Red Yeast Rice Plus


Red Yeast Rice Plus™ is a natural cardiovascular health supplement that combines our patented red yeast rice and bergamot extracts together for serious cholesterol control. This revolutionary formula promotes a healthy cardiovascular system by (1) supporting healthy cardiovascular function (2) supporting healthy cholesterol levels (3) promoting metabolic wellness (4) providing antioxidant protection.


Red Yeast Rice Plus

A heart health supplement using the highest grade of red yeast rice and bergamot.

It’s plus because it not only “reboots” your cholesterol… 

It also helps protect your cholesterol from ‘rusting’.

So when you use red yeast rice and bergamot together…

Poor heart health doesn’t stand a chance. 

Because the special ingredients in Red Yeast Rice Plus™ have been proven to…

  • Slash LDL levels by 20%
  • Lower “rusted” cholesterol by as much as 25%
  • Reduce the risk of a cardiac event by as much as 38%
  • Boost good HDL cholesterol

Not only that…

You may find your blood pressure dropping to a healthy range…

All while avoiding nasty side effects and ‘statin damage’!

In short, stress about your next blood test simply fades away.

Why do we feel so confident about that?

Because Simple Promise guarantees Red Yeast Rice Plus has…

  • The same dosage as in the studies that have produced these remarkable results
  • Been formulated and inspected in a 100% CGMP facility
  • And is third-party verified for potency

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