Vinyasa Yoga – also known as flow yoga, is more like a HIIT workout but using yoga poses. A style of yoga ideal for yoga beginners. The core principal is to match your breath with every movement.

The routine may involve different 5-6 yoga poses or more, they are done in a flow and at the end you come back to where you started from. The routines may range from 10 to 30 minutes, but the same routine can be repeated if you can manage to do so.

It was few years back when I started doing yoga, and as like many of us it was just a form of exercise to me. But deep inside I was looking for a gateway from a stressful professional life.

Many breaths and years later, my focus has shifted to learning, loving and living the practice of yoga. The more I scratch the surface, the more this practice lays out before me as I discover it is so much more than shapes.

Vinyasa Flow is one of my favorite yoga routine, for yoga beginners like me I chose to follow a simple flow sequence and later on slowly changed it to suit me better as I practiced more and more.

Vinyasa is a stylistic approach to practicing yoga — it means to link a series of asanas, or poses, together by flowing from one to the next. Ashtanga and Power yoga are also considered Vinyasa-style yogas. So it isn’t a specific type of yoga like, Bikram or Anusara.

Can Yoga Beginners Do Vinyasa Routine?

The vinyasa yoga routine shown in the video above, isn’t inherently difficult. The poses are generally pretty straightforward since you are moving relatively quickly trough poses.

My friend Marion, was kind enough to shoot this amazing vinyasa flow sequence perfect for every yoga beginners. The routine is short, only 10 minutes long and the poses are beginner friendly. Even if you have never taken any yoga class before, you’ll be able to do this routine.

Vinyasa Yoga Difficulty Level – Can range from average to hard, our video tutorial is beginner friendly and difficulty level is easy.

What is Vinyasa Flow Yoga?

Vinyasa is sequence of yoga poses linked with breath.

vinyasa (n.) a series; an arrangement, a collection, an arrangement of distinct movements

Yoga is usually a set of poses, which are done in isolation. But Vinyasa yoga is a little different, in terms of creating a flow of poses with smooth transitions from one to the next.

While smooth transition from one pose to an another is one part to be mastered, the other half is how you focus and synchronise your breath with the movement.

Vinyasa ~ means ‘Connection’ …

So next time you try the above routine, you must practice connecting your movements with an inhale or an exhale.

Even though we have shown a particular routine in our video above, it does not have to be the same hard and fast structure. If you have some experience doing yoga, you can create your own variations. Otherwise, adding few minutes of meditation and chanting any mantra of your choice works equally well.

Benefits of Vinyasa Flow Sequence and why it is good for you?

It is good for those who are new to yoga, many would differ but when for yoga beginners this really draws a clear picture of what yoga can do to you. Yoga beginners are practise the same routine again and again which they feel comfortable with until they master it.

  • Just a 10 minute routine gives you a full body workout
  • If you hate long tiring boring cardio workouts, a 10 minute vinyasa routine will do just fine
  • Works great as a warm up routine for more rigorous workouts
  • Improves flexibility
  • Strengthens your core muscle group
  • Improves spine health, often neglected but very critical for our survival and vitality
  • Increases mind body balance
  • Relieves you from stress and anxiety
  • Improves digestion

Can Vinyasa Flow help you in weight loss?

Now this question cannot go unanswered, as this is what I’m best at ‘helping people lose weight’. This is a burning question amongst many women, can yoga help you lose weight?

My short and sweet answer would be YES, it does.

Yoga in any form, helps you lose weight in a very subtle way. It improves digestive health, believe it or not it also detoxes your body. If you continue practicing any form of yoga your hormonal balance is reestablished which is a ket factor for losing weight. I wrote a detailed blog post explaining how hormonal imbalance is a key factor for weight gain and weight loss. »  Lose Weight Faster and Easier With a Hormone-Based Weight loss Approach!

Is Vinyasa Yoga a Good Workout?

If you follow along the routine shown in the video, you’ll see it indulges all your body part. Vinyasa is not only a good workout for your body, it is also a good workout for your mind as well.

Who would like Vinyasa Yoga?

If you want to add some character to your yoga routine, then vinyasa flow will be perfect for you. People who like to keep things flexible, loose and unpredictable will definitly like Vinyasa flow. You might have to try few different classes, before you find the style which suits you best.

Watch Our Vinyasa Yoga Routine Below –

While going through these poses you can stay as for as long as you want, you can stay as short as you want – you can fall out and come back in make the routine your own. Just go with your own flow, feel challenged but feel good.