Give Yourself a Fighting Chance Against Magnesium Deficiency

Magnesium (The Multi-Tasking Mineral)

You already know the power it holds over your health.

You already know about its ability to restore comfort to your body, ease to your mind, peace to your sleep and energy to your day.

By now you should be crystal clear on the sad state of affairs that exists when it comes to modern magnesium levels. And the dire need to get magnesium back into your body through the right kind of supplementation.

Well, no idea what do I mean … then read this 

Here’s a quick summary of what you’re up against:

New advances in farming have drained crops of magnesium and ruined foods that were once great sources. And while certified organic foods and those from local farmers have substantially higher quantities of magnesium than food from conventional farms… it’s still not enough to end your magnesium drought.

Water used to also be a good source of magnesium. However the fluoride now found in most city water systems affect your absorption of magnesium.

In fact, experts claim our food and water are so depleted in magnesium they don’t even come close to supplying what you would have gotten 70 years ago from the same source.

But there’s something else you need to consider….

You need to be fully aware of the fact that shady little magnesium-draining habits exist.

They sneak into your day-to-day routine… and can undermine your efforts to finally find relief.

Because, depending on the day – the environment you’re in and the things you do – modern life conspires more or less to steal what little magnesium you’re holding onto.

And much like a vampire sucking the blood out of its victims, there are a number of places and things that suck the magnesium out of your body.

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This leaves you dangerously low on the good stuff. And means that you need to take in that more than the daily recommended allowance just to keep your levels normal but to fight off deficiency.

The good news: once you’re aware of them, you can go to work avoiding them… and stack the odds in your favor in the fight against magnesium deficiency.

What’s more, when combined with the right kind of supplementation, avoiding these habits can give you the one-two-punch you need to restore your body to normal on a daily basis.

I’ve cut straight to the chase with these…in the hopes of helping you get through this post as quickly as possible… and get on your way to relieving what ails you…

1 – Poor Stress Management

Your body responds to various types of thoughts, feelings and activities by releasing the ‘fight or flight’ hormones adrenaline and cortisol.

These hormones are fine… and life-saving when you are trying to outrun a wild animal or meet a deadline. But they’re only meant to kick in during times of dire need.

If your stress levels are high, especially if you don’t get enough exercise or sleep, your bloodstream may be flooded with these hormones on a regular basis.

And this causes magnesium to be sucked out of your cells and lost in your urine.

Here’s the main thing you need to understand right now through:

You always want to wake up feeling full of energy… ready to go… ready to tackle the day.

You shouldn’t want to wake up feeling full of energy… ready to go… ready to tackle the day.

You shouldn’t be dog-tired and foggy, slogging out of bed in the morning.

If you need some kind of stimulant, like coffee or tea or an energy drink to get you through the day,… or if you need alcohol or medication just to ‘take the edge off’ at night…that’s a surefire sign stress is feeding on your magnesium stores and your levels need topping off asap.

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Because topping your magnesium levels off is an antidote to tension and stress… and allows for deeper sleep and overnight bodily restoration.

And with modern day stress weighing more heavily on you than ever before, it’s absolutely vital you secure enough magnesium through the right kind of supplementation so your body can cope.

However, getting better at managing stress by avoiding high-stress people, places and situations can help curb the drain. While supplementing with the right kind of magnesium can in itself help to ease your mind and calm anxieties…. engaging in therapeutic exercise (such as yoga and meditation), seeking out the listening ear of a good friend or putting on some relaxing music at the end of the day are recommended pro-active approaches.

2 – Eating Processed Foods

You already know it’s going to be tough as nails to get enough magnesium into your body through your diet. Devastated soils and corrupted water supplies have made sure of that.

However, whole-foods diet is far superior to feasting on the refined, processed foods that litter the majority of supermarket aisles these days.

That’s because the magnesium content of refined foods is super low. Packaged foods and fast food, for example, are processed in a way that strips our magnesium (along with other nutrients).

But making a food switch doesn’t have to be rocket science.

It really can be as simple as switching refined for whole. For instance, try eating whole grain instead of refined flour… since refined flour has 85% of magnesium stripped out of it.

What’s more, if you eat foods high in phytates – such as refined and processed grains and cereals – they’ll interfere with your magnesium to be lost instead of gained.

Remember: it’s not just what you’re putting in your mouth that makes the difference… it’s also what you’re absorbing and keeping in your body that has the most profound effect on your health.

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3 – Eating Refined Sugar

Refined sugar falls under the ‘refined foods’ category for sure.

However, it’s such a devilish little magnesium vampire, it deserves a category unto itself.

One of the reasons it’s so malicious is it sneaks its way into just about everything you can think of. Often under the guise of different names. Even supposed ‘health foods’ aren’t safe from this monster.

Turn over the back of a box of just about anything these days and, odds are, you’ll find something ending in an ‘-ose’ … which often denotes a form of processed sugar.

It’s estimated that for every molecule of sugar you consume, your body uses 54 molecules of magnesium to process it.

What’s more, the sudden insulin spike from sugar uses up your zinc as well, plus a high sugar diet results in increased magnesium and chromium loss through your urine…

Soda in particular – loaded with refined sugar, usually in the form of high fructose (there’s that ‘-ose) corn syrup – contains excess phosphorous, which leads to reduced calcium storage… because they compete for absorption in the intestines. Soda also causes potassium loss.

Final Thoughts

I could nit-pick and list many more magnesium-draining habits and factors. However, I believe these take priority. And for the most part they are the simplest to address.

Remember: your body can’t make magnesium on its own. And you can’t rely on a diet chock full of ‘magnesium-rich’ foods to replete your stores.

If you’re serious about fighting for your freedom – getting rid of the pains and anxieties that stand between you and your job… a peaceful night’s sleep… or simply the ability to enjoy moving through life with comfort and peace of mind… then you’ve now got all you need to get started now.

You’ve got the one-two punch you’ve been waiting for.

So… start avoiding as many of these magnesium-draining habits as you can… Once again, they are:

  1. Poor Stress management
  2. Eating Processed Foods
  3. Eating Refined Sugar
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… and start replacing them with a brand new relief habit:

Discover THIS One-Of-A-Kind Solution That Can Fix Your Magnesium Deficiency in Seconds.



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