Viva Slim


Viva Slim™ by Simple Promise, is a 100% natural, proprietary blend of 11 plant extracts and vitamins, proteins, and minerals that promote an overall healthy lifestyle by (1) Aiding appetite suppression (2) increasing metabolism (3) helping maintain normal cholesterol levels.


Viva Slim is the most powerful weight-loss formula ever created and the only one designed to open the vicious “Cytokine Gate” that’s trapped fat in your cells for far too long.

  • Allowing pound after pound of visceral, ugly fat to pour out from your body
  • Flattening your stomach
  • Melting fat away from your face, neck, and cheeks
  • And restoring definition to your arms and thighs
  • All while giving you the slim figure you had in your twenties

VivaSlim™ is made from 12 of Earth’s highest-quality plant extracts and vitamins.

And it’s processed in a pristine, GMP-certified facility under the safest and most sterile standards.

So this liquid doesn’t contain any dangerous chemicals, but is still powerful enough to melt pounds of raw ugly fat from your body every day.

No matter what you’ve tried before in the past…

Viva Slim Will Work for You. Within just 7 days of using this formula..

You’ll begin to notice your face, arms, and belly noticeably tighten.

As you step on the scale each day, you’ll watch as pound after pound falls away for good.

You’ll wake up every morning feeling more energized than you ever have before.

Just Two Drops of This Great-Tasting Liquid Under Your Tongue in the Morning and Night… And pounds of fat pour out of your body.

Just like they did for David and Susan.

David Green of Charleston, South Carolina who said,

“I really can’t believe it. In just a few months I’ve lost 46 lbs. Now I’ve got more energy than my grandkids!”

Or Susan Howell from Bloomington, Illinois who says,

“Wow, wow, wow! What else can I say? I feel beautiful. I feel amazing and my husband can’t keep his hands off me. This is a totally new life for me. I just wish I knew about it sooner…”

These results are so powerful and unique to VivaSlim™…

Because it’s the only formula designed to unlock the “Cytokine Gate” that traps fat in your cells.

And because VivaSlim™ is also fortified with 10 other super ingredients that have been scientifically shown to help people lose weight…

And together they create a powerful “synergistic effect,” making the fat-burning process work even faster. 

Viva Slim uses only the most premium, high-quality extracts for every single one of our ingredients.

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What Other People Are Saying About VivaSlim

“Now I’ve lost all those pounds, I feel fabulous…” I’ve been thin all my thin all my life. But I had 3 kids and gained more and more weight during each pregnancy, in total 54 lbs. Now I’ve lost all those pounds, I feel fabulous, and I’m wearing cute dresses again and getting attention like in my younger years. Oh, and something happened that I didn’t expect: The brain fog I’ve been suffering from for years just went away and I’m sharper than ever.

~ Patricia, 43

“I looked fit and my wife loved it.” I’m retired firefighter and have 3 kids and 4 grandkids and can outrun and outwork all of them. I lost 36 lbs and the other day – just for giggles – I put on my old wrestling gear from college. Man, I looked fit and my wife loved it. 

~ Sean, 69

“In just few months I’ve lost 46 lbs.” I really can’t believe it. In just a few months I’ve lost 46 lbs. Now I’ve got more energy than my grandkids!

~ David Green