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How To Make Healthy Smoothies A Part Of Your Daily Diet

Today more and more people seem to be skipping breakfast or consuming high-fat high sugar breakfast items. Some people skip lunch altogether while other people hit the drive through every single day.

If you happen to be one of the people mentioned above, then read on to learn how to make a healthy smoothie part of your everyday diet.

Make A Smoothie Your Breakfast

It can seem like a lot of work to make a smoothie every morning. One of the easiest ways to incorporate a smoothie into your diet is to make it for breakfast.

This makes it easy to have breakfast in the car on the way to work or even save for when you get to the office.
If you are one of the many that have busy mornings, long commutes, or just a brood of children to get ready in the morning, a smoothie for breakfast can make sure you get all of your nutrition while staying on time.

Health food blogs note that smoothies are a great way to get some extra vegetables, minerals, protein that you wouldn’t normally get in your breakfast. If you add many green vegetables that are nutritionally dense, you will get a ton of vitamins without having to taste a ton of vitamins. Adding things like wheat grass, spinach, kale, and mixed greens to your morning smoothie will give you a fantastic vitamin boost.

Make It Easy

The cleanup process for blenders alone can make it seem almost impossible to have a smoothie every day. There is nothing worse than having a gigantic blender taking up all the space in your sink or dishwasher. So stop using a giant blender to make your smoothies.

The greatest invention to come along, in the quick breakfast arena, is the single use smoothie blender. These are some blenders have the cup attached to them for blending. You can blend your smoothie in the cup you’re going to take with you. The mix and go method makes fast and simple to have a smoothie every day because you’re not faced with the wicked cleanup of a large blender.

Prep Your Ingredients

It’s easy to create and keep smoothie prep packs in the fridge or freezer. Simply store the ingredients in sandwich or freezer storage bags.

If you want to add things like cottage cheese, Greek yogurt, or precooked oats, then you can put these items in ice cubes trays and freeze them. You can add them to your smoothies proportioned and frozen. Having everything, pre-prepped means making your morning smoothie takes about three seconds because all you’re doing is blending.

Blend It

Empty the entire bag of prepped ingredients into your smoothie container. Add your ice cubes of protein or fiber like cottage cheese and Greek yogurt. Then you add your liquid.

If you are looking to cut calories adding plain old water is a and easy way to make sure your smoothies are low-calorie. If you’re looking for a higher protein option, then no fat milk is an excellent source of protein.

If you’re looking for a sweet treat, some low sugar juice will add the flavor that you’re looking for.

Simple Clean Up

The only thing that might make a to-go blender cup an issue is if you forget to rinse it out. Most blending to-go containers have a lid that seals. If you work long shifts, and leave the blender cup in your car with the lid closed it is going to ferment.

Nothing smells more disgusting than a fermented smoothie does. Make sure you bring your blender cup into work with you and rinse it out in your office sink.

Since you’re going to be using a blend and go option, there is no cleanup. Put it in your blender, take the blending lid off when you’re finished and put your to-go cap on before you head out the door.

It really is quite easy to incorporate a smoothie into your everyday diet if you are making it part of your breakfast. It replaces the hectic cooking and makes for a simple to-go option.

How To Make A Smoothie

How To Make A Smoothie

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