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Who would’nt want getting  slimmer thighs, but unfortunately it is one big problem area for many.

Due to the increase in sedentary lifestyle, many of us accumulate fat on our upper legs as we age.

If you want to get slimmer legs and want to desperately lose some weight especially around your thighs, fortunately there are several easy startegies you can use to shed that fat.

Best Exercises for Thighs Toning

Cardio Workouts – 

Lets start with some Cardio, and yes this will be immensly helpful for your thigh toning if done regularly.

While you are doing regular cardio workouts, your heart pumps more and it improves blood flow which in turn kicks our metabolism into overdrive.

Increase in metabolism will help your body to burn more calories for energy rather storing them for later use as Fat.


Modifying your cardio for thigh tonning can be done easily, go heavy on exercises that work your legs, like stair climbing, brisk walking, and kick boxing (many gyms incorporate cardio with kick boxing moves).

If you do not want to strain your joints, then try walking on the bottom of a swimming pool or walk through sand to increase the difficulty  of your workout.


Strentgh Training – 

Building lean muscle will accelarte fat loss around your thighs, hence you should aim to build lean muscle tissue.

Not only is muscle denser than fat (it takes up less room and looks more sleek), muscle tissue also burns more calories than fat. If you have a decent amount of muscle tissue, you can burn more calories all day long, even while you rest.

There are many ways to lose thigh weight without hitting the gym, see below the list of home based exercises, which can make your thigh slimmer and stronger.


Yoga moves for losing leg fat

What next?

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