200+ lbs Weight Loss

Right now it might insurmountable to lose those excess pounds and flab that has found solace at different parts of your body.

Yes, a quick look in the mirror is not a likable moment and shopping is no longer fun with limited choice in your size.

When you reach the gym people look at you like a Muslim walking into a church wearing a traditional cap and scarf.

You are judged for your eating habits everywhere you go, and as soon as you turn you know people make jokes about you.

No one takes you seriously and every one judges you.

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You want to change. You know it. In fact, you know people who have successfully made the transformation. (Read more stories here).

But, it seems like they were blessed or just lucky. It’s not like you haven’t tried – you have, that too honestly! But, the effort is too hard and it is not an external enemy you are fighting against. It is but your own impulses!

But, how do you fight yourself? And, why would you fight yourself?

If you can relate to any of the above experiences, this article is for you.

The text ahead explores the reasons why losing weight is difficult, especially when you weigh above 200+ pounds, how to initiate a healthy and effective weight loss journey, and what points you need to keep in mind to not only lose weight but also stave it off forever.

Weight loss is difficult – no don’t believe anyone who says otherwise! It is and it is supposed to be. The more difficult the transformation, the more amazing the transformation and the greater the accomplishment.


As the great Les Brown put it, “If it were easy, everybody will do it”.

The first step towards a successful weight loss journey is to educate yourself. No, don’t trust your dietitian on face value, don’t believe your fitness guru who guarantees drastic results, and don’t buy that celeb’s DVD program just because they look gorgeous right now.

Weight loss is different for everyone, and there’s no one specific method that fits all.

You need to understand how your body works, what suits your preference, what’s practically feasible, and what’s within your budget. Once equipped with the knowledge, you can fine-tune your own weight loss method and script your own program!

Why losing weight is difficult when you weigh above 200 pounds

While it might seem extremely simple for a fit person to run a mile or skip a meal, it seems like West Point Military Program to you. And, this is for a reason. Your body is working much differently now that you weight above 200 pounds.

You are already obese, your metabolism has changed compared with a fit individual’s metabolism. So, don’t compare and get demoralized.

Can you re-change it to your normal metabolism? Absolutely, yes. But, the change has to be gradual. It probably took you months or years to gain the excess weight – it won’t go overnight.

The changes that your body has gone through because you weight above 200 pounds:

1. Your Hormonal Levels are Imbalanced:

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Hormones, including leptin, ghrelin, insulin, and estrogen, that are responsible to keep your appetite in check and control the conversion of glucose into fat have gone for a toss or your body has probably developed a resistance towards them.

Read more about how imbalance in these hormones prevent you from losing weight.

2. Your Metabolism Has Slowed:

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Compared with when you were healthier, your metabolism or more specifically resting metabolic rate, has gone down considerably. Resting metabolic rate is the amount of calories that the body burns while at rest for all bodily functions.

It accounts for almost 70-85% of all calories burnt by the body in a day. So, this is important. A fitter person is probably burning out more calories while eating the same amount of food just because their metabolism is faster.

Read more about how your metabolic rate affects weight loss.

3. Your Brain’s Neurotransmitters Have Been Compromised:

The excess glucose in your diet is feeding the Glutamate (exciting) neurotransmitter, thus preventing the GABA (inhibitory) neurotransmitter. So your body is always activated and constantly feels the urge to eat.

Read more about how your body becomes an uncontrollable carb addict here.

4. Your Appetite Has Increased For No Good Reason:

Do you really know how much calories you need on a daily basis to survive and function normally (and healthily)? No?

Probably why you started eating beyond the limit at the first place.

Rarely do people know how much calories they need to function healthily over the course of the day. The abundance of food options and increased accessibility has made us crave for all kinds of food to the point where we consume much more than our required quota.

Eating food is no longer a necessity but an evolved desire due to its instant gratification.

The calculation of weight loss is simple. If you consume less than what you burn – you’ll lose weight. But, to do that you need to learn how much do you anyways need and then define a meal pattern.


Learn how to calculate your macros here.

5. You’re Addicted to Sugar:

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Sugar addiction is actually extremely common. It is being researched more and more these days, as it has been discovered to share similarities to drug addiction, whereby pleasure and reward centers in the brain are constantly seeking their next “high” or feel good moment.

However, the good news is that carb addiction is not that difficult to break. In fact, after just 2 weeks or so of going commando, you can do without them, and you will not be subject to violent mood swings and out of control cravings.

Read more about overcoming your sugar and carb addiction here.

6. Your Organs are Worn-out:

The excess work of processing extra food and calories puts an enormous strain on the primary organs involved in the body’s overall metabolic activity, including the liver, kidneys, pancreas, stomach, and intestines.

As the body has to process more than what it is designed to do, the organs have to strain to process and remove unnecessary substances. After a threshold, the organs worn out and simply give up or start functioning improperly making it further difficult to lose weight.

Read more about tricks and tips to rejuvenate the organs and speeding up your metabolism here.

7. You’re Psychologically Weaker to Fight Back:

The compromised neurotransmitters, imbalanced hormones, and ill-working organs all diminish your will power and emotional strength to fight back obesity.

Food, especially tasty but unhealthy fatty and sugared foods, are extremely comforting and trigger short-term happiness.

Unfortunately, the more you feel weak, the more you reach out to comfort foods, and the more you get weaker. This becomes a cycle and you find it extremely difficult to motivate yourself or control temptations.

Read more about how you can use mindfulness to regain control and lose weight here.

Besides these obvious reasons, there might be other weird reasons that are leading to your weight gain. Know more here.

So, hopefully you now know that you are not fat because you are lazy or unwilling or simply careless, but because your body is unknowingly acting against you. Don’t get demoralized or feel that this is the end. In fact, use this knowledge as a tool to regain control of your life.

Understand that there’s no quick fix solution to this and no magic potion or power pill is ever going to turn this around overnight.

A short term fix will only give short term results. You need to fix all aspects of your changed body one-by-one.

So, how to get on an effective long-term weight loss journey:

1. Train the Mind:

Beautiful young woman doing yoga exercises at home.

Understand that the road ahead is difficult and you’ll be faced with challenges every day. If you keep succumbing to the smallest of stressful moments or emotional downers, you are likely about to fail. You need to train the mind to focus on the goal ahead and stay true to it.

Read more about why it is crucial to train your mind.

2. Change Your Lifestyle:

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Nothing is changed if you change nothing. If you want to see yourself as a changed person, you’ll have to change the things the person does. Since, you have chosen to be healthier and slimmer, you’ll need to do what healthier and slimmer people do.

It’s all about what you do in the context of 24 hours in a day that determines what happens to your health.

Take each day at a time and control the things you do that would enable you to lose weight.

Read more about life hacks that you can implement today to lose weight quickly.

3. Change Your Menu:

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A big reason why you continue to gain unnecessary weight is because you are eating the wrong things. Yes, all junk food, processed food, sugary foods (including fruits), and high-carb foods contribute to weight gain.

If your daily menu is filled with these items then there’s no ways you can think about a dip on the weighing scale.

Replace what you eat in the day by including more healthy food items such as leafy green vegetables, lean meats, and healthy fats (such as avocados, nuts, fishes, coconut oil, olive oil, unprocessed butter, etc.)

Wait! Eat more fat? Isn’t fat more harmful? – No.

Fat is only harmful when had with carbs. The body only stores fat when there is an abundance of carbs. When you eliminate carbs, the body uses the fat for fuel and burns it fluently.

In fact, a gram of fat gives about twice the amount of energy than a gram of carb. So include healthy portions of healthy fat to accompany your proteins.

Read more about how low carb lifestyles help you lose weight.

If you find it hard to give up on your favorite foods such as fries and pizzas, try these tasty but healthy food replacements.

4. Control your Portion Size:


As we learned earlier, if you eat more than you need then you’ll gain weight. You are not supposed to stop eating when you feel mentally satisfied but only the amount your body actually needs. Restrict your meal sizes to only the amount you need to sustain the body.

Understand how portion sizes work with these amazing Ted talk here.

5. Workout Regularly:

Though it might seem to be a difficult task at this point, regular efforts to exercise will eventually turn into a healthy habit that will last you forever.

Exercise not only helps you burn excess calories but also gives you an endorphin boost that improves your emotional strength.

If cardio isn’t your thing, try whatever that keeps you going. Pick up a dance class or go cycling or do yoga at home. Find your mojo and dust off your trainers.

Read more about how to improve your exercise routine for maximum benefits here.

Or, if you find yourself short on time and need quick results, try the HIIT Tabata Workout here.

6. Drink More Water and Give Up “Fancy” Beverages:

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Keep it simple. Your body needs water to function smoothly. So, give it ample water to stay hydrated. Water also keeps you full longer and prevents unnecessary hunger bouts. So, win win!

But, do not make the mistake of trying to get your water from fancy drinks like colas, coffees or juices. All lead to weight gain. Even the drink that claims to be “zeroest calorie”.

Water is good enough – maybe a few drops of lemon juice or mint or ginger to make it better.

Also, give up the habit of guzzling coffees and other beverages to get through the day. If you are serious about weight loss then try green tea or herbal tea. They will give you the required energy boost and also detoxify the body.

If you feel that accomplishing these things still feel like a task, try these 63 tips on losing weight without much effort.

But, if you are motivated and want to lose weight for real. Try our 12-week weight loss program, available for free here!

Points you need to keep in mind to stave off weight gain forever

Besides making changes on what you eat, how you eat and why you eat, make sure that you bring a holistic change to your life so that fat never finds a way back into your life.

1. Get Sufficient Sleep:

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Irregular sleep cycles can run havoc to your hunger hormones and impact appetite considerably. Additionally it puts tremendous strain on your liver and kidneys causing irreversible damages. Get adequate sleep no matter what!

Learn more about how inadequate sleep makes you gain weight.

2. Don’t Take Stress:


Stress is one factor that might unknowingly throw you off your journey and push you back against the wall. It is subtle and in the moment might make you take impressively stupid decisions.

Learn how to beat stress through mindfulness techniques here.

3. Seek the Support of Your Loved Ones:

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If you need support and motivation, there’s no one better to provide it than your loved ones. If your loved ones are also struggling with obesity, become a role model for them and prove it to them that transformation is possible.

4. Find Buddies:

Another great place to look for motivation is to find other people struggling just as you. They will provide you the necessary push to keep going, working both ways.

5. Live the Low-carb Lifestyle:

Make sure you never gain weight ever again by trying the low-carb lifestyle, especially the Ketogenic Diet. It is a scientifically proven diet and provides sustained effective results.

Learn more about the science of Ketogenic diet here.

6. Quit Smoking and Alcohol:

Speaking of changing your lifestyle, make sure you also kick the cigarette butt and stay away from alcohol addiction. Both lead to unprecedented weight gain through water retention.

Additionally, under the influence you are more likely to make poor diet-related decisions. So, they are better kept away.

7. Be Careful When Eating Out:


The greatest sources of unhealthy calories usually comes from when we eat outside.

You’re more likely to lose your control when tasty, tempting food is flying around. Don’t give +in and create a strong strategy when eating outside.

Learn some interesting eating tips to keep in mind while eating outside.