The fat around your waist is known as visceral fat, and losing this belly fat is most often quite difficult. Visceral belly fat is also very dangerous, as this type of fat usually accumulates around your internal organs which in the long term results in many type of life threatning diseases.

Also, if you start losing your belly then no one else will be more happier than yourself after all thats the part which disfigure you the worst.

Lets find out how you can start burning your ugly belly fat, using the below 17 effective yet simple tips.


Mainting your boold sugar levels spikking every now and then results in implusive eating, especially more of the bad stuff i.e. the sugars and carbs.

It is always advisable to start reducing your daily sugar intake, and get your carb addiction under control. 

Once you learn how to control your carb addiction, you will start to see that your blood sugar spikes are not so frequent and you do not feel the need to put something in your mouth all the time.

For that matter, you can also choose to start a low carb diet like Ketogenic Diet, which has shown great results for thousands of men and women.


It can’t get more simple than this, you eat more than what you need you will pile that up around your waist. So learning about calorie management is a great a way to start for beginners on weight loss journey.

Every food has a calorific value, some are calorie dense like seeds, nuts and superfioods and others are just empty calories like your typical sugary snacks.

You can’t eat more of something just because it is healthy, you need to reduce your daily calorie intake so that your body can start burning the execess calories stored all around your body.

P.S. You can completely ditch the concept of calorie management if you are following a low carb high fat diet like the Keto Diet, because of its naturl metabolic process where you automatically start burning fat as your primary fuel which results in very fast weight loss. You can try out our 28 Day Keto Challenge, and see if this lifestyle is for you or not.


Adding a bulletproof coffee to your breakfast is not only a good weight loss trick but a delicious one too. Skip your regular sugar loaded coffee cup and make your bulletproof coffee, you will thanks us later.

Bulletproof coffee gives you the necessary energy boost to kickstart your day, and also keeps you from grabbing a doughnut before lunch. The healthy fats in bulletproof coffee keeps you satiated for many hours till you go for lunch and also keeps you active and energetic.

It  has a massive impact on your energy and cognitive function and that it puts your brain on full blast without weighing you down.

Get into Ketosis and lose 10 – 20 lbs in just 28 days, Take The 28-Day Keto Challenege here.



Ohhh, what I am saying here? You might wonder that I might have written this point by complete mistake, offcourse not. What I am trying to bring out through this tip is that you had been too much or sugars and simple carbohydrates at the first place which resulted in pounds of  belly fat hanging around your waistline.

Now its time to eat some healthy fats, yes fat do not make you fat. 

This is the basis of wildly popular Ketogenic Diet, where you decrease carbohydrate intake and increase your fat intake. This results in a matabolic switch where your body starts buring fat aka ketones, instead of carbs aka glucose.

You can find all the foods you can or cannot eat in case you want to reduce your carbs intake then read this post – Complete food list for Ketogenic Diet.


I bet, whenever you decide to do something about your bulging belly the first comes in your mind is the absolute necessity of doing hour long cardio exercises like running, cycling etc.

We would beg to differ here, because many research has proven it that doing long cardio exercises does nothing for weight loss.

What you should instead be doing is HIIT, i.e. high intensity interval training and your will burn more calories in 4 minutes than you can ever do using cardio.

We recommend doing these 4 minutes Tabata exercises.


Liver is our largest organ, and its almost one of the most important organ for a healthy body which is quite often neglected. If you can improve your Liver function then it will start flushing toxins from your body. Improved liver health is improtant for your overall metabolic health so focus on give it a detox time to time. Its time for long due overall liver cleanse now.


Find a mentor to teach you good dietary and fitness habits, watch fitness videos on youtube read more about superfoods. The main goal here is to keep yourself involved in getting healthy, the more you learn the better you will be able to make good healthy habits. This is not only beneficial for you but you can pass this crucial information and good habits to your children or siblings. The lack of knowledge and involvement for being healthy is the key to so many lifestyle disorders.


Well, I can get in real trouble for advising you something like this because the medicine lobby does not like people talking about preventing diseases at the first place instead they want to manage your disease through pills so that you can keep them paying.

Human beings or for that any life forms were never supposed to be prone to so many diseases at the first place.

Just by making small healthy choices you will see over the time how your dependence on pills are reducing because your body itself can heal for itslef.

Reduce weight, eat clean, meditate, reduce stress,  get a positive mindset about your life.


Yoga is getting popular in the western world, while it has been there since ancient times for its many benefits. Infact yoga has so many benefits for your overall health it is impossible to begin and end in this post.  But take my word who has been a daily practiioner of yoga for many years, you’ll not only lose your weight but also get emotionally storng once you begin to a little bit of yoga daily.


Certain foods, veggies and fruits has fat burning properties which can also give a boost to your overall weight loss goals. But that does’nt mean you should go ahead and start buying Garcinia Camobgia pills instead choose a fat burning superfood drink instead like this – Organifi Green Juice or Red Juice.


Being honest with yourself about what your dietary needs are, and what your fitness abilities are is essential to long term weight loss success.


Everyone from fitness novice to fitness pro hits a plateau. Keep your body guessing by trying new workouts, to keep losing fat.


Aything processed or artificial isn’t a real food. By allowing thse toxins into your body, you put your elimination organs into overdrive. Cut those and eat clean, whole foods.


Fasting is not a new concept, infact it is being practiced in almost every religion for centuries. Fasting helps in detoxing your body, and get rid of built up toxins. Also regulates your eating habit helping you form a better relationship with food. You learn how to control your hunger and not give in to your desire all the time your feel little bit hungry. There are many forms of fasting that you can try, intermittent fasting, juice fast, water fast or a complete fast.


Enzymes found in fruits, lke kiwi and pineapple, offer support for a healthy digestive system. Healthy digestion means proper elimination of toxins, and an overall lighter feeling. Recommended probiotic – Organifi Probiotics


Healthy gut can lead to a healthy life and an unhealthy gut can lead to all kinds of diseases especially hindering your weight loss goals. If you can correct your gut function and keep it healthy then it will make losing that belly fat far easier.


Do you know why most men and women fail on a weight loss diet? Its because they were not well prepared and lacked guidance. Trying to lose weight in itself is a difficult mental state to be in, and on that you have your daily life to deal with. You need a well thought out, yet simple plan to follow which can keep you on track without asking too much form you.

For that case we have created a 28 Day Keto Challenge, this challenge will make sure you learn everything about Ketogenic diet and how to get on it.

The first month is usually the most difficult, and if you can follow it to the T for a month rest will be just an awesome story for you to tell to your friends.

Read more about our 28 Day Keto Challenge and Ketogenic Diet, and we guarantee that in just 4 weeks you will be able to fit yourself to that gorgeous dress you had been willing to buy for so long.

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