these amazing 63 ways to lose weight for lazy people.

Obesity can also reduce your quality of life significantly by reducing your stamina, accessibility, looks, and overall personality.

So, even though you need not prove it to anyone else, you definitely owe it to yourself to stay healthy and lose weight.The journey to weight loss can be long and arduous filled with moments of frustration, pain, and discomfort. But, the destination is worth it.

One of the biggest roadblocks to successful weight loss is the lack of good, accurate information. Try using the tips from this report to increase the chance for success in your weight loss goals:

1. Admit that you have a weight problem; forgive yourself and work on to improve. Create a positive mindset for the future.

2. Losing weight is hard work. Do not be tempted or rely upon products that speak otherwise.

3. Create a realistic goal and break it into three phases: Short-(1 week), medium- (1 month), and long-term goals (1 year). Keep the goals realistic.

No matter how motivated and determined you feel at this moment, it will take considerable time to lose weight and sculpt the perfect body.

4. Don’t rush weight loss. Losing a pound a week initially is healthy and more than sufficient.

5. Seek the advice of diet counselors to guide you towards the best weight loss plan.

6. Gaining weight is simple. If you eat more calories than your body needs, your body will store it as fat. So, calculate the amount of calories your body needs (Basal Metabolic Rate) and keep a check on the amount of calories you put on.

7. Make a habit to keep at least 2 to 3 hours before going to bed every day. If you absolutely must eat a meal before bedtime, eat vegetables and wash them down with water.

8. Walk for at least an hour or 10,000 steps every day (preferably after dinner) to burn at least 500 calories and clearing your head.

9. Forget that elevators and escalators exist. The only available mode of climbing floors is stairs. Climbing stairs is the fastest way to lose weight.

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10. Gain muscles by increasing the intake of lean muscles and speed up your metabolism to lose weight.

11. Find an exercise that you enjoy. If you find working out in a gym boring, then find any activity including dancing, yoga, sports, etc. that you feel would suit you more. If you don’t enjoy working out, you’ll find it difficult to stay on the routine for long.

12. Instead of cooking separate meals three times a day that might often lead to over-eating, start eating leftovers. This will help in reducing your portion size and also cut down on food wastage.

13. Get rid of junk food at home and stop buying any either. If the food is in the house, you are going to eat. Cut it at the source.

This way even when you do feel like eating something, the thought of going to the store would seem like to much of effort. Instead store more healthy food such as fruits and salads.

14. Limit your appetite and eat only limited calories per day. You may use the following scale if you weigh around 150-160 lbs as a thumb rule:

  • To lose weight: Eat 12 to 13 calories per pound of your body weight
  • To maintain weight: Eat 15 to 16 calories per pound
  • To gain weight: Eat 18 to 19 calories per pound

15. Load up on fiber. Fiber suppresses appetite and improves digestion and overall metabolism allowing the body to burn more calories.

16. Instead of eating three large meals a day with large gaps, eat multiple mini-meals (of around 300 calories) at every couple of hours. Never eat enough to fill you up completely at any meal.

17. Give up on sweet, salty, or fatty snacks and try to plan healthy alternatives if you think you will get hungry before your next meal.

18. For snacking, nosh on nuts such as walnuts and peanuts. But, to avoid over-eating store the nuts with their shells on so that it takes you longer to each one.

19. If you just can’t control the urge to snack or binge on junk food, chew or suck on ice chips to suppress the cravings.

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20. Replace your favorite foods with these healthy and tasty alternatives.

21. Eat Avocados as snacks. Avocados are rich in fat but in good fat. You may even use avocado paste in place of mayo or butter on your snacks and breads.

22. Avoid red meat and eat more lean meat to build lean muscles and avoid additional calories. Also, avoid fried meat; only eat grilled or baked meat.

23. Avoid the yolk in eggs that has high levels of fat and cholesterol. Eat only the whites instead that gives you all the protein you need from egg.

24. When you can’t think of what to eat, go for three bean salad without excess dressing.

25. Eat slowly and relish your meals. Chew at least 22 times each bite, participate in conversation at the dinner table, keep your smartphone away while eating, and stop eating before you get full.

26. Find a partner or buddy to exercise together. This helps you stay motivated and doesn’t allow you to get bored. Plus the comparison will urge you to work out more.

27. Workout with people who are physically fit to get inspired and raise your level of motivation. If it helps, ask someone to mentor you.

28. Shop smart at the grocery store. Avoid the aisles that include unhealthy foods or snacks. Stay focused on the healthy food aisles, including produce, cheeses, dairy, and meat.

29. Don’t completely shut off your favorite food but only in moderation (once in two weeks or once a week but only half the portion). Subduing cravings regularly can build frustration and demotivate you.

30. Control your portion size by buying small dishes so that you automatically take small servings. Sometimes unknowingly we tend to fill our plates to the brim even though we don’t need to eat so much.

31. Stop telling people you are on a diet or trying to lose weight. Talking about it may arouse negative connotations or feelings that might eventually dissuade you against them.

Also, don’t feel the need to explain everyone why you are eating consciously or less – the constant explanation and feedback will eventually drain you.

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32. Regularly check your weight to know how well you are doing. Yes, you might have managed to lose 2 pounds this week.

It does not mean you go on an eating spree for the next two weeks. Give yourself targets and stick to them. If you notice major fluctuations, it is time to get back on track.

33. Give up soda, which is extremely high on sugar and carbs. No diet doesn’t do much good either.

The drink does no good, in fact it doesn’t even hydrate you. Rather it does the opposite. If you must drink something fizzy, try cold water or mix of mint, cucumber and seltzer.

34. Carry healthy snacks to work. Work, and the stress associated with it, makes us hungry (because of the release of stress hormone cortisol) and the snacks available at workplace are usually unhealthy.

So it is always good to carry fruits or salads or nuts to nib on whenever you feel like a bite.

35. Drink a glass of water before every meal to fill you up. The brain often confuses thirst with hunger, so it is better to curb it before eating. Also, the water reduces your appetite and curtails over-eating.

36. Eat healthy fats, especially Omega-3 fatty acids that can be found in legumes and fish. These fats are good for weight loss and expedite your metabolism.

37. Consume less than 20 grams of sugar after a workout coupled with protein-rich food or supplements to break down sugar and build more muscles.

38. Get at least eight hours of sleep every night to avoid sleep debt. Not getting sufficient sleep can wreck havoc to your metabolism and increase your appetite.

39. Even when traveling keep your portion sizes and calories in check. Carry your own healthy food if possible and stay closer to the salad and fruits section at buffets. Don’t forget water!

40. Get your morning workout done before breakfast to burn maximum calories. An empty stomach forces the body to burn more calories without load of any previous meal.

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41. Steer clear of over-eating triggers such as free buffets, alcohol, marijuana, snack-fests, movie-theatre menus.

42. Eat supper late afternoon or early evening to give your body more time to burn calories.

43. Convince your taste buds to like healthy food. With time you’ll appreciate the subtle taste of healthy food.

44. Exercise and stretch even when you are at work. Get up every hour and do not allow the body to sit for long hours. Do not carry a water bottle instead force yourself to walk up to the water cooler multiple times in the day.

45. Stop eating as soon as you burp or feel heartburn. These are signs of over-eating and indigestion. The body’s metabolism slows down during this period and it’s BMR dips.

46. Don’t eat your entire meal at once. Pause and take breaks during meals. This allows the body to process the food already eaten. Sometimes our body takes longer to realize that we are full and we unknowingly overeat.

47. Whipped butter is a great butter substitute. A lot of people do not wish to avoid butter or use butter substitutes can replace it with whipped butter. It contains half the calories of regular butter.

48. Keep a check on the food you are eating on a regular basis.

Research has proven that those dieters who track everything they are eating tend to lose more weight (about twice) than those who do not.

49. If you find raw fruits and salads boring then make them interesting with tasty but healthy sauces and dips such as avocado paste, hummus, applesauce, etc.

50. Make sure you include one green veggie in every major meal of the day. They are loaded with essential nutrients and fiber and are extremely low on carbs. Eating green vegetables is the fastest way to lose weight and burn calories besides fasting.

51. Never shop when you’re hungry – you’re more likely to pick up unhealthy stuff during your visit. And, if the stuff is at home you’ll definitely eat it. So fill up before you go shopping.

52. Include your pets in the workout sessions to make the sessions more fun. Playing with your pets not only helps you lose weight but also keeps you happy and cheerful. And, the best part is the pets will never say ‘no’!

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53. Eat more spices. Spices boost your metabolism and help you burn more calories.

54. Treat yourself regularly for staying true to your diet and workout routine. No, not by eating more or slacking off at the gym but by taking a night out with friends or watching a movie or shopping.

55. Read inspiring transformation stories of other people and script your own journey. Take pictures at regular intervals to keep track of your transformation. This will keep reminding you of your final goal and keep you motivated through the journey.

56. Walk at least an hour or 10,000 steps before eating dinner if you are overweight and after dinner if you re semi-fit.

57. Try eating with chopsticks instead of forks or spoons to limit your food intake and cut calories.

58. Walk when you speak on the phone. Get some workout done instead of sitting at one place. Make the most of this mostly mind-activity to include some innovative ways to burn calories.

59. Sex can help you reduce food temptations, maintain a healthy body image, and is a fantastic workout. So, have more of it (I know, like you needed a reason anyways!)

60. Exercise between three or four times per week for maximum results. Create a fixed schedule and try to stick to it as much as possible to train your body for it without having to mentally force yourself to workout.

61. Reduce stress by engaging in meditation and yoga. Stress increases hunger and makes you overeat unhealthy food. Additionally, health is incomplete if the mind is not in sync with the body.

62. When you feel hungry, wait a few minutes. Sometimes the brain confuses dehydration, boredom or just the time of the hour to hunger. Allow the feeling to pass, if it doesn’t you are actually hungry.

63. Do not automatically believe foods that are labeled ‘low-fat’ or ‘reduced calorie’ are healthier. Some manufacturers simply replace the same product in different and larger containers and charge you more for the same product.

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