Losing weight is getting harder and harder nowadays, where the media is obsessed with a certain type of look; one that’s thin, flawless, and perfect. This drives people to search high and low for a quick way to lose weight. Unfortunately, things are rarely that simple.

In your quest to lose weight, you should not risk your health and well-being with some fad diet which guarantees rapid weight loss.

In fact, all that’s guaranteed is that you’re taking a toll on your health, which can lead to serious side effects, and create further health complications.

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Read on to find out 10 things that should never be done when fighting the battle of the bulge.

1. Doubt yourself

If you believe it, it will happen. It was better put by Henry Ford~ ‘If you think you can or can’t both ways you are right’. Doubting yourself is counterintuitive and kills off your self-confidence, and without self-confidence, it’s unlikely you’ll be motivated to lose any weight. In my weight loss journey, I used the power of positive affirmations. Make a list of positive weight loss affirmations print it out, read it daily speaking positively about a certain thing aligns your brain for success.

2. Compare

Everyone is different in how their bodies react to different foods because of genes, family history, and eating habits that go as far back as when you were in your mother’s womb. So don’t waste your time comparing your weight progress with other anyone elses. Instead make it all about you, and focus on creating your own inspiring transformation story. Note down your efforts, failures, and progress and when you start journaling you’ll keep know how much you are putting in.

3. Expect miracles

Setting yourself up for unrealistic goals will only waste your time and energy. Listen to your body and be honest with yourself, and most importantly, don’t try to impress anyone but yourself. Be proud of all of your achievements, big and small, and focus on all the health benefits you’re reaping each single week. Setting goals are great, which also encourages you to move forward but they can demotivate you too. So make your goal to be the best possible version of YOU, that you can be. Instead of doing it for yourself, do it for your loved ones. Remember if when you reach your ideal weight, and feel healthy from inside it will be your freinds and family who will be the happiest.

4. Starvation, extreme fasting and skipping meals

Cutting back on too many calories in a short amount of time can lead to severe malnutrition, loss of muscle mass and even type 2 diabetes. Sure, there will be some weight loss, but it’ll quickly backfire. This is because when your daily caloric intake drops below a certain level, mainly 1200, then the body starts storing fat for fear of starvation. It goes back to our hunting days when people weren’t sure, when their next meal was going to be.

So, anything less than 1200 calories per day won’t provide you with the amount of nutrients you need for healthy development and to be able to sustain your energy levels throughout the day.

The same goes for skipping meals, which may make sense at first, but science has proven that it’s one of the worst ways to lose weight. This is because your metabolism increases after eating. Therefore, eating healthy foods means you’re consuming less or the same amount of energy being burned so nothing gets stored away as fat. On the other hand, if you skip meals, your metabolism slows down, so much so that if you repeatedly skip meals in an effort to burn off fat, you’ll find yourself gaining weight, rather than losing it.

P.S. I am not saying methods like ‘fasting or intermittent fasting’ are bad in any sense. In fact fasting can do a whole lot of good for your body. But like everything it is a process, which you’ll need to learn and slowly adapt. And if you like it then include fasting as a healing process for your body. But if you forcibly start skeeping meals, and go on severe calorie restriction without giving your body enough signals that you are doing it purposfully and it will get its desired share of nutirtion at certain interval then things can go really hay wire for you.

If you are in to fasting, or want to learn how fasting can help you heal your body and how to approach fasting which is sustainbale and beneficial then I would recommend reading this amazing book written by Brad Pilon, called ‘Eat Stop Eat’. You can get the book here.

5. Laxatives

Laxatives can come in the form of pills, powders, suppositories, and even tea. Even though they can result in the loss of a few pounds, laxatives can cause complications in the abdomen and can damage the digestive system. One of the side effects of laxatives is that those using them on a regular basis quickly find out that their bodies have become dependent on them and that they can’t have a bowel movement without taking a laxative.

Other side effects include an imbalance of electrolytes in the body, vomiting, nausea, and abdominal pain.

If you are severly constipated and your physcian advises you to take laxatives then you should. But recelty laxatives and enema has grown into popularity because it makes them feel light. More or less, you should aim to have regular bowl movements and try natural alternatives which can help you in that. Just stay away from taking laxatives a habit.

6. Supplements

Companies that manufacture supplements aren’t required to prove the safety or effectiveness before putting them on the market. This means that what they claim to do is, more often than not, completely untrue. And just like any other type of medication, they have serious risks and side effects, some of which include flatulence, diarrhoea, headaches, insomnia, and constipation just to name a few.

Disclaimer: I am not saying all suplements in the market are worthless, but many are so do your due diligence before you chose one. Do not fall in the marketing trap, and remember they are only ‘supplement’ which by definition means – ‘a substance taken to remedy the deficiencies in a person’s diet’. Do not expect supplements do all the work for you.

7. Diet Pills

It’s time to be honest about things: there is no pill that will magically make you thin and physically fit. The only thing these drugs are good for is wreaking havoc on your nervous system, damaging brain cells and causing severe heart, liver, and kidney problems. Other side effects include insomnia, high blood pressure, dizziness, stroke, blurred vision, and unhealthy bowel movements, among others.

If supplements or certain pills are taken to aid in the fat-burning process, they must be prescribed by your doctor and they must be go hand-in-hand with regular exercise and healthy food choices.

They can come in the form of pills, as appetite suppressants and caffeine, or herbal supplements. Yet no matter what forms they come in, they stimulate the nervous system, which can be an extreme health hazard with severe risks and side effects.

As much as you want a magic pill for everything, there ain’t one! You did not grow those pounds overnight, in no case you’ll shed them by tomorrow. Anyways, these pills are dozen a dime, especially with the popularity of Ketogenic diet you’ll see so many keto pills promising your body to get into ketosis.

8. Detox and Cleanses

Getting rid of harmful toxins and processed chemicals is a great idea, but done via a diet that hasn’t been health certified is another matter. While cleansing may help you shed a couple of pounds, the truth is, you’re only losing water and not actual fat.

Moreover, in the process, you’re subjecting your body to vitamin deficiencies, heart palpitations, hair fall, mood swings, and abdominal pain. All of that plus the fact that you’ll eventually gain back the weight you lost, if not more. Moreover, there are medical experts who aren’t fully convinced that these plans actually remove toxins from your body or improve your health in any way.

There is better way to detox and cleanse your body and prep your body for fat loss by doing a Tea detox. Click here to find a secret Red tea recipe, an easy-to-make tea that burns more belly fat than green tea & black tea combined! Click here to watch the full story of how this secret red tea recipe got discovered from deep inside African jungle.

9. Diuretics

Also known as, ‘water pills’, diuretics increase the amount of urine you produce and discharge. However, all these pills do is get rid of extra fluids in your body, as well as electrolytes and vital minerals, as zinc. One of the most serious and common side effects of diuretics is dehydration, which can quickly become a life-threatening situation if not taken care of in time.

10. Quit

Lastly never quit, no matter how slow you may think your progress is, do not give up. Slow progress is better than no progress at all. Have faith in yourself and know that all your hard work will pay off sooner or later. It always does for everyone who shows persistance and take action to change their lives.


Focusing on moderation and mindful eating is more important than reaching a certain number on the scale. Your health is your most precious commodity, and reaching lasting weight-loss and a healthy, happy lifestyle.


Weight Loss Don'ts

Now that you know what not to do, but what about what can you do. My advice would be try the ketogenic diet, it is not your typical fad diet but it is a lifestyle change for better. It will make you lean, you’ll become stronger, healthier and eventually also reduce the risk of lifestyle diseases like diabetes, heart ailments and many others.

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