Protein Sources for Keto including plant-based vegan sources

Besides Fats, the second most important ingredient for a Ketogenic diet is adequate proportions of Protein. For non-vegetarian dieters, the solution is simple and probably desirable. Just add more meat, eggs and fish in your diet, and you are good to go! These foods are rich in protein and 1 or 2 servings a day provide sufficient protein requirements, if not more.

A complete list of Great Protein Sources for Keto is provided at the end of this article. 

The same desirability, however, poses a serious challenge for vegetarian or vegan dieters. Firstly, the restriction to protein-rich meats, eggs and fishes exclude the primary sources of protein-concentrated foods. Secondly, most vegetables are not popular protein sources and to meet the daily requirements would require a consumption of very large portions. Of course, there are many dieters who eat eggs and/or fish, which makes it easier for them. But for people on a strict no-animal diet, it can get extremely difficult to provide the necessary nutrients.

Thus, we have compiled a list of 10 great sources of Vegan Proteins that are plant-based:

1. Soy Products

Soybean soya bean soy soya Soybeans

The most popular source of protein for vegetarians. Soy products including soy beans, soy milk, tofu, and tempeh, are all good sources of proteins.

Historically, soy was considered to be an extremely boring ingredient but nowadays it has become a popular in almost all diets. It is the versatility of soy that makes it a popular choice.

2. Chia Seeds

Chia seed

Chia seeds in itself is probably not extremely rich in protein, it does contain all nine essential amino acids. It is a great addition to your Keto diet as it also provides a large dose of omega-3s and keeps you satiated due to its high fiber content.

3. Hemp Seeds


Another power-packed seed with 20 amino acids (including 9 that the body doesn’t produce), fiber and healthy omegas, Hemp Seed, is the latest superstar in every food list.

Not to be confused with its intoxicating cousin, Marjiuana, Hemp seed is non-intoxicating and a nutritional powerhouse. Add a few tablespoon of the seed to any meal and your protein requirements are taken care of.

4. Spinach

Closeup of fresh spinach with water drops

The depiction of Popeye eating spinach to boost his muscle strength was for a reason. Spinach (our favorite food) is an extremely abundant source of protein in addition to fiber and essential vitamins and minerals.

Additionally, spinach is extremely versatile for cooking and can be easily incorporated in most recipes. It adds a strong favorable to the meal and skyrockets the nutritional value.

5. Artichoke


Although, Spinach is our favorite, Artichoke is probably the clear winner among vegetables when it comes to protein. 1 medium piece of Artichoke packs in 4.2 grams of protein and also provides twice the amount of fiber as available in spinach or kale. But the best part is that they are extremely low in calories but fill you up considerably.

6. Black Beans


Unlike its other cousins, black beans are actually low on starch, but provide the typical strong punch of proteins and anti-oxidants. Put them in a burrito or use them in a chilly, black beans are also versatile ingredients for any recipe.

Black beans are also known to keep you full longer which reduces your appetite. So, two birds with one stone.

7. Lentils


Another popular protein source is Lentils. With 18 grams of protein packed in 1 cup, lentils are a great source of both protein and fiber for any Keto dieter. Use them in salads, soups or gravies, lentils are sure to boost the taste and improve the nutritional content.

8. Shelled Pumpkin Seeds


Among seeds, Pumpkin seeds are probably the most overlooked sources for protein, containing 8 gram of protein per 1/4 cup. Oh and surprise, surprise they’re also an excellent source of iron and magnesium as well. Their crunchy texture and great taste adds to their oomph factor.

9. Spirulina


The mystical blue-green algae, Spirulina, also finds a place in the list. It is rich in protein as well as iron, and an incredible source for amino acids. Just add a tablespoon in your morning juice or smoothie, or just mix it in a glass of water and your daily requirements are strongly met.

10. Vegan Supplements


Besides the list of foods provided here, it can still prove to meet your daily requirement of protein. If you are constrained on time or accessibility to purchase and/or prepare these foods, there is of course the option to take Supplements.

We tried the Organifi Complete Protein Meal Replacement and found it to be highly effective. It contains most of the mentioned ingredients in powder form and a spoon of it can be had early in the morning with a glass of water to keep you full and protein-rich throughout the day. Additionally, it contains the Keto-favorites MCTs and Coconut Oil that give it a great Fat boost. It is a great supplement to be included in your Ketogenic Diet. Do give it a look!

Complete list of great protein sources for Ketogenic Diet

great sources of protein

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