Weight loss is easy if you can get one simple thing right: TRAIN YOUR MIND. If you can’t do this, you can’t lose weight!

Yes, following the right diet or a suitable and effective workout regime is important, but the results won’t last if you cannot train your mind to change your lifestyle, especially when it comes to your health.

Our life, including our health, wealth, and relationships, is nothing but the sum total of all our decisions. If you feel you are fat and unhealthy, then at some point you made some bad choices that brought you here, except maybe if you have genetic issues. Had you made healthier lifestyle choices, you would have been much healthier.

Of course, these decisions didn’t seem so harmful at the moment and another cheeseburger and cola didn’t seem to make much of a difference. You kept giving into the temptation of tasty food, convenient choices, and the lure of alcohol and smoking.

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Sure, at the moment it didn’t mean to make much of a difference. But, such bad decisions over time build up to create significant health issues to the point that you now find it difficult to look yourself in the mirror. You have flab all over the body and want to get rid off it.

The good news is that, like wealth and relationships, health can also be re-earned and repaired by making better decisions in the now. Don’t feel guilty or ashamed, we have all been through this. We have all made our share of poor choices. Everyone’s Kryptonite is different. Yours just happens to be delicious but unhealthy food.

A fundamental aspect of weight loss is the understanding that losing weight and getting healthier isn’t an one-time thing or effort but a complete overhaul towards a healthier lifestyle. It requires a considerable change in daily habits, thinking, and decision making that automatically redirect you to make healthy choices. Just like you have trained yourself to always throw the trash in the dustbin, you need to train yourself to make subtle changes in daily decision making that are healthier and allow you to lose weight.

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Once you understand these points and really want to make a commitment towards living a healthy life. You may initiate the following transformation plan that will re-wire your brain to make the healthier choice automatically.

The transformation process can be broken down into three phases:

Phase 1 (1 week): Getting used to the idea


In Phase 1, you need to start accepting the idea that a big change is due and required. It will kick start the brain to open itself to new (and required) changes. You’ll get more attentive towards decisions that impact your health.

It might seem a lot of thinking in the initial stages but as I said, eventually when you have trained your mind these things will happen subconsciously without you having to exert extra effort.

Phase 1 includes the following step:

  • Accepting the fact that a change is required and be willing to change
  • Developing a health goal that must be achieved (a mental image of the perfect health)
  • Reading about other people’s successful transformation stories to get motivated
  • Initiate researching the science behind losing weight and the different techniques or methods available (including workouts such as HIIT Tabata or diets such as KETO diet)
  • Shortlist the methods and techniques that appear most convincing/suitable to you and collect all resource material or get enrolled in a program
  • Talk to friends who are interested in similar programs to find a partner or buddy to company through the program. Research has proven that having a partner in workouts reduces your chances for dropout by more than 50%.
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Phase 2 (1 month): Dipping your toe and making changes


Now that you have done your research and found a suitable program, it is time for action.

You need not making major changes from the word go. In fact, it can be counter-productive.

Let the brain get used to small changes in the lifestyle and gradually move towards a healthier lifestyle. Make small commitments and follow throw with them. Yes, just motivation will not work.

This phase will require you to keep your commitments – no matter how hard it is. Phase 2 is the real litmus test. If you can get through it, you’ll never have to look back.

Start slow but start picking up pace as you get more comfortable. Don’t make too many changes in a day. Just do one thing each day and keep doing it for an entire month.

Phase 2 includes the following steps:

  • Make at least one minor lifestyle change each day such as:
    • Taking the stairs instead of the elevator or escalator
    • Parking your car away from the storefront and walking to- and fro- the shop
    • Never eat at the work table
    • Get up and move every hour
    • Quit drinking soda
    • Stop ordering “large” meal sizes (a regular or small is enough)
    • Never eat in the car
    • Start walking (or jogging) outside for 30 mins everyday
    • Join a workout program (such as Yoga, Pilate, Aerobics, Tabata, etc.)
    • Start intermittent fasting
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Try these Awesome 21 Life Hacks to Lose Extra Calories. 

  • Develop a taste for healthy food (It takes time, but once the taste catches on it becomes much easier to switch your meal preferences)
  • Start controlling portion size – stop eating before you feel full. (Learn to leave the table with some space left in your tummy)
  • Find a healthy diet that suits you and helps you lose weight fast (Try our recommended Keto diet)
  • Cut down on eating outside and start preparing your own meals (at least thrice a week)
  • Start lifting weights at least once a week
  • Speak to dietician or trainers / read books or take online training classes
  • Cut down on junk or processed food
  • Cut down on drinking and smoking
  • Drink more water
  • Try juicing
  • Eat your intake of fruits and vegetables
  • Get more sleep
  • Keep moving throughout the day

The trick is to make minor changes so that the brain can accept and process the changes without getting overwhelmed.

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Also, it is understandable that you’ll not always be able to make the right decision or follow through with it. Don’t beat yourself over it. Even if you can get it right 80% of the time, you are doing well.

Phase 3 (1 Year): Making it happen, everyday


Phase 3 is when things get real and you need to make a real push. Since the last five or six weeks, you have been priming your mind to finally get on the weight loss regime.

This is where the change happens and you script your success story. The habits you develop now will define you as a person and guide your long-term health.

Phase 3 includes the following steps:

  • Workout for about an hour at least five times a week
  • Go for long walks or jogs at least three times a week
  • Limit eating fast food to only once in 2 weeks
  • Get on a specific diet (such as Keto diet or Paleo diet) and stick with it for at least three weeks a month
  • Limit your consumption of alcohol to once in 2 weeks (that too in moderation)
  • Always check your calorie count
  • Start lifting weights three times a week
  • Do regular detox cleanses
  • Take the help of a professional trainer or expert (if required)
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Losing weight and moving towards a healthy life doesn’t happen by chance or luck. It requires constant effort in the right direction for a considerable period of time.

The good news is that when you have reached your goals, you will look back and know that it was all worth it.

What happens to you in life is mostly the consequence of your actions and it cannot be dismissed. Your actions, especially regarding health, thus will reflect in your health.

Eventually, it will all come down to what you chose to do about your health.

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