Losing weight after pregnancy can prove to be extremely challenging. But Fatima Stagliano found a way lose it easily. She Sculpted a 6 pack abs in 17 weeks, after 8 months she became a mom.

  • Fatima Stagliano, 29, transformed herself after her second child
  • The mother of two who went through a tough emotional time after her second child
  • What she did is inspirational, she started following The Bikini Body Workouts and did it for 17 weeks
  • Now she sports a super atheletic body and she is happier than ever
  • She did it without any strict food restriction and all her workout was designed to be done from home

What Fatima did should inspire many new moms, and yet to be moms who are worried about their physical appearance post delivery which is quite normal. Use this example to motivate yourself and understand that all it takes is discipline, determination and right guidance to get back into shape.

Ms Stagliano, told her story to dailymail, how she overhauled her fitness just eight months on from giving birth to her second child. Now she happily flaunts her incredible abs and an enviable physique.

Fatima story starts after she gave birth to her second child and moved to Gold Coast from Melbourne, where she was surrounded by so many fit and healthy people around her that made her determined to be as fit as they all are.


A few months after the birth of her second child, Fatima Stagliano, 29, felt as though she had fallen into a bit of a ‘slump’.

She got her hands to The Bikini Body Workouts and in straight 17 weeks without any strict diet restriction or even going to a gym, while taking care of her 2 children she sculpted a new self for her.


Week 0 vs Week 17: Now, just eight months on from giving birth, Ms Stagliano has overhauled her fitness and is now able to show off an incredible set of abs (right) and enviable physique following The Bikini Body Workouts

‘After having my baby and moving to the Gold Coast, I was inspired to kickstart my fitness regime again so I started the Kayla Itsines Bikini Body program on January 4,’ Ms Stagliano told Daily Mail Australia.
‘I had followed her on Instagram for a few years and I bought the program three years ago but I never stuck to it so I wanted to try again.
‘Being physically fit is also really important to me as it makes me a happier person and a better mum as well.’


Week 0 vs week 9: ‘Being physically fit is also really important to me mentally as it makes me a happier person and a better mum as well,’ 


As a mum, it was difficult for Ms Stagliano to get to the gym, so the idea of following a program at home was ideal

As it is obvious with two little children at your home, it is simply impossible for you to get the time to visit a gym, so the idea of home workout was best suited for her. The routine was smartly managed by her, and the workouts were divided into short breaks and she did them whenever she could find some time.

‘First thing in the morning when my little one goes down for a nap I smash out the 28 minute workout while my three-year-old plays nearby,’ Ms Stagliano said.
‘She is happy playing and the other is asleep and I just pump it out and I’m ready for the day.’


Ms Stagliano’s workout routine was simple, three days a week shee did strentgh training based on HIIT (high intensity interval training) a combo of skipping and boxing. The days in between she went for a 40 minute walk with her daughters.


Try Tabata workouts at home, these short 4 minutes workouts burns much more calories than an hour long cardio. Tabata is a form of HIIT, and this ih highly effective for those who are short on time and want to get some workout.

‘I chuck them in the pram and walk for 40 minutes… it does a lot when you walk at a consistent rate,’ she explained.
‘The girls love being by the beach too.’
And with her nutrition, Ms Stagliano cooks up nourishing food and is careful not to cut anything out.

You might be wondering how much she was eating throught, was she on a strict calorie restricting diet? Well, this is the best part, she did not do any dieting at all, all she did was to eat clean and healthy.


‘Beforehand I wasn’t conscious of what I was putting in my mouth and after going through this I have found a lot of people online like Taline Gabrielian who have recipes for alternatives to treats,’ she said.

‘I was eating whatever I wanted whenever I wanted but now instead of Nutella on toast I will have cacao spread on toast.
‘Healthy food is actually delicious.’
Ms Stagliano is all about ‘eating better, not less’.
‘I don’t cut out anything – I used to and I never lasted,’ she said.
‘Now I am all about balance and am not afraid to treat myself.’
17 weeks on from starting the challenge, Ms Stagliano was able to show off a lean, enviable figure with an incredible set of abs.


All this efforts paid her very well, all she needed was an inexpesive BBG workout routine , simple clean eating and all the motivation she could gather. This transformation changed her life in many ways than one, her husband is happy, she is more energetic and she is taking care of her family far better than ever.

She shares, ‘I am happier and I am a better person and better with the kids as well,’ she said.
‘My husband has noticed a difference too, he can always tell when I’ve worked out.’
Ms Stagliano’s advice for women wishing to get in shape is to be consistent and to get it done.
‘Getting it done first up is really important and don’t be afraid to prioritise yourself,’ she said.
‘You can do the vacuuming and washing later on, that window in the morning is yours and your time to focus on your fitness and health.
‘Be consistent in your workouts and the results will come.’