Some men develop an excess accumulation of fat in the chest, which results in enlarged men breasts. This problem can be as a result of weight gain or other medical factors. If you have accumulated abnormal amount of breast fat, it is good that you consult your doctor to identify a possible underlying cause. If this problem is as a result of weight gain or a moderate case of hormonal imbalance called gynecomastia, then you can lose your man boobs by following the tips below.

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The common reason for moobies, moobs, or man boobs is due to hormonal changes and hormone imbalances which is also an indirect result of weight gain and poor lifestyle.

The reasons for high estrogen (1) and low testosterone levels can be many and some of these factors include – aging, toxins and chemicals in our foods, products and environment, genetics, too much dairy products, lack of physical exercise, poor diet, lack of nutrients, weight gain, a liver that needs to be detoxed and many more.

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The best ways to get rid of man breasts

Below is a list of our collected tips that can help you get rid of your moobs naturally, so you don’t have more problems from side effects due to chemical-laden prescription medications and products.


Strength training builds up the muscles of the breast and tightens the skin, but it does not specifically melt away the fat. Still that may be enough if the problem is less than you think. The most effective way to train your pectoral muscles is through the different variants of bench presses.

Because while cardio training can help burn calories and reduce body fat, it is not as effective as reshaping the body with weight lifting.

Although we are talking about shaping a more beautiful breast here, the rest of the body composition is also the result of a training program that involves all major muscle groups.

Just one day of breast exercise alnoe will help build muscle in the upper and lower breasts, while a well-rounded training program will help reduce body fat throughtout the body up to 24 hours after each physical activity.

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To reduce fatty tissue in a part of your body, a healthy diet must become a habit for you. This means not eating ready-to-eat foods and pre-packaged foods.

It also means learning more about cooking (with preparation from A to Z), purchasing products and your need for nacro nutrients.

To build muscle, your body needs constant protein consumtion withuot the fats commonly found in animal products. For example, buying chicken breast or turkey meat is a good choice.

Eating a good amount of protein will help repair muscle tissue, heal cracks caused by weight lifting, and make you stronger and your msucle grow.


Alcohol and sugar contain the dreaded “empty calories” that can negate any training or dietary effort.

Both have no nutritional or physiological benefit for your body and are addictive, which encourgaes the consumption opf larger amounts of calories than expected in advance.

Those who still like social drinking should reduce the number of drinks consumed and the events at which they drink. This helps to keep the consumption of calories relatively low.

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As with gynaecological disease, estrogen levels can sabotage athletic goals. As long as the body does not build up fat, it is of course impossible to know which regions are affected.

If the effect of this hormone on the body is reduced, then the msucle growth is always stronger.

There is a selection of foods that promote lower estrogen levels. Eating many green foods, such as green beans or broccoli, will help you achieve goals.

Reducing the consumption of corn, soy, dairy and sugar loaded cereals is also a good decision in this respect.


While weight lifting is essential to reshaping your chest, you need cardio training to burn fat in all body parts.

By reducing your body fay and improving your cardiovascular health, you will soon be able to lift heavier weights and incorporate longer sequences into your weight exercises.

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Essential oils can play a very important role in improving your health, essential oils works wonder for weight loss and essential oils also are great at healing your body form inside. The oils you should try –

  • Turmeric Oil
  • Peppermint oil
  • Ginger oil


You wonder: how to lose breast tissue quickly? Surgery is a radical and definitive solution to ovcercome this problem especially if you have gynecomastia (which means hypertrophy of the male mammary glands).

This condition can be caused by various factors such as steroid and drug abuse, tumor or disease. The drop in testosterone can also be the cause of excessive development of this part of the body.

The intervention may for example consist of liposuction to reduce the breast volume. There are also medications recommended by doctors.

When does an operation make sense and how exactly does it go?

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Surgery helps with a pseudo-as well as a true gynecomastia and should only be considered for you if all other attempts to get rid of the male breasts, is no success. “In case of gynecomastia, the entire mammry gland tissue is removed via an approximately 2 centimeter long incision below the mamary gland,” says Uwe W Petrus, plastic surgeon from Munich. “This ceates only a small skin suture and after 12 days at the latest, the skin threads can be removed again.”

In the case of lipomastia, i.e. a pure increase of fat in the chest area, only the excess fatty tissue is aspirated. This only requires tiny incisions in the area of the lateral chest wall, after which a breast gridle has to be worn for about three weeks, so that the skin recovers.

How do male breasts develop?

In men, breast augmentation to the female form can occur either one-sided or tw sided and have various causes. Gynecomastia most frequently develops during puberty and in old age due to hormonal changes.

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In general, a distiction must be made between two type sof gynecomastia:

  • Lipomastia

In the fake variant, medically called pseudo-gynecomastia, the enlarged breast consists entirely of fat tissue (lipomastia) that has developed as a result of overweight.

  • Genine gynecomastia

A true gynecomastia, on the other hand, is an enlargemtn of the glandular tissue that is usually caused by hormonal disorders. Which form it could be can only be clarified by a mammography or an ultrasound examination.

What are the most common causes of male breasts?

In a pseudo-gynecomastia, the fat breasts are simply the result of overweight, which can be caused, for example, by an incorrect diet, lack of exercise or a metabolic disorder. However, if an ecreased formation of breast gland tissue is to blame for breast growth, this is usually due to an overproduction of the female sex hormone estrogen and a deficiency of the male sex hormone testosterone. The hormone disorder can, for example, caused by diseases or oestrogen-containing drugs, doping substances to build muscle and food. For example, if beer is consumed execessively, it may lead to the development of a female breast, since hops contain plant substances that have a similar effect on the body to oestrogen – so called phyto-estrogens.

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If weight loss, diet change and exercise units do not cause any visible changes, gynecomatia may be present.

In gynecomastia, the mammary tissue has increased, which can only be reduced by sports or nutirtion in the rarest of cases. Gynecomastia is caused by an unbalanced hormone ratio of the male and emale sex hormones. A decreased production of testosterone or an execess of estrogen can affect men of all ages. One of the most common causes if gynecomastia may be medications, drugs or steroids abusem resulting in imparied hormone ratios. In some cases, diet can also be a cause.

To exlcude a serious illness in this case a specialist should be contacted.

In case of mental stress, gynecomastia OP may also be considered. However, it should be noted that this only corrects the symptom and not the cause. In order not to rebuild breast tissue after surgery, the cause (nutrition, medication etc) should be corrected.

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