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If you want to learn how to lose weight, then you must first learn the mathematics of weight loss! Dr Ruben Meerman, gives a small 15 minutes explanation along with demonstration at a Ted Talk.

Dr Ruben is basically a physicist, who out of curiosity, after losing 17 kg of weight, started to work on the science of weight loss.

He wanted to answer one simple question – Where does the Fat go after weight loss?

Pretty much an obvious question which should be known by almost all of us, but strangely most of us do not understand correctly where does the fat go.

Besides understanding this equation, if we know exactly what happens to fat which is quite simple enough, then probably everyone who has gained weight and want to lose it would find losing weight a no big deal.

Dr Ruben Starts with the chemical formula of human fat, then gradually explains what happens when it breaks down.


Watch the below video for Dr Ruben’s detailed demonstration.


He shows how fat = carbon dioxide + water + energy, also explains how carbon dioxide has weight and when fat molecules breaks, it becomes carbon dioxide and water.

So, according to this principle loosing weight is not a complex process. But it is quite simple, “Eat Less and Move More” that’s all you have to do to lose weight. Simple isn’t it?

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