15 Benefits of the Ketogenic Diet (Some of these might surprise you)

The low carb, ketogenic diet is one of the best fat loss diets around. The moment you eliminate carbs from your diet, your body has no choice but to burn more fat for fuel. This results in fast, reliable, weight loss.

However, what a lot of people don’t realize is that going keto is not just good for weight loss, it’s good for your health too.

Here are the top 15 benefits of following the ketogenic diet. Like me, you’ll probably be surprised at just how good this diet is for you!

#1 Anti – Aging

When you stop eating carbohydrates, you reduce the production of insulin. This, in turn, reduces oxidative stress, a leading cause of aging. Less oxidative stress means slower aging, and less age-related deterioration. The Ketogenic diet won’t make you immortal, but cutting carbs could extend your life.

#2 Reduce risk of type 2 diabetes

Type 2 diabetes is usually the result of eating too much sugar and too many refined carbs. This leads to constantly elevated blood sugar levels, properly called hyperglycemia. Over time, this can cause damage throughout your body – from your feet to your eyeballs.

#3 Reduced risk of CHD

Coronary heart disease (CHD) is often associated with a high fat intake. However, more recent research suggests that its refined carbs and sugar that are the main cause of high blood pressure, elevated triglycerides, low “good” cholesterol, and other problems linked to CHD. Eliminating carbs from your diet can reduce or even reverse your risk of coronary heart disease – The leading cause of death in the USA.

#4 Decreased inflammation and pain

Large quantities of carbs, and especially sugar, are often linked to inflammation and pain. Inflammation causes reddening, irritation, and swelling which can affect any part of your body, including your digestive system, your muscles, and nerves. Cutting carbs has been shown to be an effective way to cool inflammation and reduce pain.

#5 Less heartburn

Heartburn is the result of acidity in the stomach and oesophagus. After just a week or two of ketogenic dieting, most people report less heartburn without having to resort to antacids and other heartburn medications.

#6 Fewer migraines

People who suffer from migraines report suffering fewer and less severe headaches after switching from a conventional diet to a ketogenic diet. There is a strong link between eating a lot of sugar and carbs and the frequency and severity of migraine headaches.

#7 Reduced risk of Alzheimers’s and Parkinson’s disease

Both of these diseases affect brain and nervous system function, often leading to disability and loss of independence. Studies suggest that adopting a ketogenic diet can slow the progression of these diseases, and may even prevent them.

In addition to preventing diseases of the brain, ketogenic diets are reported to increase mental clarity, increase memory, and improve cognition.

#8 Cancer prevention

Cancer cells feed on glucose and carbohydrates. Eliminating carbs from your diet appears to starve cancer cells, preventing them from replicating and growing. Ketogenic diets are increasingly being used in the treatment of cancer.

#9 Reduce acne

Eating a lot of sweets can give you spots, and sugar is just one type of carbohydrate. Low carb and ketogenic diets can help prevent acne, and reduce the severity of existing outbreaks. Going keto may also help with other skin conditions including psoriasis and eczema.

#10 Improved energy levels

Most people suffer from widely fluctuating energy levels, mainly because they get their energy from carbs. In ketosis, your body gets its energy from ketones which makes from fat. This means there is an almost unlimited amount of energy available and so you are less likely to experience fluctuating energy levels and hunger between meals.

#11 Lower blood pressure

High blood pressure, or hypertension, is also known as the silent killer because it presents no outward signs. For many people, high blood pressure only becomes apparent when it causes a problem, such as heart disease, stroke, or kidney failure. Low carb and ketogenic diets lead to a significant reduction in blood pressure, and a lowered risk of many commonly linked diseases.

#12 Reduced visceral fat

Visceral or abdominal fat is stored around the internal organs, and is what many doctors call heart attack fat. It’s one of the reasons your waist measurement is such an important health indicator. Ketogenic diets have been shown to be effective way to preferentially target visceral fat, reducing the risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes in the process.

#13 Better cholesterol and triglyceride readings

Ketogenic diets, despite being high in fat, have been shown to increase “good” LDL cholesterol, lower “bad” HDL cholesterol, and reduce blood triglyceride profiles, all of which will reduce your risk of heart disease and metabolic syndrome.

#14 Natural appetite suppression

Hunger is the biggest cause of diet failure, and can undermine even the strongest willpower. When hunger strikes, it’s only a matter of time before you quit your diet and give in to cravings. Low carb diets are consistently shown to lead to less hunger and better dietary compliance. This, of course, leads to faster, more sustainable, and easier weight loss.

#15 Improved muscle mass and workout endurance

If you want to build muscle and train hard, the ketogenic diet can help. Naturally high in protein and healthy fats, the ketogenic diet provides your muscle with exactly what they need to grow. A high intake of healthy fats will also boost anabolic or muscle-building hormone production – namely testosterone and growth hormone. If you want to get more from your gym workouts, going keto can help.

There is more to the Ketogenic diet than weight loss, although that is why most people initially embrace a low carb lifestyle. Backed by science and proven to work, if you want rapid, sustainable weight loss combined with noticeably better health, the ketogenic diet is for you. 

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