Over the last several years, supplements for Ketogenic diet has taken the market with storm. Many small scale companies have sprouted up across the world offering the latest and most effective Ketogenic diet supplemental solution available in the market. Some talk of their natural ingredient, some of their efficacy, while others boast of their taste and usability.

The market has certainly seen tremendous growth over the last few years. Group this with growing popularity among customers and more investment in research and development, the market is expected to grow leaps and bounds.

The Ketogenic diet supplement product market, however, for better or for worse remains contested by small scale companies. This ensures there’s not too much emphasis on making large profits or giving operational efficiency a greater emphasis than product quality, but lack of investments limit the potential of marketing and R&D initiatives.

Additionally, most of the products and companies are not evaluated or administered by the Food & Drug Administration. This makes it even more difficult to compare companies and their respective products.

While it is difficult to speak of market size and market share for now, based on user reviews on retail websites (such as Amazon) and product diversity indicate that some companies are clearly leading the industry.

Below is a summary of the leading Ketogenic diet supplement product manufacturers in the market today:

KetoSports (or Prototype Nutrition)

Keto sports.png

KetoSports (Prototype Nutrition then) were probably the first to launch an exogenous ketone supplement in the market in late 2014 with their product KetoForce.

Prototype Nutrition were the first because by design they regularly extremely new innovative supplemental products about various health-related domains that are not yet sold on the commercial domain. They utilized the new patent obtained by Dominic Paul D’Agostino, Patrick Arnold, Shannon Kesl for the University of South Florida.

KetoSports quickly followed up their exogenous ketone supplement with the KetoCaNa that had additional salts in addition to BHB salts. Now, they flaunt a large portfolio of Keto-related products including:

  • KetoForce
  • KetoBlitz
  • KetoCaNa
  • KetoForce
  • MCT Powder
  • Keto8
  • KetOil
  • KetoShield
  • KetoStrips
  • Lifestyle Packs


Pruvit logo

Even though Prototype Nutrition came up with the first product, PruvIt were the first to make the concept a commercial success. They started with KETO//OS® ketone supplement drinks that provide a quick surge of energy and increase the ketone levels quickly. The product was an immediate hit and the company has launched several new versions of the same product.

The company currently uses a multi-level marketing (MLM) scheme and remains one of the most successful ketone supplement companies. Their portfolio includes:

  • KETO//OS® Max – Raspberry Lemonade
  • KETO//OS® Max – Swiss Cacao
  • KETO//OS® Max – Maui Punch
  • KETO//OS® 3.0 Chocolate Swirl
  • KETO//OS® 2.1 Orange Dream
  • Packs

Perfect Keto


If PruvIt made the products a commercial success, Perfect Keto took the market to another level. Currently, Perfect Keto is probably the most popular ketone supplements’ company. It was co-founded by Dr. Anthony Gustin who is a popular sports chiropractor and functional medicine provider.

The company innovated on the existing products in the market and made them more user-friendly and delicious. For instance, they converted MCT oil into powdered format for easier use and avoiding spills. They added stevia to their products to improve tastes and removed all artificial fillers. They also invested in advertisements and marketing taking the ketone supplement market from a small MLM scheme to the regular retail sales channel. Now most companies are following suit. They have also brought on board many dietitians and nutritionists who swear by their products.

Their extensive portfolio of products include:

  • Keto Base: Ketones
  • Keto Fat: MCT Powder
  • Keto Protein: Collagen
  • Keto Pre-workout
  • Keto Greens Powder
  • Liquid C8 MCT Oil
  • MCT Oil Softgels
  • Keto Test Strips

All products come with different flavor variants.

ZenWise Health


Driven by the popularity of ketone supplement products, other health supplements companies like ZenWise Health started to venture into the market with targeted products for Keto that complemented their existing portfolio or grow existed market penetration.

ZenWise Health, based in US, is now a leading ketone supplement manufacturer and boasts a large portfolio of Keto-related products. They also provide supplemental products for digestive support, cardiovascular support, hair & nails, immune system, pregnancy, sleep and relaxation, weight management, and joint and mobility support. Their products are GMP verified.

Their portfolio for Keto currently includes:

  • Emulsified MCT Oil
  • C8 + C10 MCT Oil
  • Keto-Lift BHB – Raspberry Lemonade
  • C8 MCT Oil + Prebiotic Powder with goMCT
  • Keto-Peak BHB + MCT Powder
  • Keto-Lift BHB (Wild Limeade)
  • Keto-Crave Bars
  • Keto Kleanse

BPI Sports

bpi sports

BPI Sports is another health supplement company that is now venturing in heavily into the Keto supplemental product market. They are experts in sports and endurance supplements and now boast an extensive portfolio of Keto supplement products that are mostly catered for endurance workouts. The company is ChromaDex quality verified and places extensive importance on quality and efficacy.

Their current Keto portfolio includes:

  • Best Pre Workout
  • Keto Aminos
  • Keto Bomb
  • Keto Weight Loss

Ancient Nutrition

ancient nutrition.jpg

A new entrant in the Keto space, Ancient Nutrition, founded by the popular Dr. Josh Axe (of Draxe.com) and Jordan Rubin, is another leading Keto supplement products.

The company has launched an exhaustive list of Brone Broth supplements in addition to their Keto supplement portfolio, which includes:

  • Keto FIRE™
  • Keto COLLAGEN™
  • Keto FIBER™
  • Keto DIGEST™
  • Keto PROTEIN™ Vanilla

Real Ketones


Continuing on the work of Dr. Dominic D’Agostino, the holder of the patent for exogenous ketone supplements, Rob Rogers and Gary Millet developed Kegenix over a period of 4 years. Dr. D’Agostino continues to be on the science board of the company. Their objective was to create products that would allow dieters to get into Ketosis extremely fast that too in a simple and easy way.

Their Keto portfolio includes:

  • Kegenix Prime
  • Keto Meal
  • Keto Essentials
  • Ignite Keto Spray

Zhou Nutrition

logo (1).png

Another health supplement product company, Zhou Nutrition has an extensive portfolio in the weight management, energy, cognitive health, joint support, immune support, targeted therapy, heart health, men’s health, detox, anti-ageing, sexual health and beauty

The company’s products are GMP verified and operates a FDA registered facility.

Their portfolio currently includes:

  • Keto Drive: Orange Mango
  • Keto Drive: Matcha Lemonade
  • Keto Drive: REVVED Black Cherry
  • Collagen Peptides



Started by Michael and Alex, founders of Ketocademy, developed an extensive Keto-specific supplemental product company KissMyKeto. Both co-founders do Ketogenic diet themselves and developed the products from personal experience and preference.

The California-based company currently boasts an impressive line of products including:

  • Collagen Marine
  • Collagen Peptides
  • Exogenous Ketones Pink Lemonade
  • Exogenous Ketones with Electrolytes and Caffeine (Mixed Berry)
  • Exogenous Ketones with Electrolytes (Lemon Lime)
  • Keto Protein (Chocolate)
  • Keto Shake (Vanilla)
  • Ketone Urine Strips
  • MCT Capsules
  • MCT Oil C8 Brain Fuel
  • MCT Oil C8 / C10
  • MCT Powdered

Giant Sports International

giant sports intl.jpg

Another endurance specialist product company, Giant Sports International has now launched a variety of Keto supplemental products. Based in New Jersey, the company’s facilities are cGMP verified and confirms 100% money back guarantee.

Their Keto-related portfolio currently includes:

  • Giant Keto
  • Keto Cocoa
  • Maximum MCT 99% Caprylic Acid


There are many new company’s venturing into the market on a regular basis. There are also companies that entered the venture but have gone out of business. But, one thing is for sure, the market potential is tremendous and dieters have much to look forward to.

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