Blast Belly Fat Eating Decadent Keto Dessert Recipes

In this post we are reviewing recently launched ‘Keto Sweets Cookbook‘, with 80 healthy fat burning keto dessert recipes.

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If you like eating cookies, brownies, cakes but worry that might make you gain weight then you are up for a surprise. What if I say you can eat all the cookies and brownies and still lose weight! Would you be interested to learn more?

We agree desserts filled with sugars and carbohydrates can lead you to gain pounds very fast, they are also a taboo in case you are diabetic. But what if you like them so much and miss indulging with mouthful of cheesecakes and ice creams because you are trying to lose weight or your doctor suggested to stay away from desserts!

Keto Sweets‘ will give you enough reasons to devour any amount of delicious ketofied desserts and still get the body of your dreams.

‘Keto Sweets’ includes 80 keto-friendly recipes which are claimed to taste better than its original sugary versions. And we can testify this claim, because we tried many recipes from this cookbook and almost all of them turned out great.

We are talking about vanilla ice cream, almond butter brownie bites, chocolate covered bacon bites, and lemon meringue pie, each recipe leverages the power of the keto diet.

The Ketogenic Diet Phenomenon

What started as an experimental diet for medical purposes, in recent years keto diet is gaining massive popularity among men and women from all around the world.

Keto is making waves everywhere and while celebrity names like Dr Oz, Rachel Ray, Halle Berry, the Kardashians are endorsing the keto lifestyle its benefits are backed by science.

It works by putting you in a state of ‘ketosis’, which means your body uses its own fat as fuel. In turn, instead of the constant, rollercoaster of energy levels… you’ll glow with all-day beaming energy.

But the real reason keto is getting so popular is because of its weight loss capabilities. In the history of weight loss methods, no way came close to being so effective for rapid weight loss. While all other diets called for restrictive approach, portion control, calorie counting etc, the science behind Keto diet is different. It simply makes your own body do the dirty job, burn down all the excess weight while you devour delicious foods and yes you can eat as desserts as you want, thanks to ‘Keto Sweets’.

Read this comprehensive guide explaining every aspect of the Keto diet in detail, including what foods you can and can not eat.

While you’ll lose all excess weight, your digestion and stomach problem will vanish and get back all the energy you need to go through the day, keto has a drawback –

Keto makes you cut carbs, which means you cannot have cookies, cakes, brownies, and everything in between. This can lead to dessert cravings because we are so used to eating them all the time, after dinner, in between meals practically all the time.

‘Keto Sweets’ is the solution, now you can enjoy your infamous brownies with family and friends, cook up a batch of chocolate chip cookies and catch-up with your girlfriends.

These keto dessert recipes are kids friendly too, and you’ll know you are feeding your kids healthy, nutritious, sugar free food.

Healthy Desserts Equals Bland, Lifeless desserts

Wrong! We cooked up almost all the recipes inside Keto Sweets and you can rest assure they were all bursting with flavor. The cakes turned out moist and decadent, cookies were crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside, the brownies are gooey, savory.

Every recipe is low carb, with zero sugar, gluten and toxin free.

What’s Included in ‘Keto Sweets’?

It includes 80 dessert recipes, from ice creams, cookies, cheesecakes you’ll find everything you might wish for.

The recipes are quick to make, you won’t need any expensive equipment meaning using exactly what you have laying around your kitchen right now, you can dig into a creamy bowl after work… guilt free!

See for yourself –

8 Keto  frosted ice cream recipes like … 


8 Decadent cakes to the hit of any party you attend ….


10 different cheesecake recipes to satisfy your cravings … 


There’s only one thing better than a warm crispy brownie … and that’s 6 of them 🙂 




Cool down with these 7 creamy, tasty popsicle recipes …


On-The-Go candies anyone? …


Custards and Creme Brûlées – quick satisfying midnight snacks ….


Flaky, crispy pie healthy recipes …


Are they difficult to make?

The simple straight answer is NO, look I had been making low carb recipes for years but when it came to desserts that was never my forte. But ‘Keto Sweets’ changed it for me, you really don’t have to a professional baker to whip up the tasty keto treats.

If the recipes were complicated I would never recommend them to my readers, because I know none of them are professional cooks. I am always in lookout for simple uncomplicated recipes which give restaurant like recipes a run for their money.

Every recipe in ‘Keto Sweets’ is simple, and most can be prepared in 20-40 minutes… and some even quicker.

I found most of the ingredients at my local store, but if you are cooking keto desserts for the first time some of them will be new to you but most i not all you will find in your kitchen.

How much does it cost?

The ‘Keto Sweets’ physical copy is FREE of cost to you, all you need to pay is a small shipping and handling. Totally worth it.

You’ll get –

  • Keto Sweets Physical Copy – FREE (just pay S&H)
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Are there any bonuses?

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  • Is Keto Sweets really free? 

Yes, Keto Sweets is 100% free. All we ask is that you pay a small fee to cover the shipping and handling and we’ll take care of the rest.

Your book is also backed by our 100% money back guarantee, so if you don’t like it for any reason, we’ll refund you what you paid for shipping and handling.

And you can still keep the book even if get a refund.

  • What sweeteners are used in Keto Sweets?

The sweeteners used in these recipes are erythritol and monk fruit extract. Both of these zero-sugar sweeteners are derived from natural sources, and they are combined to create a “full” sweet flavor instead of the normal “fake” sweet flavors associated with most sugar-free sweeteners.

  • Is there a digital copy of ‘Keto Sweets’

Yes, you will receive a digital copy of Keto Sweets with your order that you can download immediately.

  • Can I find all the ingredients in a normal grocery store?

Yes, almost all of the ingredients in Keto Sweets can be found in regular grocery stores (i.e. Kroger, Publix, Target, Wal-Mart etc…)

They’re also all on Amazon, and can definitely be found in health food stores like Whole Foods.

  • Are the desserts gluten free?

Yes, all of the desserts in Keto Sweets are gluten-free.

  • What allergens are in Keto Sweets desserts?

Some of the potential allergens you may want to be aware of include coconut (coconut flour, coconut oil, coconut milk/cream, and coconut butter), nuts (like almonds, cashews, macadamia nuts, and pecans), and eggs. Options for using butter or ghee in some recipes can easily be replaced with coconut oil to avoid all dairy.

  • What is the Keto diet and will it work for me?

The Keto Diet is a high-fat, moderate protein, low-carbohydrate diet that allows your body to pull from your fat stores. It ensures your body uses fat for fuel instead of sugar.

Most people who follow it report an elevated mood, better focus, more energy, and fat loss.

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