Following strict diets and hardcore exercise routines can prove to be quite challenging, especially when you are short on both time and money! Try these 21 Life Hacks to lose weight without changing your diet or workout routine instead.

We get it that don’t want to learn any new workout or mind control or sacrifice another favorite food. You just want to lose weight without having to make enormous efforts or changes to your  existing life.

Well you’re in luck because we have collated 21 awesome life hacks to lose up to 6 inches of body fat without any additional exercise or spending extra money. And, what’s best about these hacks? They are easy on the purse, in fact some might save you money. And, they don’t require you to put in any additional extra physical effort than you already do.

Basically weight loss revolves around three basic factors:

  1. Limiting your calorie intake
  2. Burning the excess calories
  3. Eating the right foods and avoiding the wrong ones

If you can find a way to incorporate these three parameters in your daily routine, you have struck gold.

So, here’s our compilation of 21 Awesome Life Hacks to Lose up to 6 Inches of Body Fat:

1. Junk the Junk

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Alright, alright this might already sound like a drastic lifestyle change, but believe me it isn’t as hard as it sounds. Junk foods are loaded with sugar, trans-fats and salt. They definitely taste great but if you are trying to lose weight there’s just no other way around it. Also, junk foods are filled with unwanted toxins that take a toll on the overall health of the body.

So, what can you do to satisfy your taste buds but get slimmer? Replace your junk food cravings with high-protein foods (such as lean meats, salmon, etc.) and healthy fats (such as butter, coconut oil, nuts, etc.). These foods would keep you full longer and also help  burn fat faster. And, you know they taste just as good!

So, same diet routine but lesser calories and unwanted toxins..

2. Leverage Thermogenesis

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Eating lean proteins along with cruciferous vegetables (such as Broccoli, Cabbage, Brussels Sprouts, etc.) has another interesting benefit. It takes the body more calories to burn these foods i.e., it boosts the body’s thermogenesis.

The benefits of eating more thermogenic food is almost similar to an hour long steady-state cardio.

So, burn extra calories without additional exercise..

3. Fill up on Water Before and During Meals

Human hand holding a bottle of water

Drinking more water is probably the easiest way to lose weight. It doesn’t require any extra effort, just keep a bottle of water handy every time you sit down for a meal.

Water helps in keeping you satiated and restricts your calorie intake. So, before you start eating already fill yourself up with some water and then take a few sips in the middle of meals. It ensures that you don’t overeat. Although don’t drink too much as it might hamper your digestion.

So, restrict calorie intake without eating anything different..

4. Plan Your Biggest Meal After Workout

Yoga female cooking homemade salad

Your body’s metabolism is fastest and strongest after a workout session. It is after a workout that the body requires most carbs and starches to replenish blood sugar levels and cease muscle break-down.

So, it makes sense to take your greatest intake of calories post a workout because you’ll be able to burn off maximum calories. You may chose to cut down on remaining meals in the day to reduce weight gain.

So, burn more calories without having to workout more..

5. Drinking “Diet” doesn’t help you lose weight

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Too attached to your cola? So, you decide to go for the diet version. But did you know that studies have revealed that people who drank diet soda actually witnessed more weight gain than those who did not.

Sounds confusing? Isn’t “diet” soda supposed to be a healthier option? It is, but only marginally. But, people tend to overestimate the benefits and end up eating more calories.

The best thing is to quit drinking soda for good. But, if you must drink, go for regular soda. At least this way you’ll feel guilty and remember to cut down on your portion size.

So, cut down calorie intake by simply changing your soda preference..

6. Get Active

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Our sedentary lifestyle requires us to sit in front of the computer for hours. So, we chose to compensate the required workout by going for high intensity workouts. However, simply going for workouts won’t completely compensate for the movement that the body requires to burn fat throughout the day.

Making simple changes to your daily routine such as taking the stairs, getting up every hour from your seat, doing stretching exercises while sitting, etc. can help you shed the additional layers on your belly and complement your exercise routine.

So, move more to burn more calories..

7. Nibble on Nuts

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Can’t help but feel the need to snack every now and then? No problem. Just instead of snacking chips or cookies, keep a small bowl or container of nuts accessible at all times. Every time you feel like snacking just nibble on a few nuts.

Doing this will help you in two ways: a) it will keep you from eating unhealthy fatty snacks loaded with sugar and sodium and b) Nuts are low on calories and high on protein and fiber, so it help in boosting your metabolism and burning more calories.

So, no need to eat less but eat the right thing to lose more weight..

8. Indulge in a Variety of Workouts

Doing only one kind of workout can get boring after a while. And, doing the same routine might only workout specific sections of the body.

So, it is a good idea to try different forms of workout such as HIIT, Yoga, Pilates, Dancing, etc. to keep it interesting and making sure every part of the body is worked out.

So, same amount of exercise but more forms to burn extra calories..

9. Learn from the English, Drink More Tea

Studies after studies have revealed that tea, especially green tea, are filled with antioxidants that help you to eliminate toxins and boost the body’s metabolism allowing the body to burn fat faster.

So, replace your daily coffee intake with green tea to see magical results within a few days. For maximum results, try Macha Tea, that has been proven to have maximum impact on weight loss.

So, no need to change routine just drink the right beverage to lose weight..

10. Cut Down on Fruit Juice Even When Its 100% Natural

OSPZNQ0 - Copy.jpg

The sweetness in fruit juices come from fructose, the sugar that’s associated with the development of visceral adipose tissues or in other words, tummy fat!

Thus, even if you are making a conscious choice not to drink sugary drinks but drinking 100% natural juices, you are still inviting excess fat. So, cut down on excess fruit juices. For best results, eat a multitude of fruits in small quantities throughout the week.

So, don’t eat the wrong thing and cut down your portion size to avoid extra pounds..

11. Throw out your forks and use chopsticks

Cutlery holder chopsticks , spoon and fork

A considerable yet sophisticated change that you can make to lose weight faster is replacing your forks with chopsticks. It will reduce your portion size drastically.

Also, smaller bites would mean that you chew the food better and make it easier for the body to burn the calories. Further, multiple lifting will get you tired and force you to eat less.

So, don’t eat anything different just use a chopstick to limit calorie intake..

12. Get More Sleep


If you are not getting sufficient sleep, forget about losing weight. In fact, you are more prone to gaining excess weight. Lack of sleep triggers the hunger hormone, Ghrelin, and subdues the satiety hormone, Leptin, to increase your appetite drastically and make you crave for fatty-processed foods.

Additionally, getting sufficient rest helps you to de-stress which prevents the release of the hormone cortisol. The hormone is responsible for triggering weight loss by reducing the impact of insulin in the body.

Try to clock at least 7 to 9 hours of sleep every day to avoid developing sleep debt.

So, you get to sleep more and lose extra weight (cool)..

13. Eat More Leucine

Uncooked raw fresh beef .

Are you ready for this non-vegetarians? Your favorite food meats including beef, chicken, pork, and tuna are all high on the amino acid ‘Leucine‘ that triggers the build up of lean muscle mass. This type of muscle mass is needed to trim excess fat and reduce weight.

Don’t worry vegans, you can get Leucins too from milk, peanuts, lentils, and eggs.

So, no need to change your diet just eat the right thing more..

14. Be More Fibrous


Stuff as much soluble fiber as you can in your diet as possible. Fiber helps in boosting metabolism and burning calories faster. It also ensures a smooth digestive system.

And, no you need not rush to the store to buy fiber supplements. Just increase your intake of naturally available fiber sources including beans, apples, blueberries, and Oatmeals.

So, eat more of the right food and lose extra pounds..

15. Beware of Trans Fats


Trans Fats are a black hole for fats at your belly. It not only adds additional layers of fat at the belly but also attracts fats from around the body to settle on the stomach.

Trans Fats are typically found in most fried foods, packed snacks such as chips and cookies, and canned foods.

So, avoid the wrong food to shed unwanted fat..

16. Relax More

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Just relax. There’s no need to get too worked up about anything in life. Unnecessarily getting stressed about the slightest of troubles is only going to make you gain weight. When you get stressed, the body releases the hormone cortisol that reduces insulin sensitivity leading to weight gain.

Take more breaks and vacations. Indulge in meditation and yoga. Or, find your inner peace. Invest time in learning how to relax more and you are sure to lose more weight.

So, avoid excess calories by calming your mind..

17. Know What Makes You Bloat

Woman having a stomach ache

Keep an eye for foods that are unknowingly making you bloat. For example, some people bloat after drinking beer, some from gluten, and some even from dairy. Knowing what makes you bloat can help you avoid such foods and look for healthier alternatives.

For example, you can replace beer with red wine or gluten with gluten-free meals. The options are plenty, you just need to know your Kryptonite!

So, avoid the wrong food and replace them with the right ones..

18. Stay Away from Artificial Sweeteners

Artificial sweeteners have now infiltrated pretty much all snacks and confectioneries available in the market. Right from energy bars to candies to gum, every thing is loaded  with artificial sweeteners that wreck your digestive system and lead to bloating and excess pounds.

Thus, before you pick up a snack or beverage, make sure you check if it includes artificial sweeteners. If yes, put it down and go eat a fruit or munch on some nuts or drink an electrolyte.

So, avoid excess calories by avoiding fake sugar..

19. Snack in the afternoon

Crackers with Orange jam and Blueberry jam

We, especially Americans, cannot live without snacking. And, it is no crime. But, if you do wish to lose weight and continue snacking just make it a note to snack during the afternoon.

According to a study published in the American Dietetic Association Journal, people who snacked in the afternoon consumed much less quantity compared with those who snacked in the morning or late evening. In fact, the afternoon-snackers chose more fibrous and nutritious snacks than others.

So, enjoy your snacks by checking the clock and restricting calorie intake..

20. Cook at Home

Happy young couple cooking together in the kitchen at home.

An important change you can make to your weight loss journey is to eat more home-cooked food. It not only prevents you from eating unhealthy outside food but also improves your entire digestion process.

Studies have revealed that when you cook food at home your body prepares itself better to digest the food. The esophagus expands, the various glands secrete the necessary enzymes, and your intestines expand to welcome the food. Additionally, you get a strong control over what you’re eating. Cooking with your partner can be fun if done correctly.

So, build a closer connection with your food to lose weight..

21. Instead of sugar use Cinnamon in your coffee

OGN3FQ0 - Copy.jpg

Processed sugars typically available in the market are highly unhealthy and lead to considerable weight gain. So, instead of using them, try cinnamon powder. They not only improve the taste of coffee but also makes it healthier.

Cinnamon is filled with polyphenols that are strong antioxidants known to improve insulin sensitivity and reduce belly fat. You may try cinnamon in other foods also as a replacement to sugar.

So replace an unhealthy addiction with a tastier healthy alternative..